Let Go And Let God

The thought of "let go and let God" often brings up fear because we believe we have to sacrifice if we let go. We tell ourselves that surrender is a sign of weakness.

However, by questioning those beliefs, I've discovered that when I truly surrender all to God, my awareness opens into our only real Source of strength, safety, freedom, joy, wellbeing, and the most tender love there is.

Many of us have been taught to believe that our Creator is strict and punishing. This is a false image of God created by the illusionary ego part of our mind which thinks we separated from God and should therefore be punished. The ego only has one lens to view everything from – separation / guilt / fear.

The ego mind projects an image of a judging, vengeful god because it sees itself as bad, guilty and deserving punishment.

In Truth, however, our Creator is the Source of unconditional Love that always sees us as It created us – the same pure loving Essence as Itself. However, if you believe that God is outside of you, judging your every move, the thought of surrendering to It will evoke tremendous fear. How could it not?

If that is the case for you, I invite you to question this belief with the Let Go And Let God Process below. What if the concept of a punishing God is all made up? What if it isn't true? What if you are pure and innocent and don't need to be punished?

I invite you, just for this moment, to put aside what you've been told God is, as well as your own mental concepts of what It is. This allows your mind to open into your own direct experience of Who / What your Creator is to YOU. 

Practicing a Let Go And Let God Process has enabled me to know an indescribably tender, intimate, unlimited, formless, all encompassing, nameless love that is far beyond what I'd ever thought was even possible to experience. I've come to realize that all that keeps us from experiencing this unlimited Love all the time, is the unconscious beliefs that seem to block our awareness of It.

We can invite these beliefs into conscious awareness and question them. Releasing them is a natural occurrence when we realize they aren't true and have caused immense suffering for ourselves and those around us.

You might be wondering … if we're not fully conscious of the beliefs that cause suffering, how can we find out what they are and release them? Great question!

I've been practicing a powerful Let Go And Let God Process that was inspired by the writings of Nouk Sanchez. This process brings the painful beliefs that have been running us into conscious awareness so that we can begin to question and release them. I'm excited to share it with you!

Before I do that, I want to talk about our spiritual workshop.

Our Spiritual Workshop

In this moment, if we were to fully let go and let God speak to us, we would discover that we are pure, formless Spirit, the very same Essence as our Creator, living WITHIN our Creator in perfect wellbeing, as the One Child of God who we really are.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. 

It is not necessary to seek for what is true but it is necessary to seek for what is false. 

Every illusion is one of fear, whatever form it takes. 

And the attempt to escape from one illusion into another must fail. 

If you seek love outside yourself you can be certain that you perceive hatred within, and are afraid of it. 

Yet peace will never come from the illusion of love, but only from its reality.”

~ A Course In Miracles, T-16.IV.6

Kind of like a rebellious teenager, as this One Child we all are together, we wanted to know what it would be like to “do our own thing” and be a separate being instead of being One with All That Is. Consequently, with the vast creativity, free will and power of choice that our Creator gave us, we created the experience of what it would be like to be separate.

We did this by imagining we walled off the Truth of who we really are within our mind. In this imaginative dream of a physical world based on separation, what is really One Mind seemed to split into two separate minds: an Awake Mind, who knows it Is the Awake Creation of God, living happily within the Loving Oneness of our Creator, and a sleeping part of our mind that is dreaming we are a body / ego, separate from our Creator, from each other and from love.

Are you struggling? I’m here to support you.

Are you struggling?
I’m here to support you.

As a result, we immediately felt guilt because the experience felt so real we thought we really did separate from God. For the first time we also felt fear – fear that we'd done something terribly “bad” and that our Creator would punish us.

Because we walled off the knowledge of our Oneness with our Creator, we did not know how to let go and let God call us back to our One Mind with It.

To try to not feel these new and extremely uncomfortable feelings, we dreamed up this physical world as a place to try to hide from God. We created the concept of projection and the illusion that we can project our overwhelming guilt and fear onto other images that look like “other people” that appear to be outside of us, even though these images are actually still within our own mind.

We created the illusion that we, the One Child of God, split into billions of separate beings so we could pretend to project our guilt and fear onto the illusionary image of “other people.” But since there is only One of us, we only ever project our guilt and fear onto ourselves. Consequently we suffer.

