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Welcome to the WellBeing Alignment Blog! You’ll find helpful support here on how to let suffering unwind naturally and to know yourself as Awareness, peace, and joy.

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Here are the latest updates:

How To Clear Your Energy Of Negativity

If you want to learn how to clear your energy of negativity, you must first be willing to allow your mind and heart to open to the love you already are.

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Accept Life As It Is

When we accept life as it is, we vibrate at a higher positive level, therefore resonating with (and opening to) positive life shifts and experiences.

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Make The Most Of Life

“How can I make the most of life?” comes up for most everyone sometime during life. A key to this is discovering that an important component of happiness is the realization that we are all connected.

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Meditative Healing Exercise

This meditative healing exercise is helpful for times when you are troubled and looking for guidance about what to do next.

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Beautiful Birdsong —
Healing For The Mind, Body, Emotions And Soul

Here is a lovely, easy, beautiful way to de-stress and let go — listening to calming, healing birdsong.

Let’s Support Ukraine


To everyone in Ukraine, and those who have had to leave their homeland amidst such dire circumstances (whether Ukraine or any country), my heart is with you. And I know that I speak for many many people around the world. We stand with you ALL in Spirit.

We send all love to you and your loved ones. May you know you are loved every step of the way. I will continue to envision you and your family saturated with Love, Safety and Protection.

And to those of us who are joining with the Ukrainians in Spirit, there are ways we can help:

1 … Spread Awareness Of The Situation

Show support for Ukraine on social media or wherever you feel drawn to.

You can download the blue and yellow Ukrainian heart here for free from Pixabay. Then post it on social media.

If you have a business and send a regular newsletter to your subscribers, you can share your support there.

2 … Donate Money

I know many are struggling with money issues right now, but even if you can just donate a few dollars, it helps.

The following is from Ken Evoy, the owner of Site Build It, my web host:

“Here are two organizations we researched in depth. You can rest assured that your money will be used to help the Ukrainian people, either in their own country or as they seek refuge in other countries.

SiteSell will make a sizable donation to these two organizations as well.

World Central Kitchen (WCK)

WCK provides cooked meals on the ground to communities impacted by natural disasters or humanitarian crises. Their mission is simple: “When people are hungry, send in cooks. Not tomorrow, today.”

In support of refugees escaping the violence, WCK began serving hot, nourishing meals in Poland within a day of the initial attack and are now set up at eight border crossings. They are also looking into the possibility of delivering meals each day to families on the Ukrainian side of the border, waiting in line across the eight entry points.

This link takes you directly to WCK's donation page.

Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH)

Polish Humanitarian Action is a smaller charity based in Poland. They provide food and hygiene items along with other stuff that’s needed, both in Poland and in Ukraine. They set up a permanent mission in Ukraine in 2015 and have been providing support there ever since.

Here’s the link to donate directly to their Ukraine campaign.

3 … Get Actively Involved With A Relief Organization

You can find a list of them here."

Together, May we ALL Awaken to the Shining Loving Light of our True Being. Love and Blessings to ALL.

How To Be More Intuitive

Looking for reliable guidance? Learn how to be more intuitive for 24/7 guidance tailored to you and all life situations you encounter.

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Spiritual Awakening

Shining from your eyes right now is bright, awake, conscious Aliveness. Spiritual awakening is realizing and living from the Truth of your Being.

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Help Is Here For You

If you or your loved ones are feeling overwhelmed, help is here for you. You’re not alone during these intense times we are all experiencing together.

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Doing The Best They Can

To be at peace with ourself and others is to realize everyone is doing the best they can all the time. This must be experienced, not just thought about.

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Trust the Infinite Intelligence of your body and being
(Part Two)


Once resistance is released, our body energies naturally do what they need to do to heal the body on all levels, once we get out of the way and let them.

Notice there is a natural caring connection with this energy, when you see it is actually Life Force, Spirit, whatever words you use to describe it.

Look within: Can you find a feeling of caring connection with the energy? Notice the “you” who sees it and the energy itself are actually BOTH Life Force, Aliveness.

Acknowledge and tune into the actual FEELING of caring about this aspect of yourself. Silently, intimately within, tell the energy you care about it.

Continue to sense it as Life Force. When we don’t label it as tightness, fear, anger, etc., we can tune into the actual energy itself. Feel the intensity of it. This Life Force is the energy of all creation!

The entire universe was created from this very same Life Force, manifesting in infinite forms. Honor this energy in you as the same Aliveness — the essence of all existence.

Notice this energy in your body has its own intelligence, its own instinct about what it needs to do. This is not a mind intelligence; it is much deeper, broader, and powerful than that.

You can trust this energy in your body. It is Intelligence itself — not limited like brain power, but infinitely unlimited. The Life Force of your body is intelligent in its own way and knows exactly what to do.

Let it have it’s way, as if you were riding a horse you trust and you let go of the reins and let it go where it naturally wants to go.

Silently within, tell the energy “I trust you. Do whatever you need to do.”

Then just observe it. Be the Silent Watcher. Notice the power of the energy and let go into it. Don’t try to control it.


Your arms or legs might jerk or kick. Your jaw might quiver. Your head could shake. Your shoulders might twitch. Or none of that may happen. There might be no obvious effect at all.

However, if you continue to do this regularly, daily preferably, you will notice a positive change after awhile. The energy will gradually become harmoniously connected with the rest of your body, instead of isolated and tight. This could happen right away, or it could take months. Either way, you’ll gradually notice you feel better.

We are so conditioned to try to stop any uncomfortable sensation, we don’t realize that is how we keep the discomfort going.

However, by honoring the intelligence of your own body and Being, letting go into and trusting THAT, you align yourself with the best interests of your entire Being, and are in greater harmony with Life Itself.

Your body knows what’s best for it and will DO exactly that, when you let it.

I’d be happy to coach you through this process in a WellBeing Alignment Session.

Trust the Infinite Intelligence of your body and being
(Part One)


I’ve noticed, both in my own life, and in the lives of people I work with in WellBeing Alignment Sessions that usually when we feel discomfort, whether it’s mental, emotional or physical, we want it to go away.

Seems obvious, right? “I don’t like this so of course I want it to go away.”

