Energy Healing Therapy For Finding Happiness Within And Releasing Suffering

Energy healing therapy can assist you in finding happiness as you release suffering on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Although all suffering originates in the mind, the residues of it can seem to get stuck in your emotions and body. These residues:

  • are what cause disease as well as mental, physical, and/or emotional breakdown.

  • attract negativity into your life. By the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. Whatever vibration we radiate creates more of the same.

    This is still true whether we’re aware of the unhealed beliefs we hold within mind or not. Until we release the causes of suffering, the residues of it attract and recreate sets of circumstances that reflect it over and over again.

  • perpetuate the illusion of being separate from love, joy, abundance, creativity, and our own aliveness. They seem to veil the Life Force that we ARE.

In my own desire for healing and process of finding happiness, I learned and practiced energy healing therapy in many forms. All of them, however well-intentioned, were based on the perspective that there was something that needed to go away.

Whether it was a physical pain, a chronic emotional state such as fear, anger, sadness, grief, or depression, or a mindset, the intention was always to change or get rid of it.

That is how we are generally conditioned to view things. That is how you found your way to this page, right? There is something bothering you and you want to change it, for yourself or for a loved one. Of course. Perfectly understandable. That was my intention as well.

However, after learning many energy healing therapy methods and sharing them with clients, I noticed that, although there was generally a temporary period of relief, the symptoms – physical, mental and emotional – reformed themselves after a period of time.

Why? We'll look into this in just a moment.

In my journey to heal painful emotions, debilitating fatigue, depression and stormy relationship issues, I was grateful to connect with many spiritual teachers who pointed me in the right direction – within.

It was a mixture of A Course In Miracles and the Advaita Teachings of Ramana Maharshi and Rupert Spira that was my catalyst for finally breaking through a dense fog of suffering that I'd been living in, on and off for most of my life.

The energy healing therapy methods you're about to learn on this page are based on my understanding and deep exploration of Rupert Spira's Advaita teachings, for which I am deeply grateful.

Inspired by Rupert and Ramana Maharshi, I explored my own experience deeply, using the methods described on this page. As the fog began to lift, I discovered why the energy healing therapies I'd previously tried didn't help me to release suffering permanently.

I'll go into why in a moment. First let's look at the causes of suffering...

What causes suffering in the first place?

1. It's A  Case Of Mistaken Identity

To understand how energy healing therapy works it helps to realize that all suffering originates within mind first. It is the painful by-product of believing we are an isolated, separate part rather than the Whole that we actually are.

Energy Healing Therapy

Think of a vast ocean, unlimited in all directions and in all ways. Within this ocean waves arise, everything from tiny ripples to ferocious tidal waves. The waves are made out of the same exact substance that the entire ocean is made out of: water.

Even though a tiny ripple and a huge tidal wave seem to be very different manifestations, in their essence they are both exactly the same: water. The water that they are takes the form of a ripple or a tidal wave and everything in between.

The ocean retains its same water-ness no matter what arises in it. And the waves, whether small or huge, are not separate from each other, because they are all a manifestation of exactly the same thing: water.

So, even if a tiny ripple believes "I am just this little separate wave," in truth it is the entire ocean. The wave is water, the ocean is water, so the wave is the entire ocean too.

Likewise, we (the totality of all life) are Pure Awareness, the ocean in this metaphor. Within Pure Awareness, the appearance of a body named Bob or Sue arises.

Like the wave, even if Bob or Sue believes, "I'm just this little separate Bob / Sue," that is just a thought / belief that is overlaid on our actual experience, which is that we are Awareness.

When we believe we are just a separate part, rather than the Whole that we are, we suffer. We are constantly caught up in trying to make ourselves a bigger, better part, not realizing we are ALREADY the Whole.

The energy healing therapy exercises presented on this page are bridges to point your attention into the Whole that you already are, which is the key to finding happiness.

2. Division From OurSelf

When we believe we are a part rather than the Whole, that belief itself is an unconscious attempt to divide from ourSelf. We are One with the Whole of life, but the thought that we are a separate part creates the experience of division.