Still trying to avoid feeling the core guilt and fear, we created the illusion of pushing it deep within our mind, thereby creating the “unconscious” mind. This core guilt and fear runs us as ego personalities in this physical dream until we become conscious of it and release it with the willingness to let go and let God show us the way.

Because we don't like how it feels to seem to be lost in an illusion of being separate from love, each lifetime experience is a “workshop” we designed to help us awaken from the dream (nightmare) of being separate from God.

We came to learn how to let go and let God. All of us came into this lifetime with a specific spiritual workshop that we chose and created – a “required course” in our awakening into the Truth of who we are.

Want To Know What Your Spiritual Workshop Is?

Look at the circumstances you were born into, the dynamics that were present in your childhood. What was your relationship like with your mother, father, siblings, and all others who were present? How were their relationships with each other? What were the physical circumstances – poverty, wealth, city, ghetto, rural, oppression, freedom?

What was the country, city and neighborhood you lived in like? What beliefs did you form as a result of the relationships and environment you experienced?

What were the recurring emotions and judgments of yourself and others that you experienced as a response to the components of your environment? Now look at your life from then to now. Have you noticed that those same emotions and variations of those same relationships and circumstances repeat again and again in your life?

Different people may play different roles, and your circumstances may seem to shift, but the same emotions / suffering you experienced as a child is played out again and again until you become aware of your underlying unconscious decisions / choices, beliefs and thoughts that create your current experience. This unconscious material becomes conscious in the Let Go And Let God Process.

Our unconscious choices and beliefs were already within our dreaming mind before we created this current lifetime. They create a workshop that plays out in our lives so that it is brought from our unconscious mind into our conscious mind so we can see and release it.

So how do we do that? Whenever you feel upset about anything or anyone, your unconscious material has just come into your conscious awareness. This is a prime opportunity to let go and let God release it! You can begin to inquire within your mind and question your customary way of thinking and perceiving to get at the root cause of the upset.

Then the next step is to forgive everything and everyone involved in the situation, including yourself, and release all of it. The Let Go Let God Process below will guide you through the steps.

Forgiveness Comes Naturally When We Realize We Are The Ones Who Created Our Own Workshop

In the Let Go And Let God Process it's much easier to forgive what we experience as “other people” and situations in our lives when we realize that we chose and created every detail of every experience in what we call “our lives,” which is really our spiritual workshop.

We create these workshops because our truest goal in the dream is to wake up from it and remember we are still One with the Love of God.

Once the original blueprint of our childhood gets us started on our lessons, we recreate the same workshop again and again in each lifetime. We do this until we realize we created all of it with our unconscious beliefs that are all based on one false core belief: “I am separate.”

Usually we're not fully aware that this belief is creating all our suffering. “I am separate” spawns more beliefs about being guilty, deserving punishment, not being “good enough,” etc. Most of these beliefs are still in the unconscious mind, including the memory that we created the workshop in the first place.

In the Let Go And Let God Process these unconscious beliefs are unveiled so we can let them go.

There Is No "Cause" In The Physical Dream

The entire physical world is the EFFECT of what goes on within mind. The only True Cause is God, our Creator. The only true effect is His Creation, which is Us, The One Child of God.

The physical dream, however, has no true cause because it is an illusion, a dream. It seems to exist because we chose to experience the concept of separation. But the mind that created it is asleep so all that it is dreaming is illusion. The physical dream is an illusionary effect of an illusionary cause.

Our decision / choice to experience a made-up experience of separation, which doesn't even exist in the reality of Oneness, creates our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and our entire experience of the physical dream, including our self-concept of being separate, “bad,” and guilty, and our fear of being punished.

All of this is pushed down into the unconscious mind but leaks out when we are afraid of being judged or criticized, or when we feel angry, which is a cover up for the fear that gets triggered when we think we've done something wrong or “bad.” We are afraid others will judge us because we constantly judge ourselves, unconsciously, and sometimes consciously.

In the Let Go And Let God Process I've discovered that we are always walking around in our own mind. Everyone and everything you experience is a reflection of your own (unconscious) beliefs about who you believe yourself to be and how you think you should be treated.