However, when we stay in that perspective, we continue to send a massive amount of energy to the very thing we want to get rid of. Resistance is powerful energy. Indulging in it feeds more energy to whatever it is we resist, which keeps it going.

Even if you say “I want to heal this,” check within and you’ll notice that what you are REALLY saying is “I want this to go away,” which is still resisting it.

Here’s what I recommend instead: when you experience mental, emotional, or physical discomfort, first accept it exactly as it is.

Generally when people hear this, they try to just do it mentally. That’s a good place to start, but it won’t take you all the way down the road to healing.

Instead, take time to just sit and watch your breathing. Let your body breathe naturally, without trying to change it in any way, for 10 - 20 minutes or longer.

Let go of judging yourself if your attention wanders. Simply keep bringing your attention back to watching your breathing, without trying to control it.

After doing this for 10 - 20 minutes, allow your attention to shift to the situation, emotion, or body ailment you want to let go of. It might be a tangle of emotions such as anger or fear, or a state such as depression, or a circumstance such as a challenging relationship or job. Or maybe you just feel “off” or unhappy and aren’t even sure why.

Whatever it is, as you put your attention on the subject of distress, shift attention to your body and notice where you feel a corresponding tightness, tension or general discomfort in the core of your body.

This can generally be found in the throat, chest, solar plexus, or lower part of your torso, often in one of the energy centers of the body.

When you notice this tightness, silently within yourself, tell the sensation or energy, “Hello! I see you. Thank you for showing yourself to me. You are welcome to be here just as you are.”

At this point, let go of the mental story about what is troubling you. Instead, focus on the experience of the energy itself. Experience it AS energy.

Without a label or mental story about it, it is actually vibrating, alive Life Force!When you tune into it, focus on the energy itself, rather than the mental commentary about it, or labeling it as good or bad.

Even a tight, so-called “uncomfortable” feeling is actually Life Force! When you can begin to appreciate it as Aliveness itself, you’re beginning to let go of your resistance to it.

(See Part Two below to continue…)

You already ARE Pure Consciousness


Want to help yourself and all humanity? Here is an easy, simple, direct way


During troubling times or good times, no matter what is going on, here is a way to let everything be here as it is and open to great healing at the same time. To experience this deeply, give time to each step below before moving on to the next step.

Take a few moments and just watch your breathing. Don’t try to change it in any way. Just watch it as the air moves through your body in its own way, in its own rhythm, whether smooth or chaotic.

Next, focus on your out breath, letting go as your body expels air. Let the “doer” within you relax.

Let whatever is going on within you (including your mind, emotions, or body sensations), and your experience or your perception of the world, be as it is. Give it space to simply be, without labeling it as good or bad.

Imagine pure, pristine, brilliant White Light, all around you and within you.

Open yourself to FEEL the White Light, the comforting warmth and the shining brilliance of it.

Let go into it and BE it.

Let go and let the White Light:

permeate all aspects of your being, on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, etheric, and spiritual

wash through every aspect of your current life – relationships, interactions, activities, and all outer physical and inner environments, in all dimensions and time lines

permeate all beings, all life, in all dimensions, as well as the past, present and future and all inanimate objects – everything, everywhere, and every when

Breathe in the White Light, into and through:

any place within you that feels tight or uncomfortable, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually

every dimension of the people who come to mind as you sense the tight places

all past memories associated with themall the cells of your being on all levels

Stay with this for as long as you want to…. letting go into the White Light.

You’ll also find more about White Light Healing here.

Wondering what to do?

“It’s not about doing, it’s about ALLOWING.”
~ Eckhart Tolle

In order to know the best way to deal with something in your life right now, you have to first be willing to NOT know what to do. To admit that you simply don’t know.

Most of us are conditioned to believe we have to figure out the solutions to our problems from our minds.

What I’ve discovered, however, is that if we rely ONLY on our minds, our options are quite limited. All the mind really knows is the past, which it generally projects into the future, recreating the same painful scenarios over and over again.

To truly have access to the best way to go in any situation, we have to first let go.

Right now, in this moment, bring attention to your breathing. Notice what you are experiencing in your body.

If you feel places that feel tight or uncomfortable, let go of resisting those sensations. Allow tightness and uncomfortableness to simply be here as it is. Give up labeling it as anything. Instead just watch the unnamed sensations.

Breathe from your belly. Watch your breathing. Give up trying to DO anything right now. Just be here. Breathing. Watching your breathing.

In this moment right NOW be willing to not know what to do for your career, health, relationships, your life.

BE here right now. Not in the past or future but right NOW. Not in your thoughts but in your direct experience right NOW. Breathing. Letting whatever you’re aware of be as it is.

Notice the SPACE that everything is arising in. BE this SPACE. You already ARE this SPACE. Empty. Not holding onto anything.

When the time comes to “do” something about something in your life, you’ll know. You’ll feel an inclination to turn right, left, forward or even to go backward.

From this SPACE within which thoughts and all your experience is appearing and disappearing in, the best possible (and often surprising!) path will open up for you. And you’ll sense its warm, trustworthiness.

Answers will simply come to you when you need them. This happens when we ALLOW them to come to us instead of pushing to get to them or to create them from our heads.

Remember, the mind can only offer up the past. But when we rest in Space, CONSCIOUSNESS can then (and only then) inform the mind of something fresh, new, and what is most needed in your current situation.

Just be HERE, NOW and BREATHE... the rest will take care of itself.

Uplifting, Inspiring And Helpful Books And Music For You!


Many of you have asked me for recommendations for authors, teachers, books and other methods to help you on the path of awakening, healing, and releasing suffering.

I recently updated my Books and Music page and I'm excited to share with you the books and materials that have all played a significant role in shifting my attention from identification with suffering, to living more and more in the peace of the ever-present Now.

Every item on the page has been helpful for me at different stages on my path, helping me to let go ever more deeply into the awareness of Being and letting suffering unwind on its own.

Some of these teachers and materials continue to guide me along, still to this day.

We are all naturally drawn to whatever is the next step for us as we all wake up out of suffering. Chances are good you'll find something on the Books and Music page for you which will facilitate your next opening into a deeper and broader knowingness of yourself as aware Peace.