It hurts because it isn't true. It is an illusion. To live in an illusion is the essence of suffering.

The initial belief in being separate spawns the experience of being separate on ALL the levels where we experience ourselves: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

One of the ways we keep the illusion going is to try to push away from what we are feeling. For instance, let's say that fear arises. Thoughts come into awareness about it being uncomfortable, so we label and judge this sensation we're calling "fear" as "bad."

We find ways to distract ourselves from it, such as denying that we feel it, or looking for a substance, experience or person to make us feel better.

Eventually, we discover that doesn't work in any kind of lasting way and so we begin a quest to fix, change, heal or release the fear, or whatever the emotion is that we've categorized as "bad."

However, even the desire to "heal" or "release" fear is driven by the motivation to get rid of it.

What we label "fear" is really just energy – OUR energy. It is a particular wave that is rising in you, Ocean. You are energy; fear is energy. It is made out of exactly the same "substance" you are made of: pure energy.

To try to get rid of it perpetuates suffering because it is an attempt to divide ourSelf from ourSelf.

In a moment we'll talk about the energy healing therapy we can do instead.

The emotions, body and circumstances are valuable feedback

If you've found your way to this energy healing therapy page, you are looking for relief from something that troubles you and seems to be in the way of your success at finding happiness. It is either within the mind, emotions, body or the circumstances of your life, or a combination of those.

It is important to know that the emotions, body and what seems to be "outer" circumstances are a pictorial representation of where our attention is and what our beliefs are.

They serve as valuable feedback to show us we're either believing in and focused on an illusion, which brings the experience of suffering, or on truth, which creates the experience of peace and joy.

Even though it may seem that you are troubled with several issues, all issues funnel down into one issue – the belief in being a separate being rather than the Whole that we are.

Our beliefs create our experience

When we identify with them, our beliefs create the entirety of what we identify as ourselves. Our "program" of beliefs usually runs in the background, in the unconscious mind, like a computer program runs in the background, shaping how the computer operates.

Until we turn within and investigate our experience with energy healing therapy, we are conditioned to believe that the source of our pain always comes from the "outside."

But remember, there IS no outside. We are always walking around in our own mind.

Our life is like a movie and our mind is the movie projector. We carry our beliefs into subsequent dreams, creating movies that reflect them, until we learn to let then unwind.

Whatever is within the unconscious mind projects out and creates all our experience: thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and circumstances.

An event doesn't cause upset within you. Instead, the upset that is already within you from false beliefs about yourself creates events that reflect those pre-existing beliefs.

A seemingly "outer" upsetting event is like a mirror. It brings the painful beliefs, and the resulting uncomfortable emotions that arise from them, (all of which was ALREADY here within you), up and out of your unconscious mind and into your conscious awareness.

And that's a good thing! Then we can see, embrace and love them in energy healing therapy, and release suffering.

Why traditional healing methods to release suffering often don't work

Unless an energy healing therapy addresses the CAUSE of suffering, even though there may be temporary relief from the mental, emotional and physical symptoms, they reform after a period of time.

Are you struggling? I’m here to support you.

Are you struggling?
I’m here to support you.

For an energy healing therapy to work, it has to be based on the recognition of our Oneness rather than focusing on the effects of believing we are separate, and then trying to separate from the symptoms by trying to "release" them.

Beliefs in being separate project out and manifest suffering in the body, emotions and circumstances, reflecting the division we feel within.

As long as we are focused on changing, or even releasing or healing an issue, if the underlying intention is to get rid of it, it will persist.

Whatever is occurring within us is made up out OF us. We are pure energy. Every manifestation, including fear, fatigue, or even cancer is made out of pure energy.

If it is an uncomfortable manifestation it results from dividing from ourselves in the first place, by believing we are a separate, isolated part instead of the Whole.

Then we try to divide from ourselves even further if we try to get rid of whatever the manifestation is, such as fear, etc. To try to get rid of ANYTHING arising within us is trying to make part of our SELF go away. This pulling away from ourself perpetuates suffering.

This sounds confusing at first, I know.