Every person we see is a mirror in front of us, showing us what our unconscious beliefs about ourselves are. Whatever thoughts are triggered about yourself or the “other person” in an upset will show you your own thoughts about yourself.

As David Hoffmeister says, the only problem we ever have is an identity problem. If we think we are a body, separate from God and our brothers and sisters, we suffer.

If we are willing to decide to give up our allegiance to the illusionary ego mind and open to the Pure Light within us with the Let Go And Let God Process, we unwind suffering and experience more joy, love and boundless wellbeing than we could have ever imagined.

What Will You Lose Or Gain With The Let Go And Let God Process?

Practicing Let Go And Let God will open your awareness to the unlimited Source of strength, love, connection, abundance, peace and joy within you. Nothing can change or even touch the safety, tenderness and love you will experience as you begin to awaken to your Self.

What will you lose by doing the Let Go And Let God Process? Only one thing. Suffering.

The Let Go And Let God Process To Unwind Suffering

The Point Of Power Is Decision

The effectiveness of the Let Go And Let God Process involves the power of decision that is in each of the four steps. Decision determines everything that occurs in this physical dream.

Our power of decision is what created the whole dream! What we decide for we align with. What we align with creates our beliefs and thoughts, which then creates our emotions and experiences – what we appear to manifest in the dream.

The Decision Maker within our mind is where we exercise the free will our Creator gave us. It gives us the power to choose between the sleeping part of our mind that thinks we are an ego, where all suffering originates, and the part of our being that is Awake Awareness, where we know ourselves as freedom, joy, Truth, peace and love.

Because Our Creator gave us free will, It won't force us to wake up from suffering. We need to choose it. To release suffering, we only need to be willing to exercise our free will, our power of choice and DECIDE to open to a new way of seeing.

Let Go And Let God In 4 Steps

Let's say you are suddenly “laid off” from your job. You react with shock, anger, betrayal, fear, sadness and despair. Perhaps you blame and judge your boss and all those involved, including yourself, as “bad” in some way.

This is the usual scenario that happens within the ego mind when our underlying fear that we are bad and guilty gets triggered.

We repeat this cycle of suffering over and over again, thinking that something “out there” is the cause of our upset until we've had enough and we're ready to open to the possibility that everything we experience comes from our own mind, and THAT we can change!

Here's what we can do instead. The letters ASAF may help you to remember the Let Go And Let God Process because it is easier to remember when the “stuff hits the fan.” :-)

Step 1 - Acknowledge

Decide to be willing to acknowledge that your thinking/perspective is the only cause of your suffering.

However we (unconsciously) believe we should be treated is how we are treated. Whatever we (unconsciously) believe is true about ourselves is projected out onto the empty, neutral screen of the physical dream. Everything “out there” is a mirror showing us what is here, within our own minds.

We are always walking around in our own mind. Whatever the “other person” appears to be doing is just a mirror that our workshop is holding up to bring our unconscious beliefs about who we think we are and how we believe we should be treated – a separate being who is bad and should be punished – into our conscious awareness.

Then we can question them, let go and let God show us another way of seeing.

Look at your life and its recurring themes of suffering and ask yourself, “Has my usual thinking created happiness for me?”

To begin the Let Go And Let God Process, think of an upsetting incident in your life, such as the example above about being laid off. Honestly and sincerely look within your mind and open to the possibility that it is actually the thoughts about what “happened” that are causing you suffering, not the actual event itself.

You may be thinking that your boss is selfish or more interested in money than your value. Remember that all judgments in the situation, including whatever judgments you have about your boss, and the judgments you perceive that he has about you, are showing you some of the judgments you have about yourself.

Open up a conversation with the Awake Light within you. You may know it as The Holy Spirit, Christ, Buddha, Formless Awareness, Light, or another name or description.

“Divine Spirit, please look at this situation with me. Bring into my conscious awareness all of my unconscious beliefs that are causing me suffering in this situation.”

“I open to the possibility that (my boss, in the example above) is a blank screen and I am projecting my unconscious beliefs onto what I perceive to be him.”