On the new page you'll find help with:

  • Spiritual awakening to shift your attention more deeply into the experience of Being

  • Psychological and emotional support

  • Physical healing and diet

  • Energy healing for yourself and others

  • Uplifting and inspiring fiction

  • Heart opening, healing and uplifting music
  • How to deal with jealousy in 7 steps - Introduction

    Introduction: Everyone experiences jealousy in their lives. We all know how painful it can be. In this series you'll learn how to deal with jealousy in a deep, kind, loving, profoundly effective way.

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    How to deal with jealousy in 7 steps - Step 1

    Step 1: Healing comes from the power of attention, which is love. In this step in learning how to deal with jealousy you'll begin to discover and tune into the love you ALREADY have for yourself.

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    How to deal with jealousy in 7 steps - Step 2

    Step 2: In this step in learning how to deal with jealousy, you'll become more aware of your ineffective avoidance strategies which cause you more suffering. Once you see them they begin to let go.

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    How to deal with jealousy in 7 steps - Step 3

    Step 3: In this step in learning how to deal with jealousy, you'll discover how to let go of ineffective coping strategies which conceal your innate healing power.

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    How to deal with jealousy in 7 steps - Step 4

    Step 4: Acceptance is a key component of true healing. In this step you'll experience letting your inner doors of healing open with acceptance, as you deepen in learning how to deal with jealousy.

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    How to deal with jealousy in 7 steps - Step 5

    Step 5: In this step in learning how to deal with jealousy, we'll bring love to the root energy of jealousy or any uncomfortable emotion in your being – your hurt, precious, sweet, inner child.

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    How to deal with jealousy in 7 steps - Step 6

    Step 6: In learning how to deal with jealousy and other uncomfortable emotions, NOW is the time to know yourself as Being, the reality of who you ARE, the only source of true love and healing.

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    How to deal with jealousy in 7 steps - Step 7

    Step 7: In this step in learning how to deal with jealousy, you'll discover unconditional love for all the people involved in your situation, by shifting attention and noticing it is already here.

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    How to deal with jealousy in 7 steps - Conclusion

    Conclusion: Important points to keep in mind as you're learning how to deal with jealousy or any uncomfortable emotion, and where to go for additional support.

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    The Ongoing Gifts The Solar Eclipse Brought Us


    Did you see the recent solar eclipse?

    Before it occurred I was intrigued about it but a bit put off by the media hype.

    Where I live, we didn’t have the full view of it. However, I sat outside for the whole thing and deeply felt its energy.

    WOW! I was surprised at how powerful it was.

    It was similar to the alignment of our bodily chakra centers but on a much larger scale.

    When the chakras become aligned in the physical body, core aspects of ourselves which were out of harmony with each other gradually open to each other, communicate and begin resonating with each other. Tremendous healing occurs when this happens.

    Similarly, when alignment occurs between celestial bodies doorways of healing open up.

    To convey what I experienced, I’ll need to put what was way beyond the grasp of the mind into symbolism in order to describe it.

    The sun is a physical symbol of full-on, wide awake, unobstructed, pure Consciousness, the true reality we ARE.

    Symbolically, the moon is our unconsciousness, the "place" where unresolved hurts lie within us, generally hidden from our full conscious awareness.

    The earth is symbolic of our human, physical form.

    Sitting in the sun in the early stages of the eclipse, there was a quiet stillness. Then I felt an enormous portal of energy opening, of unlimited universal love and healing. As the eclipse proceeded it became almost overwhelming. There was an all encompassing light and love, deeper than I’ve never known before.

    It was all-inclusive. I experienced it on the level of Beingness, but it also permeated every speck of this physical dream as well – every being, animal, and every molecule of this dream, including rocks, cars… EVERYTHING.

    Since then I’ve come to see (both in my own life and in working with many of you beautiful beings) that with this eclipse a huge doorway has opened up between our buried unconscious material (where all our hurt inner children are), and the opportunity to be more aware of the shining light of love, the Consciousness we actually already ARE.

    You’re probably being challenged and triggered in deep ways right now. This is because a doorway of opportunity has opened up and is still here right now (especially with mercury retrograde going on until Sept. 5), to let our old hurts and deep wounds come to the surface.

    Right now they are more accessible and easier to be consciously seen, accepted, listened to, honored, embraced, and deeply loved.

    These will help you do that:

    How To Love Yourself

    Meditation Therapy For Personal And Global Healing

    Energy Healing Therapy For Finding Happiness Within And Releasing Suffering

    I’m also happy to support and guide you in discovering the truth of your Being and letting suffering unwind in a WellBeing Alignment Session.

    Are You Here?


    Take a moment and listen to the sounds around you… Do this before you go on to the next paragraph. It’s okay, your life won’t come to a halt, no matter what your mind might tell you. :-)

    What did you experience?

    If you truly stopped and listened to whatever sounds are in your current environment, you were free of thoughts and emotions, even if just for a few seconds. In those seconds, when you weren’t referring to a “me” story about yourself, your past, future, or your current situation, nothing existed but the aliveness of this present moment.

    You were just here, alert and present. Space opened up. Depending on how long you let your attention linger here, you felt a sense of calm, alive openness, even if just momentarily.

    In order to listen, you had to let go of everything else in order to focus attention on sounds. This attention itself is what we actually ARE – alive, alert, open, spacious, intelligent Beingness.

    To notice this Beingness, which is actually always here beneath the mental chatter, is a simple yet profound shift in perception.

    What we usually consider “normal” is to live almost entirely in our minds. We pay attention to one thought after another, which creates the experience of a conceptual “me” which we then believe IS us.

    However, at any moment, we can begin to notice the Space within which our thoughts, memories, emotions, body sensations, and experiences appear IN.

    You can access this Space any moment you choose to stop and simply be alert to the sounds in your environment. Even if you don’t hear a sound, the actual listening for one brings your attention to alert, aware stillness – your own alive Presence.

    This Presence we are is always here. YOU don’t come and go. YOU are eternal and ever present, here, now.

    Feeling Anxious? Let Your Body Move


    Many people I’ve spoken with recently have reported feeling more anxious than usual – physically, mentally and / or emotionally.

    Besides feeling our own unresolved internal energies, many of us also feel and experience the unresolved issues of those around us and the world we live in. And, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, things are pretty churned up in the world right now.