But by testing it out in several different circumstances, including depression, fear, anxiety, fatigue, neck pain, and thyroid issues within myself, this proves itself again and again: When we turn toward and lovingly embrace whatever is manifesting within us, gradually we begin to recognize and experience that we are one Whole field of energy, Pure Awareness.

We come to know that we are not a separate fragment, looking for the rest of the Whole. We are indeed, the Whole.

As we practice this type of energy healing therapy we begin to experience Wholeness. Then whatever the manifestation of suffering was, it runs its course until we finally "get" what it was teaching us: we are not separate, we are One.

So what can we do?

By practicing an energy healing therapy that is based on Oneness, we can gradually release the causes of suffering, which originate within mind. We can begin to experience ourselves as the Whole that we really are rather than just the part that we think we are.

As we shift our intention to embracing what we experience rather than trying to get rid of it, we begin simply with the sensations of separation that appear in the body in form of "uncomfortable" feelings / perceptions.

As we turn toward them rather than away from them, there is a mental shift away from trying to divide from ourSelf, and toward recognizing and experiencing our Oneness.

The unity of that recognition then echoes out to the body and emotions and the tensions of suffering begin to dissipate on their own.

We'll go through this approach to energy healing therapy together in a moment.

What The Experience Of "Releasing" Really Is

In traditional energy healing techniques, there is a lot of focus on "releasing" and likewise, you will most likely experience sensations that feel like releasing as you do the energy healing therapy offered here.


However, in actuality, there is no "place" that energy can release to. All there IS is energy – one continuous, infinite energy field.

There is nothing outside of it. This field of energy includes everything that you know to be "you," everything I know to be "me," and all life.

It is One infinite field of transparent, Pure Awareness. Everything that we experiences arises within this infinite energy field of Oneness that we are.

Therefore, in energy healing therapy no energy actually releases to some imagined "outside." There is no "outside." There is infinite Pure Awareness, within which everything we experience appears and disappears, including the body, mind, and emotions.

When we de-focus on our identification with being a separate part, we begin to experience ourselves as an integrated Wholeness.

As that mental shift gradually occurs, within the mind, emotions, and body, there is a felt sense of relief that comes from releasing identification with separateness. It can feel like energy cleansing or release.

Essentially, what releases is our identification with suffering.

Choosing An Issue To Focus On In Energy Healing Therapy

Look at your life and notice the arenas that are the most uncomfortable for you. Is it the realm of career? relationships? money?

As you begin energy healing therapy, pick the area that is the most uncomfortable. That will be the arena that is most “up” and available to work with.

question woman

It can also be helpful to ask someone you trust for input. Sometimes our biggest issues are obvious to other people but unseen by us. Our loved ones are generally quite happy to help us identify what to work on. :-)

The reason others can see our “stuff” easier than we can is that the vibration of it is so strong in us, and generally has been for quite sometime, that we don’t see it clearly and sometimes don't see it at all. It becomes part of the unconscious mind.

Have you ever moved into a new house and at first the sound of the refrigerator or air conditioner was so annoying you thought it would drive you crazy? Then after awhile you realized that you barely noticed it anymore. Your experience of the sound became unconscious.

In the same way, much of the thoughts and beliefs that fuel suffering slide down into our unconscious mind. Even though we might feel something "off" percolating below the surface, it's hard to pinpoint what is going on.

Here are two examples from my life:

  • After months of counseling when I was a young adult, my therapist referred to my mother as an alcoholic. I was shocked and my knee jerk reaction was to defend her. “

    An alcoholic? Hmmm…. okay, yeah, she drank every day, and it was clearly a problem, but … an alcoholic?”

    Her alcoholism was so much a part of my life experience, it just became absorbed into the fabric of my life. It was what was "normal" to me.

    Much later I realized that however we experience being treated by our parents (and everyone around us for that matter) reflects how we treat ourselves.

    This entire dream is about waking up FROM the dream and realizing we are Pure Awareness, not just these separate bodies running around. Wherever we left off in the waking-up process in our last dream (lifetime), we continue in this dream.

    My mother was the feedback showing me the contents of my own mind: my belief that I simply wasn't important.