Then ask:

 “What are the thoughts and beliefs that I am projecting onto this person?”

Let your mind be open and receptive. Let go of your ideas about how Spirit should respond or what It should say. You may receive insights immediately, or days or even weeks later. Let go and let God speak to you in Its own way.

The upsetting beliefs / thoughts will be different variations of:

"I'm separate from everyone else.

Other people are happy and healthy and get to love each other but I'm left out.

I'm on the outside.

I did something bad.

I am bad.

I'm not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, etc.

I don't deserve to be happy.

I'm afraid everyone will find out I'm a fraud and that I've done bad things.

Something bad will always happen to be because I deserve to be punished."

Step 2 – Surrender

Decide to be willing to let go of your habitual, separate way of thinking that has only caused you suffering. Let go and let God.

We can DECIDE to open our minds and surrender our habitual, limited way of thinking, our perspective, the lens we view everything from. We can look within and find the willingness to let go and let God show us a new viewpoint.

When we've sincerely done step one and realized our own thinking is the only thing that has ever caused us suffering, being willing to let go of our old perspective naturally follows.

We have to release what is cluttering up the mind before we can see the peace that is obscured by it. We do this with the Let Go And Let God Process.

Releasing Allegiance To The "Me File"

Think about your computer screen right now, where you are reading these words. Imagine that in the back of the program you are reading this in, in the empty space of your screen, is God – formless, wordless, pure positive energy, unlimited freedom, love peace, joy, creativity, oneness and harmony, and the opportunity to realize / remember that all of this is YOU, as well.

Then you open up a file in a text program which now fills your screen. In the file is the story of your life. As it opens on your screen you see your name at the top. The words on the page describe:

  • Everything that ever seemed to happen to you.

  • An account of all your relationships and what happened in them.

  • All the people who appeared to betray, abandon, hurt, or love you.

  • Your children and all your relatives.

  • All the places you've lived or visited.

  • Your friends, acquaintances and pets.

  • All the jobs you've ever worked and the skills you have.

  • All your dreams and aspirations.

  • Where you went to school, your degrees, your accomplishments.

  • Your income and how you feel about it.

  • Your self-concepts.

  • What you like about yourself and what you don't like.

  • What others seem to like and don't like about you.

  • Discussions about who is right, who is wrong and why.

  • Everything you associate as part of your life in the past, present and future.

This file fills the entire screen. You have your computer set up so that as soon as you turn it on every morning the file of your life opens and you read it and work with it all day, editing and adding to it. Each day you review and add to it, affirming, “this is me.”

So how are we every going to experience the pure, innocent love that is Who we really are, One with God, peace, and joy in the screen behind the file if we're continually reviewing the story of “me” that covers the whole screen? The answer, of course, is that we can't. Not until we let go and let God come into our awareness by letting go of the "me file."

As long as we choose to keep the “me file” on the screen and reaffirm that it is who we are, we can't see the empty, pure Loving Space behind it. Meanwhile, we ask, “Where is God? Why did God desert me?” All the while God is behind the “me file” saying, “I'm here! I love you! Wake up and see that you are my beautiful, adored Child!”

It isn't until we DECIDE to be willing to drag the “me file” to the side enough so that we can at least glimpse the empty screen of Love behind it that we begin to have our own direct experience of God.

When we're willing to let go and let God, and decline to refer to the “me file” as who we are, if even for a moment, we begin to experience the Awake Light of who we REALLY are. As we view the screen (the Oneness of God, the Awake Christ, the pure, formless, innocent Child of God we are) we begin to FEEL and directly experience the Truth of ourselves.

We all tend to repeat what feels good. As we begin to experience a different perspective when we let go and let God – a broader, freer one rather than the tight, limited “me” one – the more we want to return to the experience of expansion, freedom, wellbeing and Light that is who we really are.

Therefore, we DECIDE to “drag” the “me file” aside more and more. Eventually we decide to drag it all the way to the “trash” (in the metaphor of a computer screen) when we see it is the source of all our suffering.

This is what Awakening is. We still show up in the dream for as long as the body lasts, but we know our experience of the figure in the dream isn't who we really are.

