Spiritual Awakening

Often, Spiritual Awakening is preceded by a period of suffering. That isn’t always the case, but it has been in my life as well as in the lives of many of the wonderful beings I work with in WellBeing Alignment Sessions

Since you’ve been drawn to this specific page, you or a loved one might be going through an intense period in your life right now.

My heart goes out to you, Dear Reader. I know how overwhelming life can feel at times. May you find answers, support and solace on this page and website.

I have found that deepening and broadening our understanding about what is really going on behind the scenes in this life can lift some, if not most, of the inner turmoil and distress, and facilitate a spiritual awakening into vast dimensions of love and light.

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

We human beings are actually Soul – a bright, shining, conscious, loving, unlimited Presence of Light who agrees to being embodied again and again on this physical and other planes of life, in order to more fully consciously KNOW ourselves as the Shining Being we are.

Spiritual awakening is about becoming consciously aware of the undeniable Truth of our being – as Radiant Light. This is generally a process that happens over many lifetimes and includes a variety of experiences. There are countless vibrational levels or planes of being where we, as Soul, have myriad experiences, as we get to know both ourselves as an individual being of Light as well as the vibrational levels or realms we choose to incarnate into for awhile.

Eventually, usually after many lifetimes, we consciously awaken to an indescribable reality. We experience that we are One with All – One Unlimited Being of Light, with no borders, no separation, no hierarchy. 

And this reality is already the case. It is who we are right now in THIS moment. Spiritual awakening is a term for becoming aware of this unlimited Beingness, one with all, which we already ARE.

You can open your attention to these dimensions and experience them by shifting your focus to the Present Moment, to Now (more about this below), and letting go into it. 

Your Inner Realms Of Being

Spiritual Awakening

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon, from Pexels

I experience the inner planes as multi-level realms of  infinite combinations and varieties of light, vibrations, experiences, Beings and colors, including white, pink, red, yellow / gold, green, blue, and purple. 

Each level emanates its own vibration that is like beautiful music, but is more complete, encompassing, and multi-dimensional than my experience of music on the physical plane. Tuning into it evokes great love for all Beings and the experience of BEING the Unity at the same time.

I also feel and communicate with other Soul Beings, (some of whom are Guides) on these inner planes – benevolent, loving, shining Beings who I feel a deep, indescribable love from and for. It is very clear to me that every incarnated Being has Guides in these inner realms. In these dimensions of light we can all experience great healing on all levels of our being.

Why Do We Suffer?

In each lifetime we, as Beings of Light, choose to incarnate on this physical plane (as well as many other planes of existence) in order to become aware of, and consciously open to, the true reality of who we are. This spiritual awakening happens in incremental steps and through a variety of experiences, generally over many many lifetimes.

Even though a part of our energy incarnates in the experience of being embodied on the physical plane, a significant dimension of our energy remains on the Soul level. So at any time, even while we’re embodied, we can shift attention to ourselves as Soul and know ourselves as an unlimited Being of Light, which happens organically through spiritual awakening.

Each earth plane experience we have here – physical, mental or emotional – is to challenge us in unique ways that are individually tailored to the exact lessons we (as Soul) need to learn, thereby facilitating the opening of our awareness to ever higher, broader, and more refined dimensions of our being and planes of existence as we awaken spiritually. 

This is a gradual, step-by-step process for most of us, although there are times when we can have a huge opening all at once.

There are no accidents or mistakes in this life, although from our human mind and personality it can sure look and feel like that.

Once we understand that everything we experience in this life is here in service to spiritual awakening, to trigger and open our realization of sacred, brighter, deeper, broader dimensions of ourselves which already exist, and within which we already live as Soul, then we automatically open to the essential steps for all healing. More about this below.

We can also open our awareness more to the inner planes with enjoyable experiences on the physical plane as well, but the fun ones are often preceded by uncomfortable situations which literally force us to open our inner perspective and our hearts, even if just a tiny bit.

How We Unconsciously Create Even More Suffering For Ourselves And Each Other

From the limited human perspective, often part of our programming as a physical human being includes constantly trying to change situations, other people and ourselves, believing that will make us happy.

