Let The Stream Of Life Carry You Home

The Stream of Life is ourSelf, Pure Presence, manifesting as the flow of events taking place in the dream (our lives), all in service of Awakening.

As we awaken from a dream of separation, if there are any beliefs of being a separate, isolated self, they project into the dream.

These beliefs create circumstances that reflect them, to show us where we need to accept love within ourselves.

This whole projection / creation experience is a continual, automatic flow of love – ourSelf continually revealing to our conscious mind the places where we need to turn within with love.

Kai walking by the stream

When I walk along the beautiful creeks where I live, they symbolize for me the love and power of the Pure Presence that we are, which, even in this dream, effortlessly carries us along in Its flow, gently touching every aspect of life. It is yielding yet deeply strong, wise, luminous and intelligent. It is the essence of life itself.

As I rest in Pure Presence, even the body opens and responds to its gentleness, letting go into wellbeing. Achy muscles open and relax. Tight thoughts drift off. I begin to feel alive and vibrant.

I ask The Stream of Life to teach me...

This Is What It Says …

“I carry you, and have always been carrying you, along your path of awakening. You can relax into me. You are very precious to me. I have your best and highest interests at heart, always. It is safe to rest here. Let my waters embrace and soothe you turn attention to yourSelf.

You can lay your burdens down and let me guide you along. Here, resting in me, you know yourSelf as love, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion, even in the cells of your body manifesting in this dream.”

Apparent Obstacles

“As I carry you along in the physical dream, sometimes you’ll encounter rocks, boulders, tangles of logs, and other life forms along your path that from the perspective of a separate self can look like obstacles.

Stream of Life

Take heart, Dear One, for this is not so. All you need do is trust me. I, appearing as The Stream of Life, will carry you along to where your heart already lives. Stay open to all you experience, while remembering that you are always guided and supported by me.

I will continue to carry your attention back to yourSelf as you are learning to surrender. I will lead you step by step through the passages that serve your highest purpose: awakening to the truth of the Pure Presence you already are.

Along your dream journey you will encounter many beautiful and wondrous things as well as many uncomfortable things. You will eventually experience all that The Stream of Life has to teach you in this lifetime. Each experience will flow one into another.

All of what and who you see are reflections of aspects of who you believe yourself to be, bringing you the opportunity to open in awareness of yourSelf, Pure Awareness.”

Resistance Is Optional

“You are free to resist your experiences, but doing so will make your path much harder. If you trust me, go with the flow and give yourself into The Stream of Life, I will effortlessly guide you over, around and through your learning experiences and into greater peace and wellbeing.

You will see that my way is not to push or force. Instead, I guide you in the effortless way of sensing and watching for the path of least resistance. In this way you can respond rather than react to what is along your path.

Look for what sparks a feeling of vitality and enthusiasm in you. That is your next step of the path opening up for you.”

The Call Of Desire

“Your true heart’s desire is to return your attention to That which you already are. In the dream, as I carry you along, you may see something that appears to be outside you that you think you want more of.

flowing stream

You will probably reach for this person or thing, thus diverting your attention from yourSelf, true happiness.

This diversion will eventually leave you feeling depleted and separate.

For awhile, you may be able to experience this person or thing you have reached for, but you won’t be able to hold onto it longer than its natural life cycle of duration.

All dream things eventually fade away or morph into something else.

Eventually you will tire of this process and you will once again remember and believe in yourSelf, which in your heart you know always has everything you really want.

YourSelf will always welcome you back with loving arms, every single time.”

Your Emotions Show You Where Your Attention Is Focused

“Along your path you will experience fear and all the other so called ‘negative’ emotions that arise from fear. When you notice this, don’t be alarmed, Dear One. This is just a sign that your primary attention has been diverted away from yourSelf, The Stream of Life.

This immediately causes you to feel alone and unloved. You may not understand that it is not I who have left you, but you who have turned away from me.

This leads to a feeling of dis-empowerment and depletion, a natural result from depending on your own separate, limited inner resources, which then causes you to try to control and manipulate your surroundings, which depletes you even further.

The longer you put off your inevitable return to yourSelf, the more you will feel disheartened, weary and confused.

Eventually, when you’ve had enough suffering, you will again notice yourSelf – the quiet, happily flowing Stream of Life that has been here all along.

From deep within your being in the depths of your heart you know that only yourSelf has your best interests at heart and only It can give you what your heart longs for.

All you need do is bring your attention back to yourSelf, The Stream of Life, and rest in my warm embrace. I will remind you how deeply you are loved, no matter what you’ve ever done or will ever do.

All feelings of separation and depletion will disappear as you give yourself over to my unconditional love, which is your own love.”


“At times the flow of your life will appear to move quickly. At other times it will meander lazily along. The Stream of Life guides your life flow by what is best for your highest and deepest learning about the truth of who you are.

stream and tree

When you notice an impulse to try to make the flow of your life speed up or slow down, this is also a sign that you’ve left The Stream and are therefore out of alignment with wellbeing.