As we continue to let go and let God, we know ourselves as formless Spirit, which is now in the foreground, not stuck behind a “me file.” The story of “me” fades way into the background if it is even there at all.

In a situation where you feel upset, such as in the example of being laid off, you can open up a conversation with your Creator like this:

“Dear Creator, I am willing to let go of the way I've been viewing this situation. I surrender all of the limited thought system I've been relying on because I see it has caused me suffering. I'm willing to release thinking I know what is 'right' here. I open my mind to seeing this situation in another way.”

Step 3 – Accept

Decide to accept the perspective of the Awake Light within you which is who you REALLY are.

We can DECIDE to view this physical dream from the eyes of pure, formless Awake Spirit within us and to accept Its viewpoint. We can choose to release our allegiance to a false belief system based on separation, guilt and fear that created our suffering. Instead, we can align with what is Real within us.

When we do this, we begin to experience peace as the reality of our lives, as we let go and let God.

In a situation where you feel upset, such as the example of being laid off, you can say:

“I step back and let you step forward Divine Light. You be in charge. You can see the whole picture. I surrender all of it.

I can only see a tiny little part of the picture, and that is from my skewed perception, based on the illusion that I am separate and therefore 'bad' and the guilt and fear that has been the program running me in my unconscious mind.”

“Please correct my choices, beliefs, thoughts and perceptions that have created my suffering.

I am willing to expose to You my hurtful perception of this subject so that You can correct it. I choose You to be my Guide instead of my limited, illusionary, painful ego mind. I invite and accept Your correction of my perception.”

In this let go and let God conversation, at first it may seem like you are a separate “you” addressing a separate Being or Essence. However, the more you do this, you'll realize that you're actually addressing your True Self and you will experience a merging, melting feeling as the ego (which was only an illusion) dissolves into Love.

The ego never actually existed in the first place so when we withdraw attention from it, we stop creating the illusion of it. Consequently, it appears to dissolve because it was actually never really there!

In deciding to let go and let God, and accept It as your Guide, It continues to bring into your conscious awareness the underlying unconscious beliefs that have been running you and causing you pain.

You can question them and release them when you see they aren't based on the truth of who you really are – Pure Divine Love. Realizations may come while you're doing the Let Go Let God Process, or they may come to you later at unexpected times.

Step 4 – Forgive

Decide to forgive yourself for all that you (as the ego mind) created by believing an erroneous thought system based on the misperception that you are separate from God.

See that your brothers and sisters aren't the cause of your suffering. Forgive and release them by letting go of your erroneous perception of them.

The previous let go and let God steps automatically bring us to the place of realizing that no one has ever actually hurt us. Everyone we've ever interacted with here was a mirror showing us our limited concepts of ourselves and how we believed we should be treated.

“Processing” never actually changes relationships. This is because the cause of the dynamics of all relationships is the beliefs within our own minds about who we believe ourselves to be and how we believe we should be treated. The only thing that brings peace in relationships is forgiveness.

True forgiveness releases the underlying decisions and beliefs that create suffering in relationships. This Let Go And Let God Process brings our painful unconscious beliefs about ourselves into conscious awareness, so we can release them. That way, we no longer have to project “I am bad and deserve to be punished” onto the blank screen (including the image of “other people”) that is the physical dream.

The traditional version of forgiveness says to the “other” person (who is really Us), “You did something bad, but I will 'forgive' you.” That actually isn't forgiveness at all and implies that they are bad and we are on a higher moral ground than our brother / sister.

This creates more separation rather than healing. They are Pure Spirit, just as we are, no matter what any of us have appeared to “do” in the dream we are awakening from.

In this physical dream life it is like we have a movie projector in the middle of our foreheads that projects our unconscious beliefs about our own guilt out onto the blank screen we call “other people” and our lives.

Knowing everything we experience is a projection of our own unconscious guilt and fear from within our own ego minds, it is easier to truly let go and let God release our guilt and suffering as well as that of our sisters and brothers involved in our spiritual workshop.

All minds are joined because there is really only One Mind here. In an experience that upsets you, from within your mind, directly to theirs, you can tell the “other person” involved, (such as your boss in the example):

“I made up my perception of you by projecting my own unconscious guilt and fear onto a blank screen and then called it 'you.' You've never actually done anything to me.