    After watching the news or being in a public place such as a subway or shopping center you might notice you feel more agitated than usual.

    So, what to do?

    First, I recommend simply being WITH what you are experiencing within. Bring your attention into your body. Be a witness, an observer to whatever sensation or feeling you notice, without labeling it “anxiety” or “fear” or any other label. Just let the energy be as it is and be present to it.

    You’ll find help with this here: Energy Healing Therapy For Finding Happiness Within And Releasing Suffering and here: Meditation Therapy For Personal And Global Healing.

    I’m also happy to coach you through it in a WellBeing Alignment Session.

    I also highly recommend physical movement to give your body an outlet to release energy. Any type of movement exercise will do the trick, so just pick one you enjoy.

    Personally, I like to do gentle yoga while listening to soothing music. Or sometimes I’m in the mood for music that is more energetic. As I listen I just let my body move how it spontaneously wants to rather than trying to follow a mental concept of a dance.

    The body has immense intelligence and will heal itself if we just listen to it, let it do what it naturally wants to do and get out of the way mentally.

    I also encourage you to give your body permission to emit vocal sounds as you’re moving. You might cry or laugh. Gargled sounds might come out. Your face might contort.

    Whatever your body wants to do, just let it happen. Decline to believe any judgments your mind comes up with or to stifle anything your body wants to do in this natural process.

    These are just a few examples of the many ways our bodies release pent up energy through movement.

    Different types of music might appeal to you at different times for this type of releasing. You’ll find several internet music sites which offer a variety of music styles. You’ll be automatically drawn to what is best for you.

    If dancing isn’t your thing, then pick a type of physical movement that is, whether it’s walking, running, tennis, racquet ball, playing baseball, swimming, etc. The important thing is to give the body an opportunity to move, which creates an outlet for it to let go of stuck energies, letting them move through you instead of being jammed up in the body.

    You’ll find this brings relief to your emotional and mental bodies as well.

    The Amazing Opportunity Pain Provides


    Generally, when pain arises, whether it is emotional, physical or mental, we try to make it go away. We take a pill or an herb, call a practitioner, or google ways to make it stop.

    All of those options do have their place and I recommend doing whatever you feel drawn to in order to attend to your needs.

    However, what I’d like to point to here is the window of opportunity for healing which opens when we become aware of any kind of pain within our being.

    Energetic emotional, physical and psychological trauma wounds normally lie hidden and inaccessible within our unconscious. We either consciously or unconsciously push them down there because they can feel too overwhelming to deal with, both when we experienced the original trauma they stem from, or when they are triggered later, which inevitably happens.

    However, pushing pain into the unconscious doesn’t mean it goes away, just as stuff you put in the basement of your house doesn’t go away. And actually, each time we consciously or unconsciously suppress an uncomfortable energy, that resistance actually feeds MORE energy to the pain.

    If energetic wounds are within you, they will rise to the surface from time to time. Some event in your life will trigger them and reveal your inner pain. You’ll either become aware of a physical pain, tightness or discomfort, or a surge of emotion.

    This can also take the form of so-called “accidents” where suddenly something happens that seems to cause us physical, emotional or psychological damage. However the cause of the “damage” was already within us. The “accident” just brings that energy out into conscious awareness.

    Unconscious energetic wounds can be from past lives or from early life experience in this one. As far as healing goes, it doesn’t actually matter.

    What’s important here is that when one or a combination of forms of pain is triggered within you, you now have ACCESS to these energies, which normally lay buried and inaccessible.

    When pain arises into our awareness, it is a GOLDEN opportunity for healing, unless we fall back on the old habit of trying to ignore or suppress it, thus feeding the pain more energy.

    Instead, we can simply BE with the experience of the pain consciously, accepting it as it is without trying to change it, staying out of our thoughts about the pain and being present to the energy itself.

    Then, and only then can these energies unwind on their own, in their own way and in their own time.

    These pages will help you with this:

    Meditation Therapy For Personal And Global Healing

    Energy Healing Therapy For Finding Happiness Within And Releasing Suffering

    How to Find Happiness Right Now

    I’m also happy to guide you through this process in a WellBeing Alignment Session.

    Acceptance Brings Peace


    “If you are not in the state of either acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself and others… Whatever you cannot enjoy doing, you can at least accept that this is what you have to do. Acceptance means: for now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly.”
    ~ Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

    One of my greatest teachers is my own body. Being “sensitive” is a gift in many ways, especially when it comes to assisting others. However, it has it’s challenges: needing lots of quiet recharge time, and living with bouts of fatigue.

    Through the years I’ve tried to get rid of fatigue through conventional and unconventional methods. Although some of it helped, fatigue still shows up from time to time.

    Gradually, I’ve learned to accept it.

    The reality is it’s here. Period. All my resistance to it only increased the fatigue, creating more suffering. What we resist we actually strengthen.

    Finally, with a recent dance with fatigue, I gave up.

    I let go into Eckhart Tolle’s question: “Can I accept this situation exactly as it is?”

    When I get quiet, observe the heavy sensations in the body, decline to listen to the story in my head about it, and stop fighting fatigue, I can just be here with it. Then my attitude toward it shifts and there is gentleness around it.

    I realized a cause of the fatigue is a clench of resistance to “what is” in other arenas of my life. This clench manifested in my body and used up some of my body’s life force. No wonder it gets exhausted!

    Then resistance to the fatigue increased the clench, syphoning off even more life force.

    I’m still not running marathons, but I have energy to do what my heart truly wants to do. What my “get it done” voice tells me I “should” do turns out to not be important. Accordingly, I feel much more relaxed and at peace.

    In your life, think of your most troubling situation.

    Ask within, “Can I accept this situation exactly as it is?” Ask your BEING, your Heart.

    Notice that Beingness (the powerful aliveness which is uncovered when we don’t refer to our thoughts) has already been accepting your situation as it is. It is only our busy minds that create resistance and suffering.

    Our situations resolve themselves in unimaginable ways which is best for all concerned, occurring within Life’s timetable, not our mind’s.

    All we have to do is accept this moment exactly as it is. And every moment is always THIS moment.

    Do What Your HEART Wants To Do
    (Part One)


    Awhile back I talked with a dear friend who has victoriously come through a bout with cancer. After chemotherapy, then a year of healing from the chemo, she is now free of cancer.

