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Lately, as I meet with friends, family, and dear clients, I hear a common theme: "I feel overwhelmed!"

During these intense times with the covid pandemic worldwide, the loss of many of our dear loved ones, political turmoil here in the US and in many places around the globe, racial injustice, extreme weather events linked to global warming, and economic challenges, we are all being deeply tested and feeling overwhelmed is a natural outcome of that.

Times like these trigger all of our unresolved issues within us. Our deepest vulnerabilities are all being exposed. In fact, it is our collective unresolved wounds that are CAUSING much of what we’re experiencing right now. And we are all going through it together.

Uncomfortable as all this can be, this is a huge opportunity for healing – for both current and past inner wounds for us all.

Even though you might be feeling overwhelmed and pushed past your limits right now, there is a safe place within us which we all share, where we all meet in the Now as One Being, One Consciousness. This is the only place of true, lasting, un-damageable peace. By shifting attention here, gradually suffering unwinds.

I strongly encourage you to trust your own Inner Intuition (the still, quiet, calm, loving, clear voice within) during these times and always. At each choice point, take some time to shift attention to the Now, check inside and ask your Heart, Light, Being (not your mind) what is TRUE for YOU. Your own Inner Guidance is always here and will never let you down.

Take heart. Together, we are all in a transition period from the old, out-dated way of being which doesn’t work any more, to a whole new era of global evolutionary progress.

To help give yourself a broader and deeper perspective as all this unfolds, I highly recommend checking out Hare in the Moon Astrology  by Lorna Bevan.

For months she has been predicting exactly what is showing up for us now. We are all in transition to a fresh new beginning. The polarities and tensions we are witnessing are a result of the old way dying and consequently making last gasps for control. BUT, as they do this, a new era is emerging. 

“We’ve just experienced 200 years of conjunctions in Earth signs - bringing the Industrial Revolution and the rise of economics and capitalism. Now we have the Great Mutation into Air signs until 2219, an evolution of global social development - ideas, information, technology, communication, relationships and collaboration.

2021 is not a shift into a New Earth leaving the ruins and trauma of 2020 in the dust - that’s just magical thinking. Polarities and tensions will be great and build all year with huge resistance from those who fear losing wealth, power and control. But as the Aquarius frequency deepens, the New will start to replace the Old in the natural Universal Law of Balance.

Know that, as a creative, change agent and path paver ahead of the bell curve, you were made for these times. Prepare for a once in 20 years Personal Re-Set. Together, Jupiter and Saturn will inspire you to progress, evolve and up level your sense of social purpose and direction, your quest for concrete and meaningful achievements in the world. This all about making a difference by turning dreams, plans and blueprints into reality in a different way – deliberately going off the mainstream path and beyond the old norms of selling and marketing.”

~ Hare in the Moon Astrology, by Lorna Bevan, MA

What You Can Do When Feeling Overwhelmed 

The more we shift attention to the Truth of our Being, to the Present Moment as Pure Consciousness, the less we identify with the mind and our concepts of ourselves, those around us, and the world. As we get to know ourselves as Alive, Awake Presence, we no longer feed energy to what we have labelled as “problems” and the feelings of overwhelm begin to let go.

This is in no way an escape from our lives or life situations. Rather, it helps us to be involved in our lives in a much deeper, truer, more clear way. It is then, and only then, that true solutions come to us from within, enabling us to be of help to ourselves, our loved ones, and all the world and its citizens.

I highly recommend doing the following each day, as well as any time you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Rather than just reading over the steps and getting a mental grasp of them, instead I highly encourage you to DO each step slowly. Take 5 - 10 mins or longer for each step.

1. Accept your situation as it is, yourself as you are, and the world situation as it is. The first step toward healing in any set of circumstances, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, is to first accept whatever is going on as it is. This is essential because the situation IS as it is. Although this may seem contradictory, acceptance shifts your energy and attention to a place of power rather than victimhood.

When we resist, that can only come from a stance of victimhood, thus energetically limiting the options available to us. On the other hand, when we accept any situation as it is, we shift to an entirely different, higher energy field, giving us access to all possibilities for change, growth and transcendence.

2. Breathe. Shift attention to the Present Moment. Observe your breathing. No need to try to change your breathing, however. Just let it be as it is and watch it. Be the Observer of the breathing.

Notice that you don’t have to “do” breathing. It is happening all by itself. Life Force Itself is breathing your body. Just let go and let that happen as you continue to observe and feel it.

This shifts attention away from the Thinker, which is the cause of 99% of our suffering and overwhelm. At the same time, it allows the nervous system to slow down and relax by itself.