Simultaneously, there is a strong part of our human conditioning that automatically tends to reject any uncomfortable emotion or experience that comes our way. Within our physical embodiment is a natural tendency to try to change or make go away anything and everything in our experience that triggers mental, physical or emotional discomfort.

This drive is so embedded in our psyche as physical human beings, that usually we are not fully conscious how much it is a part of our every day life and how much suffering it creates. 

And it is that exact dynamic – resisting what is occurring – that creates more suffering. When we resist anything, the resistance itself can feed energy to the very dynamics we are resisting, which keeps us feeling trapped and victimized. 

When we resist anything we are feeling or experiencing, the unwanted energy is like a hurt child. Even wanting to “heal” it (ie, wanting it to go away) is like telling that hurt child “I want you to go away,” which, of course, makes it hurt more and contract more.

On the other hand, when we can first accept a situation as it is, then, and only then are we energetically open to new energy fields and on our way to spiritual awakening. So the very thing we want to change or get rid of can actually serve as a catalyst / doorway to open our awareness up into a broader, more refined, higher dimension of ourselves.

However, as I said, the tendency toward resistance to what we don’t like is programmed into the human psyche. There are many levels of this conditioning and you’ll come upon each layer within yourself as you open to the steps below. 

When I discuss “healing” in the spiritual awakening steps below, observe within yourself how your mind might automatically translate that into focusing on trying to get rid of something — an uncomfortable emotion, relationship dynamic or situation in your life. If / when that arises, instead, I encourage you to let your mind open to viewing “healing” as a shift in perspective rather than trying to make something go away.

How Can Painful Experiences Lead To Spiritual Awakening?

Generally, after lifetimes of dealing with suffering by trying to avoid or change it and the situations related to our experience of it, it begins to dawn on us (as Soul) how unproductive that is. We begin to notice that things get worse when we try to deny, cover up, or fight against uncomfortable experiences.

Then, and only then, a natural letting go (which leads to spiritual awakening) gradually begins to occur. It begins to dawn on us that our efforts to change or get rid of some aspect of our lives have been ineffective at getting what we truly want. 

And what do we all want at the core of our being? Peace, joy, openness, love, feeling our love connection and oneness with all beings and all life!

At a specific maturity point in our spiritual awakening we see more and more clearly that all the efforts toward getting rid of something we don’t like about ourselves or our lives has been counter-productive.

With that realization we experience more open inner space and an increased willingness to broaden and lift our perspective. We become naturally more open to newer possibilities.

Then, as that happens within, inner doorways open into the experience of a more expanded awareness of who we are and what all Life is at the core.

If you’re still reading these words right now, you are already in the process of spiritual awakening and have a sense of what I’m talking about because of your own experience. You wouldn’t be drawn to this site and this page if that wasn’t the case. We are naturally drawn to whatever step we resonate with vibrationally as we awaken spiritually.

So, again, welcome Dear Reader!

The steps below can support you in your spiritual awakening.

How To Lean Into Your Own Spiritual Awakening And Let Suffering Unwind On Its Own

I invite you to go slowly with each step below. Maybe even just focus on one at a time rather than trying to do them all in one sitting.

You’ll know if / when you’re ready to do all the steps in one sitting.

Step 1
Becoming aware

We need to first SEE that our desire for healing takes the form of a desire to try to make something (such as anger, sadness, fear, something about a situation, other people or ourselves) go away.

We need to become aware of the fact that from our limited human perspective that is what we REALLY want. It is important to look within and simply see without judgment that the desire to get rid of something you are experiencing is there.

There is a huge difference between having a mental understanding that this dynamic might be occurring within you and actually SEEING how this habit plays out in your life.

Again, there is nothing “wrong” with this tendency. It is programmed into the human psyche, so no need to judge yourself if you witness this habit within yourself.

The desire might take the form of wanting to change an outer event or person, or yourself. 

Then look deeper. 