    Until I turned within in energy healing therapy, those close to me saw my trust and abandonment issues more clearly than I did. When I learned the process described below, the belief of being unimportant and the suffering created by it gradually unwound by themselves.

  • It wasn't until I started doing self energy healing therapy that I became fully aware of a feeling that no matter what I got involved in – career, relationships, etc. – that there was always a “booby trap” somewhere that would cause everything to fall apart.

    In practicing the method below, I found a place of grasping terror in my body that would kick in when I tried to accomplish anything.

    Like many of my generation, I got hit a lot when I was a child, sometimes while just walking across the room. A hand would come out of the blue and smack me across the face.

    That happened so much that it became an internalized part of my life. I later recognized that my father was the outer manifestation of my belief that my very existence was not acceptable and I deserved to be punished.

    When I began energy healing therapy, I began to place attention on the terror of the “booby trap” and found a tight knot in my stomach and heart areas that were related to it.

    I acknowledged and loved the energy, and the beliefs (as well as the terror) continues to release on their own, layer by layer.

Energy Healing Therapy In Two Main Steps

Step One:
Experiencing YourSelf – Pure Awareness

The first step in awakening from suffering is to begin to shift our attention away from identifying with being a part, which is just the collection of thoughts, self-concepts, body, personality, past history and etc. that we usually believe ourselves to be.

Instead, we can begin energy healing therapy by shifting attention to ourSelf as Pure Awareness.

You'll find a simple, yet very direct exercise to help you do that here.

That link will open in a new window. After you do this first exercise I'll meet you back here for Step Two. :-)

Step Two:
Embracing And Loving What Appears

A. Invite your mind to bring up any issue, upsetting event, or circumstance that troubles you. Let whatever naturally arises to come up into awareness. The issue will most likely fall into one of the following categories:

  • physical health and bodily concerns

  • emotional health, which might include depression, loneliness, loss, feelings of inadequacy, fear, anger, sadness, and etc.

  • finances, money

  • career, life purpose

  • relationships

All issues we work with in energy healing therapy, no matter how seemingly different, all funnel down into one issue: a belief that we are a separate part rather than the Oneness of the Whole. Any issue that we address is like a corridor that leads down into a deeper chasm in the mind where we belief we are separate from joy, abundance, purpose, each other and Our Creator.

Whatever is most on the surface of the mind will come into your awareness when you simply give your mind permission to bring up what it wants to during this method of energy healing therapy.

B. Let the whole range of perceptions related to your issue come however they naturally come by themselves. You might notice thoughts, beliefs, emotions, images of the future, a vague sense of upset, or memories of the past. Let it all present itself however it does.

C. Bring your attention to your body. Notice what body sensations you experience when you think of the subject your mind just offered up.

What do you notice?

You might be aware of:

  • Tightness or constriction, or a place that feels like a knot

  • Shakiness, like a leaf trembling in the wind

  • Jumpiness, restlessness

  • Chaos, like shattering glass

  • A lifeless, dead, numb feeling

  • Heaviness, like a heavy weight in the ocean that just wants to fall to the ocean floor

Notice where you notice the sensations.

Generally in energy healing therapy, they show up in the energy centers of the body, such as the top of the head or forehead, the throat, heart or stomach area, or in the lower torso. Or you might notice a full-body sensation.

Other times, you might be most aware of a sensation in the extremities, such as your hands, arms, legs or feet. Other times they can be isolated to just one body part, such as the ear.

(If you aren't aware of a sensation located within the body specifically, then bring your attention to whatever you are aware of, even if it is just a vague feeling of upset.)

D. Bring your attention to the sensation you are MOST aware of, and decline to label it as "good" or "bad." Even a label such as "tightness" has the connotation of "bad," so release all descriptive terms.

Pretend you are a newborn baby who doesn't have a vocabulary to describe what s/he is feeling. All you know is pure sensation, without commentary about it.

