Questions about meditation therapy practices

What if you sincerely don’t FEEL love for the intense emotional energies and sensations within yourself?

When you first start doing this type of meditation therapy practice, even though there is a sincere intention to love these inner sensations, you may not actually FEEL a warm sense of love.

For many of us, there is so much self-attack and condemnation within that we’ve lost touch with love for ourselves.

If this is the case, please don’t judge yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. There may be concepts and beliefs that tell you you’re not lovable or that you don’t know how to love yourself, but I assure you, those are just thoughts.

They have nothing to do with YOU. Love is what you ARE.

Take a moment and ask within “How can I be love for these painful energies within myself?” Or, for challenging situations or relationships, it can also be used in this way: “How can I be love in this situation / relationship?”

“What within me is already kind to everything? What is already loving what is arising in me?”

Don’t direct these questions to your mind. Ask each question one by one from an empty place of curiosity rather than analysis. Let go of any assumptions that you know the answer. Just let the question be unanswered, but watch where your attention goes when you ask these questions.

Let go of TRYING to be love.

Instead, as you ask, notice what is ALREADY love, and is ALREADY accepting all that arises within you.

You may just get a glimmer of realization at first… a feeling of warmth and inclusion that is quite different from how it feels when we are mentally pushing against ourselves.

As you practice this regularly, this feeling of warmth will broaden and deepen.

More help with how to love yourself here.

In order to experience progress do you have to always remember to do these practices for every situation?

Don’t worry if at first you forget to do any of these practices in all your challenging situations.

Most of us are used to distracting ourselves from intense energies. So at first these meditation therapy practices can feel counter intuitive.

Chances are that, at least at first, when you’re in the midst of an intense experience, you may not remember any of this! Don’t worry if that is the case.

Later, when you have some time and space to yourself, sit quietly and recall the conversation or situation where you felt reactive. You’ll find that all the same energies are still here within you, and you can still utilize the meditation therapy practices quite effectively.

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