See that from the mind’s perspective it seems like your happiness is contingent on that. Notice that you want the so-called “negative” feelings you are experiencing to leave or be changed into positive feelings. Or you want a condition in your body to go away.

To truly see this, we simply need to be honest with ourselves. Even when we tell ourselves that we want to “heal” something, generally, if we’re really willing to look within, we see that what we really want is for the “something” to simply go away. It is so very important to see this for yourself.

Again, no need to judge yourself when you discover this about yourself, even if it still comes up after you’ve read this page. It is an old habit for most of us because it is part of the conditioning of incarnation on this physical / mental / emotional plane.

Step 2
Letting go

Be willing, even if just for a moment, to let go of trying to get rid of or change the so-called “negative” emotion or situation you are experiencing. 

Instead, play with letting the situation, the people involved in it and everything you or they are experiencing be exactly as they are. Just for a moment, accept it all — everything in your life — and notice how that feels.

To do this, we have to be willing to let go of our previous view of things. So just try that for a few moments and you may begin to notice more space and freedom opening up within you.

Step 3
Embracing your experience

Now take it a step further. Embrace the situation, the people involved and yourself, all as they are. This means being willing to let your heart open and not hold a situation, your body, experiences, circumstances, thoughts or attitudes, or anyone else out of your love. This is a feeling of inclusion rather than division.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio, from Pexels

This is easier to do when we tune into the fact that everyone on this physical plane is a “work in progress.” We all came here to realize more deeply the reality of ourselves and each other as Soul Beings. In order to do that, we seem to need to have our egoic human self triggered again and again. This can cause all of us to act out negative behaviors.

Knowing we are all at various levels of spiritual awakening and going through our unique trials and tribulations makes it easier to embrace all of it — ourselves, other people, and world situations.

The intention to embrace all of what is happening automatically shifts our attention beyond the limits of the mind, which is an important step in the right direction.

Play with first allowing and then opening to and embracing everything and everyone who is showing up in your inner and outer experience. This includes yourself, all the people in your life, your thoughts, fears and all emotions and everything you and the other people in your life experience on all levels of being.

Step 4
Open to what your current situation is teaching you

Every situation we experience — relationships, personalities, health or money issues, and all inner and outer problems in our lives — is a perfect component of whatever theme(s) we came to learn in this lifetime and our spiritual awakening. It’s all about vibrations and resonance.

For example, if I came here this time around to awaken to the truth of my being, but believe that I'm undeserving of that, I might attract people who are all too happy to tell me or try to demonstrate to me I’m inferior (in their opinion, which comes from their own wounds) in various ways. And by observing that feeling within myself and embracing everything I’m experiencing about it, it literally forces me to wonder: 

Is it true that I’m inferior to everyone else? 

What am I really?

And THAT question is a doorway into spiritual awakening – knowing myself as pure, conscious Soul.

Rather than trying to figure out what’s going on with your mind, ask within, “What is this (situation, relationship, ailment, etc.) trying to teach me?”

Then simply be quiet within and let go. See what appears within your consciousness by itself.

Step 5
Shift attention to this Now moment and let go into it

Bring your attention to right Now. Not your thoughts or story about now, but the actual Present Moment itself. 

Let go into Now. See that you ARE the Now. Relax into it.

Feel the vibrating, conscious Aliveness of yourself.

See that you, as this conscious Aliveness, are already embracing everyone and every experience within you and all around you.

In fact, everything is occurring WITHIN this Now Moment! Even so-called negative feelings and experiences.

“The intimacy and immediacy of the now is the only place that thinking cannot enter. The now is our only security. It is utterly vulnerable and completely secure.

No harm can come to us in the now, no sorrow and no death. All our longing longs for this.

The thought that tries to enter the now is like the moth that tries to touch the flame. It cannot touch the flame. It can only die in it.”

~ Rupert Spira

Let go into this Now Moment. BE this Now.

See that you, Consciousness, the Seer who sees the feelings and experiences, can only be consciously experienced in this moment, Now. Feel this, alive, open, allowing, Presence that is looking out of your eyes and shining through your body right now.

