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I read every email from all who write to me, however, due to the large volume of email I receive, I'm not able to respond to all of them. With every request for healing, I feel into you and what you have expressed and I turn your questions and requests for help over to the still, calm Presence that lives within us both, and actually is who we really are.

Although our distresses take many forms, at the core of all of them is a belief in being separate from our Divine Source. Therefore, the answer to all questions and the healing for all wounds is to bring our attention to Awareness – the presence of love – within the peaceful space between thoughts in the ever present Now. It is Here that we experience the Source of all healing.

On every level of your Being, may you experience the truth that you already are the shining light of Consciousness in this moment and always!


Answers to general, frequently asked questions

What area do you live in? Can I do an "in person" WellBeing Alignment Session with you?

I live in the Longmont, Colorado area of the United States. However, I do Face Time and Skype sessions almost exclusively these days and rarely do “in-person” sessions anymore.

Both styles of sessions access the same inner Presence for healing, and in exactly the same way. We are all connected with each other and with our Source. All healing takes place Here, within Presence. Therefore, a WellBeing Alignment Session is the same, whether we are face to face or meeting through our computers or phones.

Would you refer me to someone in my area who does the work you do?

No two healing practitioners practice the exact same methods and I am not personally familiar with the work of others in your area.

Do you have a training program to teach me to do the type of healing that you do?

Not at present, but perhaps in the future.

In WellBeing Alignment Sessions you will learn ways to access the Inner Planes and open to healing on all levels of your being.

Do you do crisis intervention?

I am not “on call” for emergency situations. I recommend that you call the “911” telephone number that most US cities use for immediate, emergency response, or whatever the number is that is set up for that purpose in the country in which you reside.

Otherwise, I am happy to schedule a WellBeing Alignment Session with you.

Do you offer free or reduced price sessions?

I have found that unless there is an exchange of energy (i.e., you give something of value and receive something of value), the session isn’t valued and therefore not received. In other words, if there isn't a two-way flow of energy, a client is generally not energetically open to receive what is given.

On the order page for WellBeing Alignment Sessions you'll find a sliding scale in the "Budget" section which might make the sessions more affordable for you.

Can I call you to discuss WellBeing Alignment Sessions?

I don’t give out my phone number until someone schedules a session. Because I am on the phone and internet a lot doing sessions, I prefer to work out the details of scheduling, payment, and etc. via email.

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Client Agreement Form

You’ll need to fill out this form before we work together in a WellBeing Alignment Session.

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