If you notice that there are thoughts that just insist on labeling or categorizing the sensation, don't try to change or stop the thoughts. Let them be. Just get more interested in the sensation itself, rather than the thoughts about the sensation.

water and little girl

E. With your attention, turn toward the sensation rather than away from it. Approach it with love. This sensation is made up out of you. It is pure energy, just as YOU are pure energy.

As the wave in an ocean is made out of the same water the entire ocean is made of, this sensation is a manifestation of YOU. Therefore, you'll want to be loving toward it / you.

You and it occupy the same space, as water occupies a wave and the entire ocean at the same time.

F. Be the loving, open, accepting, allowing space that it is arising in.

Revisit Step One of this energy healing therapy to help you to bring attention to your experience of being the you that is simply here.

Does this you that is simply here have any problem with the sensation? No. No more than the air in the room has a problem with the people or furniture in it. This that is simply here, which is you, Pure Awareness, accepts everything within it as it is, without trying to change any of it.

Don't try to add the quality of being accepting to yourself. Instead bring your attention to this you that is simply here, which already IS accepting. 

G. Give the sensation permission to arise completely and be on the surface, exposed. If it seems like it would be too vulnerable to do this, you will probably be surprised.

It is actually quite freeing. If the idea of doing this feels too vulnerable, then continue with the following steps using the feeling of vulnerability as your subject.

Give the sensation all the space it wants, in case it wants to show more of itself to you.

H. Go right into the center of the sensation with your attention. You may notice a fear that this sensation will overtake or devour you, but I promise you it can't hurt you in any way, just as a wave can't hurt the ocean it arises in.

Be curious and courageous about exploring this sensation. In actuality, you already occupy the same space that it does, as the ocean occupies the same space a wave does.

Make a mental shift of going into the middle of the sensation rather than away from it.

This begins to reveal an entirely different perspective. Rather than overlaying our experience with thought, during energy healing therapy we can directly experience what appears.

This leads to the realization that EVERYTHING we experience is sensation, vibration. Even this "issue" you are exploring right now is just a vibration within the greater vibration that is you.

Our entire knowledge of anything is the EXPERIENCE of it. Experience itself is a knowingness OF it. We are that Knowingness – Pure Awareness.

Occupy the same space that the sensation occupies. Be One with it. Unite with it. Every place where it is, be there too, because in truth, you already are.

I. Don't do anything at all TO the sensation. Don't try to calm it down, heal it or release it. Just see it and be with it.

J. Notice if you have any vested interest in getting rid of the sensation. For most of our lives we've been conditioned to try to avoid or distract ourselves from anything that feels uncomfortable.

Consequently, chances are good that you will find a place of resistance within, where you want to pull away from the sensation.

If the simple truth is that you really want this sensation to go away, don't fight with that. If that is the case, then THAT sensation is more on the surface than the sensation you've been working with.

Find the feeling place of wanting to pull back and away from the sensations (related to the issue you began working with) or wanting them to go away. Now use that pulling-back sensation as your subject for this exercise. Let go of the label of "resistance" and go back to Step B. and continue with that as your issue.

K. If a new issue or sensation arises, then do the steps with that as your issue. More and more layers will come into awareness as you proceed. Just keep being with each issue / sensation as presented in the steps.

L. If you notice you are "shoulding" yourself ("I shouldn't have resistance" or "There is something wrong with me because I feel resistance"), please be kind with yourself. 

You're dealing with years and layers of conditioning telling you to push away from what we've learned to label as "bad."

If the self-judgment appears, then work with THAT. Feel the sensation of the judgment in your body and turn toward it, as presented above.

Don't try to make the thoughts go away. Instead, just bring your attention back to whatever sensation you are most aware of, and be with it.

M. Continue with being with the sensation for as long as you feel drawn to it. Stop if you reach a place where you feel like you are forcing yourself.

Be gentle with yourself. With this energy healing therapy, start where you are, with whatever sensation you are aware of, then be with it for as long as you can, without making the practice into a "should."

It's best to do this in several sittings rather than trying to push through it all in one sitting. I've never seen a case where someone permanently and completely let go of all layers of suffering all in one sitting, and I certainly haven't experienced that myself.