The Seer within you is aware of feelings, thoughts and sensations within you, as well as fellow humans, animals, plants, and all the displays of nature which appear to be outside of us.

Awareness, the Seer, is also aware of Itself. Realizing and experiencing this is an important aspect of spiritual awakening.

You, the Seer are also the One who SEES reactivity as it is happening, within yourself and within others. And you, the Seer, doesn’t judge whatever it sees. It is neutral, not by trying to be neutral, but by the fact that it IS neutral.

Obviously, this is not the thinking mind we are referring to here.

Be the alive Seer, the Observer, the Openness. Experiencing yourself in this way is a doorway into spiritual awakening.

This can only be experienced Now, in THIS Moment. 

Let go into this Aware Seer.

This is the only “place” of permanent, un-damageable peace. As our attention shifts here, we are no longer feeding negative energy to the situations in our lives or ourselves or others we share this world with.

This is just one level of spiritual awakening. As far as I can tell, the depth of it is limitless!

To discover we are a bright shining Soul, is incredible and amazing. But then to realize and experience ourselves as One with All Life, then suffering begins to fall away with spiritual awakening.

This Aware Presence which you experience looking out of your eyes right now, is the same Presence that I am, and that all life in every dimension is: all human, animal, and plant manifestations, as well as the multitude of life forms that inhabit all realms and dimensions. It is all us as One unlimited, vibrating, all inclusive Life Force of love.

And as far as I know, there is no end to the depth of our realization of this spiritual awakening into Oneness.

The body, mind and spirit of all beings on all levels are all united in this undivided One Spirit. It is one Continuum. There are an unlimited number of ways this One Reality manifests on the countless levels and dimensions of existence, yet all of it it is still the One Reality, and it is us!

Step 6
Tune into the Inner Sound within you

As you tune into this Now, this Present Moment, notice if you hear an Inner Sound. It might be like the buzzing of bees, or it could be like the single note of an instrument, such as a flute. Or it might sound entirely different from either of those.

Tuning Into Inner Dimensions

Photo by Jeff Seven, from Pexels

However you perceive the inner sound, turn all of your attention to it. Tune into it, the same way you’d tune into any sound that you hear, or the way you’d tune into a radio station. Tuning into it in this way is actually letting go into spiritual awakening.

Once you notice this inner sound within your being and know it is here, you can then tune into it at any time. This opens and lifts your attention into the Alive Presence you are and we all are together. 

Later, just think of the memory of when you last experienced hearing this inner sound. Then tune INTO the sound in that memory and that will bring your attention back to it in the present. By tuning into it, you then resonate with this higher sound and it can uplift your entire being on all levels.

Step 7
Shift attention to your body's breathing

Simply observe your body in this moment, without trying to change anything about it. Notice breath is moving through your body on its own. You don’t have to “do” breathing. It is happening all by itself.

Feel the Life Force which is Alive and breathing within your body. This Life Force IS you. Tune into this Aliveness of your breathing simply by shifting attention here and opening attention to it. Feel it.

Let go into it.

Step 8
Tune into your body and feel yourself as the Alive Presence which enlivens it

One step at a time, feel the Aliveness vibrating and shining in your hands, arms, legs, feet, face, head, torso. 

Then shift attention to your body from head to feet, as one overall field of energy. 

Let go into this energy of Aliveness which is within your body.

Take some time with this step, to really FEEL the Life Force that you are, which is expressing itself as your body.

Notice that the vibrating Aliveness of your body has a shining quality. It is lit up by the pure, shining Conscious you are and we all are together.

Step 9
First notice, then allow, the body sensations that are linked to the issues you are dealing with in your life

Think of whatever issue is most “up” for you in your life. It might be an emotional issue, something going on in a relationship in your life, health, money, or other situation that is all part of your spiritual awakening. Shift attention to whatever subject you predominantly think about when you feel stressed. If there are several, pick one at a time.

As you shift attention to that subject, notice that there is a place in your body that seems to relate to that issue. You might experience it as tightness, a pulling in kind of feeling.