    I was inspired by the deep, powerful insights she shared. Through this wisdom she decided to stop doing anything she doesn’t want to do. This really caught my attention. Something simple and profound within me was uncovered.

    Later, contemplating her words, my mind rebelled: “If I only do what I want I’ll be selfish.”

    Then I realized if we do what our HEART’s natural inclination WANTS to do, we would never hurt another living being. We would be in alignment with the truth of the One Being we all are together.

    This is one of the ways Truth guides us in this life for the greatest good: When we notice what we naturally WANT to do we are in tune with what WANTS to happen in our lives for the One Consciousness. It is the direction energy naturally wants to flow, without us trying to manufacture something from the mind only.

    We don’t have to push for healing or awakening to the truth of being or to control or manufacture anything in our lives. Doing that may appear to give us something for awhile, but in the end sabotages the way life WANTS to take us, which is always the best thing for all life.

    If an inspiration comes to do something that is for the greatest good, energy will automatically flow to do it. We don’t have to force ourselves to create something.

    Going with the natural flow of things keeps us in harmony with all life. And we ARE all life.

    We appear to be separate beings, but there is only one “thing” going on here and it is life. Aliveness. Everything in this dream, even inanimate objects, shines with the aliveness of the One Reality we all are. All forms will change and at some point disappear, but the source of all of them is eternal. It has always been here, and will always be here, even while the forms that appear within it are constantly changing.

    I began putting my friend’s wisdom to work in my daily life, and it sure is making life simpler!

    Rather than mentally weighing the pros and cons of any decision, we can be present in THIS moment and check within to see what WANTS to flow naturally. As we look within to see which option lights up the most, the other options fade more to the background.

    Here’s an example: When I take my vitamin supplements in the morning, I no longer follow the daily regimen I had set up for myself. Instead, I notice which ones I naturally want to reach for, those I feel a natural flow and warmth toward.

    (See Part Two below to continue…)

    Do What Your HEART Wants To Do
    (Part Two)


    I’ve also had several realizations about ways I’ve sabotaged myself. For instance, I often pushed myself throughout the day to get “one more thing” done. This habit has taxed my adrenal glands in the past, creating debilitating fatigue.

    Consequently, I learned to approach my day quite differently. I still look at my “to do” list but I notice which items I sincerely WANT to do. Some days I don’t want to do anything on it and so I don’t.

    Sometimes doing this brings up fear, as the old conditioning and identification with being a “me” who likes to get things done gets exposed. Then the opportunity is to simply be present to the fear. To notice it.

    By noticing I’m the “Noticer,” the awareness which sees it, eventually fears unwind.

    In practicing this, I’m getting an experience of trusting Life in a new way. Life doesn’t conform itself to the plans my mind makes up for it, but it always ends up being in service to awakening ever more deeply to the truth of being conscious Awareness.

    “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
    ~ John Lennon

    Even when things happen that my mind would call “bad” when I decline to label it that way, there is a deeper trusting that Consciousness knows what it is doing.

    This entire dream we share is happening within Consciousness, God, or whatever you wish to call It. Therefore Consciousness has ALLOWED everything that is happening. Nothing is a “mistake.”

    The overall Divine Plan for this life is more than our limited minds can comprehend, but I’m realizing that I actually trust it now, even when outer circumstances can seem precarious.

    When we do what we truly want to do, we’re going with the flow of life, rather than pushing against it, which is what we are often doing when we live solely from our mind’s dictates. There is an aliveness in this present moment that you can FEEL when you go with what naturally wants to happen, even if your mind doesn’t like it.

    What is far more important than what our minds want is how this Beingness we are wants to flow.

    This life will unfold for all of us in the way that best serves waking up the truth of Being. In my experience, sometimes this comes in the form of suffering which literally forces me to let go into what is.

    Life is far easier when we listen within and tune into how IT wants to flow. And you can sense that flow in your daily life choices by checking within to see what direction lights up for you with warmth.

    How To Truly, Authentically Love Yourself And Others
    (Part One)


    “I love you. Every time you say it, your barriers, your walls, your inner imprisonment dissolves. I love you.”
    ~ Matt Kahn, The Love Revolution – YouTube Video

    Do you judge yourself when you get angry, sad, reactive, or fearful? Do you compare yourself to other people and come up short? Or do you sometimes feel superior to others?

    If so, welcome to the human race. :-)

    ALL of us have had different variations of the same kind of self-talk and so called “negative” emotions. And most of us think we’re the only ones who have them, or at least the only ones who have them as intensely as we do.

    Intuitively we all know, or at least sense, that love is the key to healing and is the true reality of this waking dream we all experience.

    However, many of us have had young experiences where our heart was open, vulnerable and naturally loving and then something about us wasn’t well received by someone around us, due to their own unhealed pain. As a result, we were verbally, physically or energetically hit in some way.

    Generally, as vulnerable children or infants, the person we experience this intense energy with is an adult in a much bigger body, and is someone we naturally look to for the fulfillment of all our needs, from the primary requirements of food, water and shelter to love and nurturance.

    When this person is directing painful and invasive energies toward us, as a young vulnerable child or infant, we aren’t in a position to do anything other than simply take in the intensity of what is being dealt to us. We have no defenses.

    The natural, automatic, unconscious response of any organism or being in this kind of circumstance is to energetically withdraw our vulnerable heart inside in a natural attempt to try to protect it. When this type of experience happens repeatedly, at some point we can become completely out of touch with love.

    As children, these painful emotional energies get stuffed within and later manifest as deep anger, fear and sadness as we get older. We may erupt over the smallest thing and have no idea why it is such a big deal.

    I have experienced these type of energies as a deep clench going from my stomach all the way up into the throat.

    To heal these painful energies all we need to do is to choose to bring kindness to these hurt aspects of ourselves. We don’t even have to know what is going on with them or how they originated. It is actually much simpler than that.

    (See Part Two below to continue…)

    How To Truly, Authentically Love Yourself And Others
    (Part Two)


    Recently a dear friend shared the following talk by Matt Kahn with me and I found it to be delightful.