I've done it all to myself by choosing to believe I was separate, bad, and deserving punishment. I realize now that I am innocent. I don't need to be punished. We don't need to be punished.”

“I surrender all of the erroneous unconscious beliefs I projected onto the pure Light that is you. You are the Pure Light of God. We are the Pure Light of God. We are free!”

Letting Go Of The Illusion

The typical experience of what we call “life,” is actually the experience of living in a self-concept within our own minds, generating image after image that reflects our beliefs about being separate, alone, bad, and guilty. It's like this:

Each of us lives in a little cardboard box and we keep praying to God or something “out there” to please help us improve the box. We want to make it bigger, prettier, with better furniture, better views, and a person who adores us to share it with.

Then a big strong wind – illness, financial failure, death of a loved one, discovering our spouse is having an affair, or whatever is in our particular workshop – comes and blows away the cardboard box.

As the box is swept away we have the opportunity to discover that all around the box is unlimited love, joy, peace, and safety. And it was here all the time! We just couldn't see it because we were so focused on trying to improve our little bitty cardboard box.

If we yearn for the old, familiar, little bitty cardboard box that got blown away, we just create another small, confining box around us.

We step back into the thought system that caused suffering and try again to make a better cardboard box, or we plead with God to make a better one for us.

Meanwhile, when we let go and let God, God is still right here, wanting to give us the EVERYTHING that is already ours, but we're so focused on that little bitty cardboard box, thinking it is all we deserve, that we can't experience the EVERYTHING that is already here, patiently waiting for us to become aware of it.

What We Really Want

From the perspective of the ego's thought system we ALWAYS want something. We think we want a better relationship, the ideal career, a more beautiful / healthier body, a bigger, newer house or car, because we think the “thing” will make us happy.

We can even wish to be “enlightened,” which is still an ego desire. We want to trade in our self-concept of being “un-enlightened” to being “enlightened” instead. However, if there is a want for anything, it can only be based on the assumption that we are separate from the thing we want, which tells us we are operating from the ego mind.

Separation thoughts can only come from the illusionary ego mind. Its entire thought system is based on separation.

The "you" that you experience when you let go and let God is already en-Light-ened! Wanting enlightenment implies that we are not that already and therefore must be separate from it.

This keeps us in an endless search that can't be fulfilled. The illusionary ego can never be anything other than separate. That is its only perspective. To truly be happy we must choose to listen to the Awake Awareness within our being, where the Source of all happiness is.

If you think about all the things that you want, at the core of that desire is wanting to feel a positive emotion. We think a thing, person or experience will give it to us. And it might. But only just for awhile. Then the ego focuses on the next thing it wants. It is always in search of bigger, better, more.

Underneath all the craving for more is the belief in being separate from what we REALLY want, which is a PERMANENT positive feeling that won't ever go away. We look in every possible place “out there” for something to make us feel good.

Innately we know that we ARE love and all the wanting to find it “out there” is a reflection of the longing to no longer feel separate from the love that we already are. The ONLY thing that will permanently satisfy that longing is to discover it is INSIDE you and has been all along. A continuous, permanent experience of love cannot be found in any “outer” physical experience.

As we let go and let God, we allow the longing feeling itself to just be here and observe it. It will release and you'll experience a peace within that never goes away. The longing comes from the innate knowingness that you ARE love but cut yourself off from experiencing it by looking for it “out there,” which is exactly where it isn't. “Out there” is an illusion.

By observing the longing itself you decline to identify it as who you are, which is a way of removing your allegiance from the belief in being separate from love. You can begin to realize you are the Observer of the aching, but you are not the aching. You are the Love Itself!

Our Self-Concept Hides The Light Of Who We Really Are

Since the ego is always looking for “more” in order to have a bigger self-concept, it will even settle for more suffering, because it is still “more.” The ego doesn't care what its self-concept is as long as it has one.

Then if it can make that self-concept “more” in some way, such as “I'm really poor” or “I'm extremely rich,” it strengthens its only sense of identify, albeit a false one.

You might even have the experience of being terrified of success or happiness if you have a strong self-concept of “I deserve to be punished. I must suffer.” Success to a “I must suffer” ego self-concept is extremely threatening and will be resisted.