Whatever sensation or energy you experience within your body, allow it to be as it is. Give it permission to be as it is. Don’t try to change anything in any way. Experience it as the energy itself rather than your story about what it is related to.

As you do this, your body may begin releasing energy. Your arms or legs might jerk, or your head could move. Whatever your body naturally wants to do, let it happen. Just be the Watcher of it all.

And don’t be concerned if your body does none of that. Each person, being and body have their unique energies and ways of releasing them. And even within the same person, this experience might be different each time. Trust your body. It knows what it is doing.

Your body sensations themselves and you, the Seer of your sensations, are here simultaneously. 

Continue to allow all body sensations to be exactly as they are and to do whatever they want to do.

If you experience tightness then decline to label it as “tightness” or any other labels. Instead let it be an undefined energy.

Step 10
BE the Seer – the Alive Observer – of the body sensations and let go into your Self as Alive Presence

Do this step the same way you tuned into the energy of the rest of your energy field in Step 8. 

As you think of a “troubling” situation in your life, notice the place in your body that feels connected with it, as described in the previous step.

Then tune into that sensation in your body. Shift attention to it. Feel and sense the vibrating Aliveness of the sensation, the Life Force. 

Notice that when you decline to follow a mental story about a situation in your life and/or the body sensation related to it, that even this sensation is made of the same pure Life Force than animates the entire universe!

Continue to let the sensation and your entire being, be exactly as it is.

See that this which sees your body sensations, thoughts and everything you are aware of is an Alive Presence. Let go into this Alive Presence. Tune into it. 

See that you, Aliveness, are already accepting everything in your life exactly as it is. That is already it’s nature.

Let go into that realization.

How Do These Steps Lead To Spiritual Awakening?

First of all, as you go through the steps above, you are beginning to practice and notice what it feels like to live life without creating more suffering by resisting what you don’t want, which only fed more energy to the tangles of mental-physical-emotional pain.

Second, every moment you shift your attention to the Seer, the Aliveness you are, rather than the Thinker or the Emoter, you wake up a bit more and more to the reality of yourself as a Soul Being.

Sometimes you can wake up a lot all at once. Other times it might be more gradual. Everyone has their own unique path to spiritual awakening.

And third, every moment you spend accepting all the energies in your life as they are, the tight tangles of energy that create suffering in our physical, mental and emotional bodies begin to unwind, step by step, and sometimes in big steps. Healing commences by itself.

Other Ways Spiritual Awakening Can Occur Naturally

Natural beings, trees, plants and other aspects of our physical world often manifest the vibration of the higher, more refined energies of the inner planes.

This is mostly because they aren’t as bogged down by the constant thinking we humans must learn to deal with.

Beautiful flower can transmit higher vibrations

Photo by James Lee, from Pexels

Then, as we tune into them (by listening to their sounds with focused attention, or simply turning attention to them, staying alert, open and attentive to the Beingness they are) we automatically tune into a higher, more clear dimension of ourself as Soul.

In this way, they can be a portal in service to spiritual awakening, shifting our attention to the inner planes.

Here are some of my favorite portals:

  • Sitting outside, listening to and communing with the trees, squirrels (chattering and chasing each other), birds and wind.

  • Sitting under an umbrella and watching rain or snow falling.

  • Resting on a beach, feeling and hearing the waves rolling in and the singing gulls.

  • Tuning into sunshine reflecting off snow, ice, or lake surfaces.

  • Listening to uplifting music can also be a powerful portal into the higher realms:

Some pieces of violin, flute and piano music immediately shift my attention to the higher planes when I tune into them.

Also, listening to some classical orchestral music, as well as some singing artists, such as Andrea Bocelli, can lift attention to the higher inner worlds.

You will naturally gravitate toward the nature experiences or music that you resonate with.

Tune into the sounds, the visuals and the experience of whatever is happening in the Present Moment and let go. This can shift your attention to the inner planes, and simultaneously on the physical plane, helps ground and open you up at same time.

It’s lovely!

As You Practice The Steps On This Page...