    In this video Matt shows us a very simple way to love ourselves, everything and everyone. Even if you don’t know how to love yourself, or think you CAN’T love yourself or others, none of that will get in the way.

    You can love the one all that is appearing in – YOU. And all it takes is three words, repeated again and again: “I love you.”

    Sound too simple to be true? Watch this video and check it out for yourself.

    You don’t have to change yourself before you can begin LOVING yourself, exactly as you are.

    My experience is that by giving up any agenda to fix or change these painful, tight, constricted inner energies, by accepting them exactly as they are, and by bringing love (even if it is just the INTENTION of love at first) to them, the love itself does the healing and they release on their own, gradually, layer by layer.

    This talk by Matt Kahn can help you with this:

    I’m also very happy to help you with this and other doorways into healing current and past trauma in a WellBeing Alignment Session.

    You Don’t Have To Make A Better “You”
    (Part One)


    One of the biggest misconceptions about spiritual awakening I've encountered, both in my own life and in the lives of my clients, is the belief that in order to awaken to the truth and reality of Being, we must create a better, improved "me," or an enlightened "me."

    We believe we are a conglomeration of a body, mind, thoughts, memories, history, opinions, emotions, and sensations. Then as we become interested in spiritual awakening, many of us develop the belief that we need to "enlighten" and improve this conglomeration, or personality, we believe is us.

    This is like the figure you believe you are in your dream at night believing they have to change the character they experience as the reality of themselves in order to wake up OUT of the dream.

    The "you" you are dreaming you are in the dream can be ANY kind of character, from a victim to a villain or anything in between, and still, upon awakening from the dream, that person is seen to be a made up persona, an illusion, which you believed really WAS who you were.

    No matter what that character in your dream does to try to improve themselves, ultimately, you awaken from your nightly dream and the "you" you thought you were, as well as EVERYTHING in the dream evaporates into the open, alert, intelligent aware space of Consciousness it arose IN.

    However, then we wake up into THIS body and then believe THIS character is the REAL us, not realizing it is made up of the same illusory material as the "me" we thought we were in the dream.

    Awakening to the truth of Being is assured, because we already ARE pure, conscious Awareness, even while we are dreaming we are something else.

    We can wake up in THIS dream, even while it is occurring...

    (See Part Two below to continue…)

    You Don’t Have To Make A Better “You”
    (Part Two)


    Events and circumstances in our lives (this dream) trigger and uncover all the ways we are identified with being a separate, limited body/mind, instead of the spacious Awareness this experience is appearing IN.

    In fact, in our desire and willingness to awaken to the truth of Being, our suffering in this dream can actually intensify.

    This actually serves an incredibly valuable purpose: At some point in our suffering, after we have investigated many books, paths, teachers, and teachings in order to try to find the way out of suffering, we finally realize the freedom we are searching for isn't "out there" somewhere.

    It begins to dawn on us that what is real, true and already at peace is not only already within ourselves, it IS us.

    So how can you get to know yourself as pure Being?

    Bring your attention to this present moment.

    Let your attention rest on an object in your field of vision. At first, just notice the details of whatever you're looking at.

    Next, rather than all your attention flowing out to the object, let your physical eyes rest on the object, but let the bulk of your attention rest back onto itself rather than the object.

    Become aware of yourself as the one who is doing the looking.

    This "one" isn’t your history or your thoughts about yourself. Rather, it is an alive, awake pure Energy which isn't hampered by any of that. It is simply here, still, quiet, alive, alert, awake and aware.

    As you shift your attention to the "one" who is doing the looking, awareness, presence – the reality of Being – becomes consciously aware of itself.

    This is what is real, permanent, true, lasting peace – pure Beingness, the true "I" which you are. This is what is REAL. This entire dream arises and eventually dissolves back into this alert alive Presence. This aware Presence is the reality of you, me, all life, and everything appearing in this dream.

    So… when we let go of trying to be a better "me" and realize we are Presence itself, then the personality we formerly thought we were gradually shifts to a more loving, compassionate presence as well. This occurs energetically, naturally and in its own time.

    This isn't something we can plan. Rather, it comes about gradually from letting go and surrendering to the reality of Being.

    Do You Really Have Control Over Your Life?


    "The bad news is you're falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is, there's no ground."
    ~ Chögyam Trungpa

    We all try to create an illusion of having control over our lives but is this actually true? Did you plan your life up to now? Is it happening according to your plans?

    Or is it simply happening all by itself?

    When coming to an intersection it may appear you choose to turn left or right, but where did that choice come from?

    I've discovered that all choices come from previous conditioning, and conditioning itself came from the conditioning of the significant people in my life. Likewise, THEIR conditioning came from the people in their lives, and so on.

    Similarly, in our nightly dreams, we suddenly appear as a character with pre-conditioned choices and issues. Then the character and dream end at some point.

    This life is a dream as well. The only difference between it and the nightly ones is this one appears to last longer.

    Although the experience of being a character comes and goes, WE, consciousness don't come and go. We are what dreams appear and disappear IN.

    Within this dream we dream together, the struggle to keep the illusion of control creates suffering, both for ourselves and others.

    Our conditioning tells us to hold onto our judgments, beliefs, and familiar patterns, in an attempt to insure we'll never be hurt again. We think holding grudges will keep a barrier between us and pain.

    But what actually happens is we place an illusionary barrier between ourselves and love.

    Also, our conditioning tells us to try to plan for what we want the future to look like, mostly to avoid what we didn't like in the past. All of this keeps us in our heads, where suffering is created.

    Generally, these ways of holding on to our conditioning is so much a part of our experience that we don't even notice it until it builds up as some form of anxiety.

    Interestingly, all of this is only happening in our thoughts: pushing against the past, present and future, which creates an illusion of a "me" who needs protecting, and a clenching tension in the body.

    Then we distract ourselves by checking our phones, watching TV, grabbing a coffee or a snack, etc.

    There is nothing wrong with any of these. It's just helpful to see what is driving the impulse to avoid present experience.

    So how can we begin to release our conditioning and wake up in this dream? These pages can help:

    Uncover Your Self-Concept And Free Yourself!

    Meditation Therapy For Personal And Global Healing

    What If You Aren't A Problem To Be Solved?


    What if there is nothing wrong with you?

    What if there is nothing wrong with your life?