No matter what pace your life is flowing in, bring your attention back to yourSelf. You will then notice your eternal timelessness – bursting with life, with no stress or pressure.

You can experience and believe in yourSelf the easiest by bringing your attention into this present moment. Here you will be guided to do the best you can in the dream with what is appearing.

You can leave the details to me, The Stream of Life, and I will manage them in line with your highest desire – to consciously return your attention to yourSelf that is always here, and always at peace.”

Trying To Hide From The Stream

“You may notice the impulse to try to remove yourself from the flow of your life in this dream – to hide away and let it all pass you by. You are, of course, free to try this.

flowing with the stream

You may think this is the easiest way, but this will actually make your way much harder. This is just another way of cutting yourself off from your Self.

The natural Stream of Life is your true source of power, love and vitality.

Eventually, when you can no longer bear the feelings of separation, you will again hear my call, for I never leave you.

You will immediately feel the trickles of relief as you listen to my whispers calling your attention Home to yourSelf.

As you surrender into yourSelf, your receptivity will open ever wider and the trickle will become a torrent of love and healing, even pouring into the cells of your body in the dream.”

Maya’s Illusion

“In this dream you will continually dance with Maya, Illusion. It is her job to convince you that all the events in the movie of your life are entirely real, although they are dream events.

She provides all the props, actors and circumstances of your life to stimulate you and refine your desire to heed the call to consciously return your attention to yourSelf, Pure Presence.

You may have noticed that all that you see and experience in the dream is a reflection of what you think and believe about yourself, the world, and your brothers and sisters.

All of your judgments about ‘others’ are a reflection of your self-judgments – places within where you have turned away from yourSelf.”

Your entire lifetime in this dream is a workshop with one purpose in mind: to help you awaken into the Truth of the Love that you already are, One with your Creator and all Life.

“Within your manifestation on this plane are many energy fields that emanate from what you predominantly place your attention on. Your beliefs create more thoughts, emotions and physical manifestations that reflect them.

In a sense, it is like your mind is a movie projector that projects the contents of your thoughts, beliefs and expectations into a movie you call your life.

Because these flickering images of light, sound and feelings seem to be projected OUTSIDE of you, it appears as though they are separate from you, but they are not. They are all created out of your own inner thought forms.

following the stream

As Maya displays the contents of the separate self you believe yourself to be in front of you in your daily life, you have choices.

You can persist in a belief in separation and push against who or what you see and feel, or you can embrace it all as the aspect of yourSelf that it is, whether it is an experience of beauty, horror or pain.

All of it is displaying a thought, feeling or belief that originates from within you.

You will notice that when you make the choice to view the so-called “negative” experiences with love and forgiveness for yourself and all involved, that brings your attention back to yourSelf – where you are one with The Stream of Life – and opens your awareness of your true power, healing and love.

This also dissolves the illusion of “other” and makes even the concept of forgiveness unnecessary as you relax in unconditional love.

Mind you, Maya’s kaleidoscope of sensations, feelings and images will feel quite convincingly real. She is really good at her job, which is to try to convince you that you are a collection of thoughts, concepts, body, emotions and history, rather than the ever-present Pure Loving Awareness that you are.

The dream will seem real in order that you’ll participate in your custom-made life workshop and learn what you dreamed this dream to learn.”

The Stream Of Life Will Help You See Through Maya

“As the drama unfolds, remember to let go into yourSelf and trust The Stream of Life, letting your feelings and experiences come. Be willing to feel and experience all of it, knowing you are resting in yourSelf, infinite loving awareness as it all unfolds.

That way you will move much more easily through your life lessons. Each time you do this you will notice the movie stage changes and morphs into yet another set of “other” people and experiences, evoking even deeper feelings to be felt, embraced and learned from.

relax into the stream

As you keep returning attention to yourSelf and are willing to feel and see all that is before you and within you, your perspective of Life will expand.

You will have countless dances with Maya. You will seem to leave and return to yourSelf again and again, after becoming disheartened and depleted. Each time you return you’ll wonder why you left yourSelf!

And then again, gradually you will come to notice your feelings of disconnection and realize you have once again turned away from your alignment with wellbeing.

Even though at times you might identify with being a separate being, rather than the Pure Awareness you are, yourSelf will keep calling your attention back to It. Each time you will come closer to the realization that leaving yourSelf is a painful waste of time.

Eventually you will leave yourSelf less frequently because feeling separate from the sweetness of The Stream of Life will be unbearable.”

Expansion Of Awareness

“Your realization of yourSelf will continue to broaden and deepen. You will live your life in this dream from a constantly expanding perspective.

Instead of trying to figure out what to do and weighing the pros and cons for decision-making, you will consciously SENSE the next step yourSelf is guiding you toward by your feelings of ease, relief, joy and enthusiasm.”


“Eventually you will know that when you rest in yourSelf and let the Stream of Life flow, you are always at Home, and at peace, no matter what transpires in the dream.”

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