Please be gentle with yourself.

Don’t expect to do what is outlined here perfectly nor all the time. In my experience, what I’ve shared here is an ongoing, lifetime practice. And as you begin to practice this you’ll notice you experience more and more peace within the more you let go into the Aliveness of the Present Moment.

Positive changes in our lives and the world can come about naturally and effectively after we’ve first addressed what is arising within us.

Bear in mind that I’m not saying that you should never resist anything in your life or you should never want to change things for the better. Sometimes your inner Being, Soul, will clearly tell you it is time to stand up and speak what is true for yourself and others. That could be an essential aspect of your spiritual awakening. Beings like Nelson Mandela come to mind as I write this.

But to be truly effective in bringing about change in the world, we first have to fully accept what we ourselves are experiencing, be it sadness, loss, anger, fear, etc. Then there is a letting go and an opening for Inner Guidance from yourSelf as Soul, that can come through. 

This Guidance can and will guide you, step by step, in bringing about change in a way that is informed by the highest energies of your Being and has the best intentions for you and all Life, all Beings.

What If The Old Perspective Still Arises?

First, it is important to recognize that the old perspective of wanting something to change or go away (which feeds energy to the very thing we don't want) most likely WILL come up again. Chances are that you will at times fall back to that old habit.

Remember, this is an old habit we humans are ALL conditioned with. When it comes up within you again, be patient with yourself.

Let go of judging yourself. Simply see that the old habit is arising. And it can arise in subtle and not so subtle ways.

To see and be AWARE of this desire arising is already a big step and means that you are on the road to being able to simply OBSERVE it rather than get tangled up in it.

When the old habit comes up, notice that the more you dwell in that perspective, the more uncomfortable you feel. Also notice that you are feeding more energy to the “problem” rather than to the solution. 

Consciously seeing and experiencing that adds more fuel to letting go of the old habit of trying to make something go away.

As You Do These Steps, The Way You Experience "Uncomfortable" Situations Will Gradually Shift

Or, you may notice big shifts all at once. 

Once we fully learn whatever unique lessons we each came here to learn from the situations (which are in service to spiritual awakening) that come our way, we simultaneously can experience a “home base” – ourselves as Conscious Awareness, which is un-hurt-able. 

When we no longer resist or fight with what is showing up in our lives, an inner relaxation occurs by itself. We automatically exit the place of resistance and look at situations from a different place – a different, wider, more light-filled perspective.

And the more and more that we experience life from a perspective of spiritual awakening, the more we consciously choose to shift attention to the Alive Presence of the Present Moment again and again. This is because we sense we are tuning into true Reality, and it FEELS better, which is a natural incentive to keep choosing to shift attention back to the Aliveness you are in This Moment.

Would You Like Personal Help With What You’ve Read On This Page?

I offer WellBeing Alignment Sessions to help you.

While these sessions tend to have an organic flow of their own depending on your needs when we meet, there are two main components to this coaching:

  1. In these sessions your attention will be turned directly toward noticing the Bright, Alive, Loving Light you already are.

  2. You will also be guided to let whatever is arising in you (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)  to be here as it is. We become the loving, allowing space for it all to come up in. When we no longer try to "manage" or control our suffering, these energies become free to release on their own.

By doing these two things together, healing occurs naturally, organically, and at its own pace. Consequently, we become more and more free to be the Shining Light we already are!

Find out more about WellBeing Alignment Sessions here.

I look forward to meeting you!

All love and blessings to you,


“Wow, I am still not able to put into words what you have helped me to experience and to release. I am so beyond grateful for the gift you have given me. The first couple of days after our session, I had the strangest feeling... a feeling of hope, and a kind of general thought that ‘everything will be alright.’ It was like a kind of gentle mist just in the background of my awareness, and it related directly to the golden light that I experienced in my solar plexus during our session – my power.

It felt strange because I haven’t felt or thought that way in the longest time, except I didn’t know I was ‘missing’ it until I had it again! Love and such huge, huge gratitude.”

~ Lara M, Australia

You can read what others experience
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