    What if there is nothing wrong with the world?

    What if there is nothing wrong, period?

    Most of us spend our entire lives creating suffering in our heads. Our attention is focused almost exclusively on what happened, what "shouldn't" have happened and what we're afraid might happen. And then we wonder why we suffer!

    We really are funny critters.

    In this moment, if you don't refer to any thought of the past or the future, or even of the present, is there a problem?

    I highly recommend taking some time each day to sit quietly and just notice your thoughts, but without referring to them as reality. Just see them. Then ask within, "What is it that SEES these thoughts?"

    The question isn't meant to stimulate another round of thoughts. Instead it is to point our attention to what SEES the thoughts. To NOTICE what sees the thoughts. What is aware of the thoughts.

    What you can discover is that you aren't a problem to be solved. Your life is not a problem to be solved.

    You are the alert, alive, silent, vast, all-embracing, loving attention which notices thoughts, emotions, sensations, experiences.

    But in order to KNOW ourselves as this, we must be sincerely willing to do what it takes to first discover it, and then to live from here.

    In my experience the sincere willingness to do what it takes to investigate the truth of being and then to make the ongoing daily choice to live from here, only came about through suffering.

    This is how suffering serves a purpose in our lives.

    It seems most of us have to go through the process of checking out what the world has to offer and discovering there is only temporary happiness in experiences.

    This dream is based on polarity. What feels good will always flip into what feels bad, and vice versa.

    However, we are the consciousness which SEES both the fun and the "not fun" and isn't touched by any of it.

    But it does seem we must go through many rounds of the up/down stuff before we start to catch on to what is happening and look for something REAL that never changes, something deeper within this life.

    If you're still reading this article, you're either at that place or getting close. Otherwise, you wouldn't be even remotely interested in this site and would have never found your way here.

    I recommend to you what I described above. Take some time to sit quietly each day and notice the quietness which is here when you don't refer to any thought. The more you bring attention to this, the more deeply you can get to know yourself as Reality.

    And this is the ONLY true, never-changing peace there is.

    Are You Feeling Anxious? Afraid? Sad? Angry?
    (Part One)


    Lately I've been feeling an inner anxiety, with varying intensity. Interestingly, this has also been coming up in the lives of many people I work with in WellBeing Alignment Sessions.

    Through the teachings of Adyashanti I'm getting more insight as to what is going on with this for all of us and how to lovingly be with it.

    Anxiety, extreme fear, is a part of us saying "NO." It might be "no" to something happening in your life, "no" to yourself, or "no" to letting go of control or judgment.

    You might feel it in the stomach, sometimes going all the way up to the throat, as a kind of clench. Thoughts can also speed up and you may find yourself more reactive to people, situations and even yourself.

    I'm discovering there is an unconscious part of us which also sometimes says "no" to awakening more fully to the truth of our Being. As we turn toward meditation or any avenue pointed into discovering and living from Reality, it is very common for anxiety to arise.

    A part of us believes our thoughts and story about ourselves IS us. Then as we begin to discover we are Pure Awareness, the old identification with our story starts to freak out, basically. This can feel like a kind of death. And it IS a death – the death of identification with suffering.

    I find it very interesting that all suffering is actually generated by thoughts!

    In this moment, ask within, "What am I holding on to in this moment?" Then, rather than getting involved in thinking about it, just notice what you are clinging to, without judging it.

    Then, even if just for a few seconds, let go of your thoughts about the past, present or future.

    Isn't it interesting that when we don't refer to our thoughts about anxiety, sadness, or any intense emotion, it actually isn't a problem? It may be an intense experience, yes. But check… is it actually a problem to the Awareness which is aware of it?

    You can also ask yourself, "If I don't refer to my thoughts, is there actually any threat to myself in this moment?"

    Unless a wild animal is chasing you right now, you will most likely discover that nothing is actually threatening you. There may be thoughts about what could happen in the future, or what you believe shouldn't have happened in the past, or even about what you believe shouldn't be happening in your life right now.

    However, when you "stand" in what is aware of all that, even if your body was dying in this moment, you'll notice that Awareness isn't hurt or changed by any of it.

    Below are some practices to help you when you feel an intensity of anger, fear, sadness, or any sensation. (See Part Two below to continue…)

    Are You Feeling Anxious? Afraid? Sad? Angry?
    (Part Two)


    First, take some time to sit quietly, just watching your breathing for a few minutes. Then bring attention to the inside of your body and notice where it feels tight or uncomfortable. Next:

    1. Don't try to make any sensation go away. Let go of pushing against it or judging it. Let it be as it is. Notice that as you let them be here, intense emotions / sensations don't actually hurt you.

    2. Decide to FEEL what is arising. Release trying to avoid feeling it.

    3. Breathe in from your belly up to your heart. Then as you breathe out, breathe from your heart to wherever you feel the sensation (of anger, fear, sadness, etc.) in your body. As you do this say (silently or aloud) "I love you" to the sensation.

    Even if you don't feel love, still say the words (silently or aloud), with your attention on the words as you say them to wherever the uncomfortableness is in your body. Repeat this slowly for a few minutes.

    4. If you don't feel love, don’t judge yourself. Just notice you don’t feel it. Take a few minutes and breathe the image and feeling of warm, soft sunlight into your heart. You can also think of someone you love and appreciate, and breathe that feeling of love into your heart.

    Then breathe this love to the sensation of emotional intensity in your body.

    Remember, the intention isn't to make the sensation go away. That just adds more tension to the situation because it creates the illusion of an inner conflict.

    Eventually, the tension will let go. It could happen in 5 minutes, several weeks, years, or lifetimes.

    You'll discover the more you bring love to your inner sensations and emotions, the less you'll be focused on trying to get rid of them, and they will let go.

    We all have unique paths to awakening and we're all at different places on this path. I've discovered that EVERYTHING appearing in this life is in service to us waking up to the truth of being, including suffering.

    In fact, suffering has been one of the biggest stimulants toward awakening in my life. It has caused me to look within to find out what never suffers, even in the midst of what the mind would label suffering.

    By the way, you can use this practice on behalf of the entire world as well. Breathe in the world and all its inhabitants, exactly as it is in this moment with all it's suffering and its joys.