3. Notice what it is within you that notices, observes, is aware. Simply by doing this, you are beginning to shift attention to the true, eternal essence you actually ARE – Pure Consciousness. This is the only place of true peace and you can only access it in the Now moment.

Notice that vibrationally, you, as Pure Attention, or Consciousness, are located above the area where thought takes place. It is an actual vibrational zone which feels much different than the zone where thought occurs.

4. As you let go more deeply into this which is aware within you, notice that it has a quality of love. Feel the love. Tune into it. Sense it. Open to it. It shines as a warm Golden Light, or you may experience it as another color, such as blue or violet.

letting go when feeling overwhelmed

You might also hear an inner sound similar to the buzzing of bees, or a single note of music, or another inner sound. Whatever sound or vibration you experience within as you shift attention into Alive Awareness, tune into it. Let go more deeply into it. Relax into it. Let it have you.

The more you do this, the more you’ll FEEL the power of the safety, Light, and Love of your own True Being, which is deeply connected with our Creator.

Ignore any thoughts that pop up and just come back to letting go into this Alive Awareness.

5. Notice if there are any feelings of tightness or stress in your body, particularly in your core from your throat to the bottom of your torso, connected with feeling overwhelmed. You might also notice tight spots in the head area as well. All of our unresolved mental and emotional issues manifest as contracted balls of energy, which can often be felt when we scan through the body.

If you notice any places like that, just see the tightness, the tension. Don’t try to fix or change it. Just allow it to be as it is. Accept it as it is. These areas will eventually release on their own, the more that we shift attention to the reality of our being – Pure Awareness.

Continue to allow your breathing to be as it is. Notice that your breath also moves through the tight areas, as it moves through every cell of your body.

6. If / when you drift back into thought, just notice that and shift attention back to Attention itself which is what is aware OF the tightness, overwhelm, or any other uncomfortable sensation.

7. As you breathe, know that the Golden Light of Love, which shines from your own True Essence, moves through every cell of your being, including any feelings of overwhelm or tight places you might experience in your physical, mental or emotional being.

Just breathe, let go, and let your body enjoy this Golden Light Of Love flowing through it. Feel it moving from the top of your head down into your face, brain and head. Then into your neck, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, wrists, hands and fingers.

Feel it flowing into your chest, organs, waist, lower body. Your thighs, lower legs, ankles, feet, and toes.

8. Tune into this Golden Light of Love. Sense and feel it as one big continuous flow of Life Force touching and moving through every cell of your being on all levels. Let go into it. Let it have you.

9. Visualize the world itself and all of its inhabitants, human, animal, plant and environmental. Breathe and visualize this Golden Light of Love and Healing moving into and through the world itself, all the people who live here, all the animals and plants we share life with, and the environment within which we all live together.

one world one heart

* * *

As you go about your day, tune into this energy of Alive, Conscious, Loving Awareness from time to time. Even if you just do this for a few minutes at a time, it can make a huge difference in the quality and tone of your life.

No matter what appears to be happening on the outside, this “place” of Inner Strength, Love, and Consciousness is ALWAYS here.

All Love and Blessings to You!

* * *

In a WellBeing Alignment Session together we can look at what is most "up" for you, your particular situation and what you are experiencing at the time. Then I will guide you through a healing process tailored to your particular needs.

Would You Like Personal Help With What You’ve Read On This Page?

I offer WellBeing Alignment Sessions to help you.

While these sessions tend to have an organic flow of their own depending on your needs when we meet, there are two main components to this coaching:

  1. In these sessions your attention will be turned directly toward noticing the Bright, Alive, Loving Light you already are.

  2. You will also be guided to let whatever is arising in you (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)  to be here as it is. We become the loving, allowing space for it all to come up in. When we no longer try to "manage" or control our suffering, these energies become free to release on their own.

By doing these two things together, healing occurs naturally, organically, and at its own pace. Consequently, we become more and more free to be the Shining Light we already are!

Find out more about WellBeing Alignment Sessions here.

I look forward to meeting you!

All love and blessings to you,


“Wow, I am still not able to put into words what you have helped me to experience and to release. I am so beyond grateful for the gift you have given me. The first couple of days after our session, I had the strangest feeling... a feeling of hope, and a kind of general thought that ‘everything will be alright.’ It was like a kind of gentle mist just in the background of my awareness, and it related directly to the golden light that I experienced in my solar plexus during our session – my power.

It felt strange because I haven’t felt or thought that way in the longest time, except I didn’t know I was ‘missing’ it until I had it again! Love and such huge, huge gratitude.”

~ Lara M, Australia

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