The more the ego identifies itself with a self-concept, the more it thinks it will keep its existence alive. When our self-image is threatened we feel fear and cover it up with anger. We can even feel threatened by the Let Go And Let God Process.

The ego doesn't want you to do it because when you do, there IS no ego and the ego knows it! It doesn't really exist. It is just an erroneous thought that you are a body and are separate from God and love.

When our self-concept is threatened, the initial reaction is usually to resist whatever appears to be the source of the threat. By using the Let Go And Let God Process and uncovering the unconscious beliefs that run us, we can let go of the false self-image (our tight little cardboard box) that has confined us by our identification with it.

We always have the choice to give importance to what the ego mind tells us or not. It can chatter on in the background and not diminish our Peace in any way, UNLESS we listen to it, believe it, and choose to give our allegiance to it.

Remembering Who You Really Are

Here is an exercise to help you directly experience the difference between the false, ego self-concept and the Pure Light that you really are. I recommend reading it all the way through first, then starting at the beginning and following the instructions one step at a time.

The "Observe The Observer" Exercise

1. Sit quietly and watch your breathing. Give your body permission to breathe itself as you observe it. Continue for 2 or 3 minutes.

To yourself, out loud or within your mind, slowly say “I am _______ (your name).”

Then say, “I am ________ (state how you identify yourself in the physical dream, such as a carpenter, teacher, mother, father, student, un-employed, etc).”

Repeat your 2 statements several times, slowly. Focus inwardly as you say them.

How do you feel as you're saying them? Open and free? Or defined, categorized, labeled and limited?

2. Now, come back to watching your breathing, giving your body permission to breathe itself as you observe. Bring your full attention into the Present Moment. Let everything in your life be as it is and just relax and watch your body breathe. Notice that you don't have to do anything to make it breathe. The breathing occurs on its own.

For this moment, let go of your past history and future speculation. Just be here, right now. Let go of your name and any identifying labels you use for yourself, such as woman / man, doctor, etc.

Notice that you aren't the body or the breathing. You are the formless ability to be Aware – the Awareness Itself. You are the Observer, not what you observe. Continue observing your breathing for 2 or 3 minutes, noticing that you are the Notice-er.

Now, instead of flowing your attention out to an object, such as your body or the breathing, reverse the direction of your attention and observe the Observer Itself. You might only be able to have your attention rest there a few seconds at first. Continue going back to observing the Observer for a few minutes to get a deeper experience of it.

What did you notice? Emptiness? Expansion? Freedom? Light? Peace? Calmness?

Sometimes when we first let go and let God and bring attention to ourselves as Pure Awareness, the absence of the usual stressful chatter of the ego mind is experienced as emptiness or “nothing.” As you continue to observe the Observer more, emptiness will open into the experience of a pure, unlimited Love that is YOU!

Also, sometimes when we shift attention to who we really are, unconscious material comes into our awareness as troubling thoughts, emotions, images or sensations, so that they can release.

Whatever you're aware of, just let it come and return your attention to observing the Observer. The troubling sensations release on their own when we stop identifying with them. You're not the thoughts, emotions, images, or sensations. You are the Observer of whatever comes into your awareness.

3. As you observe the Observer, do “you” as the Observer seem to have a location, such as in your body, or outside your body? If so, let go of any identification with a location or a time, or with a form of any kind. Just Be Here. Give yourself to this Present Moment, just Being Here as Pure Presence. Let go and let God reveal Itself to you.

Summary Of The Let Go And Let God Process

Step 1 – Acknowledge
Decide to acknowledge that your thinking / perspective is the only cause of your suffering.

Step 2 – Surrender
Decide to be willing to let go of your habitual, separate way of thinking that has only caused you suffering. Let go and let God.

Step 3 – Accept
Decide to accept the perspective of the Awake Light within you that is who you REALLY are.

Step 4 – Forgive
Decide to forgive yourself for all that you (as the ego mind) created by believing an erroneous thought system based on the misperception that you are separate from God.

See that your brothers and sisters aren't the cause of your suffering. Forgive and release them by letting go of your erroneous perception of them.

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