    Then breathe out love to it all, saying "I love you."

    One of the best ways I know to experience love is to give it.

    More help here.

    What You’ll Notice As You Awaken To Your True Nature

    I highly recommend this video by Adyashanti.

    He speaks in great detail about awakening from the illusion of the “me.” As we awaken spiritually there is a profound letting go of the false self, not only from mind, but also on the level of the heart and the gut.

    There are distinct, deeply felt experiences you will notice which are signposts that awakening is taking place.

    This video is especially helpful for anyone who has had a glimpse of their true Being, but find themselves falling back into identification with the “me.”

    Forgiveness Prayer – How We Can All Heal Together

    True forgiveness prayer only occurs within the truth of Being, not in the mind. Lovingly allowing ourselves to feel our intense inner emotions, we open the door to healing for ourselves and others.

    Continue reading "Forgiveness Prayer – How We Can All Heal Together"

    Meditation Therapy For Personal And Global Healing

    What do you do when you have uncomfortable feelings? Check out these meditation therapy practices to learn how to feel your feelings in a healing way and discover the truth of your Being.

    Continue reading "Meditation Therapy For Personal And Global Healing"

    Meet Me Here


    Join me here Now
    where there are no points of view.
    Slip under good and bad
    right and wrong
    worthy and unworthy
    sinner and saint.

    Meet me here
    where everything is unframed
    before understanding
    and not understanding.

    Meet me here
    where silence roars
    where stillness is dancing
    where the eternal is living and dying.

    Meet me here
    where you are not you
    where you are It
    and It is unspeakable.

    Meet me here
    where all points of view
    merge into a single point
    that then disappears.

    Meet me here
    before there ever was something
    before there ever was nothing.

    Meet me here
    where everything speaks of this
    where everything has
    always spoken this
    where nothing is ever lost or found.

    Meet me here.

    ~ Adyashanti, My Secret Is Silence

    Happy Valentines Day!


    Where Is Peace?


    "Before you start to meditate, ask yourself a question: Is it true that peace and silence are not here now?
    With our intention to move towards quietness, the first step we take is away from it because we assume it's not here already."

    ~ Adyashanti

    In this moment right now, notice what is already quiet within you.

    There may be thoughts, emotions, and body sensations, but what is aware of them? Notice awareness itself is completely still, quiet and at peace.

    For just this moment don't reach for anything. Don't try to push anything away.

    Let go. Let everything empty out. Notice the natural inclination toward openness which occurs when you relax.

    Let go of trying to understand or attain anything. Give up all trying. ALL trying.

    You can do all that later if you wish.

    But for right NOW, just this moment, notice this empty, vast shiningness that is simply here, looking through your eyes.

    It has no name, history, or preferences. No story. No limits. It can't be contained or restricted.

    This is what is real and eternal. This is what we've all been seeking but didn't know it. This is YOU. Reality.

    This has never not been and will never go away.

    This YOU is also what I am, what we all are, what everything is in its essence.

    You don't have to attain this. You already ARE this and could never be anything other than this.

    The "me” we think we are seems to be real because we group together our thoughts, feelings, conditioning and experience of a body into a concept.

    Then we believe that concept IS us.

    If you say out loud or to yourself, "I am (your name),” notice what you experience within at the same time. If you really pay attention, you can notice a feeling of tightness in the body accompanying those words, and an experience of being separate from all other bodies and life itself.

    We literally create a FEELING of separateness from believing our thoughts and our concepts of separateness.

    Now ask within, "What am I really?”

    Don't ask your mind. Ask TRUTH itself. Look for this "I" which goes by your name. What do you find? Do you find an actual entity or thing?

    You might find a body sensation, thought, or an emotion. But can you find an actual thing that is you?

    What you'll find if you look carefully enough and with a heartfelt intention to know the truth, is empty space. An unlimited, unencumbered, quiet, serene, alive, shining, intelligent, loving spaciousness that is all life.

    And you don't have to attain this. You don't have to try to figure out how to be this. You already ARE this. Now. Always. Forever.

    All we have to do is turn attention toward this which we simply ARE.

    Discover The Spiritual Freedom You Already ARE

    WellbeingAre you free?

    It is possible to have many freedoms and still not actually be or feel free.

    The only way to truly be free is to first discover and then live from the TRUE spiritual freedom we actually already ARE within.

    Continue reading here to discover the true, permanent, spiritual freedom you already ARE…

    How to Find Happiness Right Now


    How much time do you spend trying to find happiness? Has anything you’ve tried worked permanently?

    Maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong place.

    Staying engaged in trying to find happiness is predicated on the belief that it isn’t already HERE.

    The very search to find happiness keeps our attention distracted away for the true essence of happiness we already are…

    Continue reading here to discover what within you is ALREADY and ALWAYS happy…

    Let Life Win
    (Part One)


    Awhile back I found myself in conflict with a friend. We were like two bulls facing off. I wanted one thing and felt I had a "right" to it, and he wanted the opposite thing, and felt just as entitled to what he wanted.

    It was the classic conflict situation of "I'm right and you're wrong."

    I began to see that holding onto the energy of being "right" and making him "wrong" completely insured the situation we faced together would NOT be harmoniously resolved.

    Finally, I was willing to stop listening to my story about what should happen. I became willing to simply not know what to do, which, of course, was the truth.

    I got quiet and empty within and asked, "What is Consciousness trying to show me about this experience?"

    I quickly realized I was seeing the situation with my friend through the lens of my own unresolved issues and fears about being overpowered by others.

    As I deeply let go, I heard the words "Let him win."

    Surprisingly, my body, mind and emotions began to relax and open.

    I saw that what had been MOST important about the issue we were at odds about was that I wanted to win. I had fooled myself into believing it was about the issue we disagreed on, but I saw that what was MOST important to me was to not be overpowered by my friend.

    When I let go of the power struggle, I immediately felt a different power, one that has no need to overtake, prove or enforce it's "rightness." It is a power of love, of all inclusiveness.

    I saw that this is actually the only true power.

    The power I was trying to use wasn't power at all. It was simply a mental mock up of a false power that was actually just a tactic to try to avoid the fear of not having power. I knew that acting from that energy would not lead to anything pleasant for either of us… (See Part Two below to continue…)

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