If you feel frustration, like you're spinning your wheels, so to speak, and / or wondering if you're doing the energy healing therapy right, then you can either work with the frustration, which is the sensation that has now been revealed in awareness, or you can take a break and come back to it another time.

Do whichever feels the most loving toward yourself.

Help From Rupert Spira

Here is a short video by Rupert Spira that can give you a feeling of the simplicity of this energy healing therapy:

Your Body Sensations Might Shift, Change, Or Even Increase

As you turn toward sensations of suffering within the body (or if you aren't aware of them in the body, then turn toward the general feeling of upset), the body might jerk, twitch, tremble, yawn, sneeze or make other uncontrollable movements. If so, just let them occur.

The integration that we experience in the mind during this energy healing therapy projects out to the emotions and the body, and it sometimes releases it's suffering with various movements.

No need to be concerned if you notice these manifestations.

Also, you might start out working with one sensation and then notice that it jumps to another part of the body. Or you might notice an entirely different sensation in another part of the body.

These aren't new energies. Your willingness to turn toward what is really going on, rather than away from it, opens the inner eyes to what has already been here for a long time. It is like looking at an abstract picture and at first only seeing one face.

Then the more you are willing to look at the picture, you see other faces as well.

Also, at times a sensation may seem to increase. When this happened in my own practice of energy healing therapy I realized that the sensation wasn't actually increasing, it was my awareness OF the sensation that was increasing.

The sensation had always been here, half in the conscious mind and half in the unconscious mind, percolating below the surface if not blatantly on the surface.

By choosing to turn toward it I was consciously willing to see more and more of it, and so the mental veils that had previously covered it gradually dissolved and I saw and felt more of what had been here all along, below my conscious awareness.

If you notice that your sensations seems to increase, that is evidence of your willingness to let it be here as it is, and to see it. This is good. :-)

What If You Aren't Aware Of Sensations In The Body When You Think Of An Issue?

Be Kind To Yourself

No problem. In working with clients in WellBeing Alignment Sessions, with this type of energy healing therapy, this comes up. It helps to first understand that there is nothing "wrong" with you, and there is a reason why you might not be in touch with body sensations and / or feelings.

At a very young age all of us develop coping mechanisms to try to deal with stress in whatever way we can.

These coping mechanisms are actually an attempt to love and take care of ourselves in whatever way is available to us.

These mechanisms can take a variety of shapes, such as withdrawal, or aggression, depending on the personality and "workshop" of the child.

Other mechanisms are to simply shut down or numb out feelings, or to keep your attention on the linear mind rather than feel the overwhelm of feelings.

This happens when a child gets feedback that their expression of emotions isn't welcomed, or it can simply happen when overwhelm kicks in from the intensity of the emotions of others and / or ourselves.

If this is the case for you, then during your energy healing therapy bring attention to whatever you are aware of. For instance, let's say that something happened at work and you feel upset.

You may not be clear on what emotions are coming up, but you know you are not at peace. Let's say that you aren't aware of sensations in the body that are related to the upset.

Start where you are. As you think of the situation at work, what do you notice? Maybe it's just an overall experience of being upset. Turn toward the upset in whatever form it is appearing in.

How is it that you know you are feeling upset? There is something that tells you that. Your thoughts may have sped up and / or you might notice an "antsy-ness," wanting to move, get away or distract yourself.

Or there may be confusion or overwhelm. Whatever it is that tells you that you are upset is whatever is able to come into awareness at this moment. Start with that.

Turn toward it rather than away from it, as described in Step Two of the energy healing therapy above.

Working With Physical Ailments And Conditions

You can use the energy healing therapy steps described on this page for anything that troubles you, whether it is mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Whatever the issue is, all you have to do is think of the subject of the "problem" and then look for the sensation in Awareness that arises when you think of it. Then just follow the process offered above.

For instance, let's say you're concerned about your physical health. Perhaps you are feeling fatigue. What do you feel in the body when you think about the fatigue? What is the sensation of the fatigue itself? Pretend you are a newborn baby who doesn't have a vocabulary to describe it. A baby would just simply experience this undefined sensation.

Just follow the energy healing therapy steps above, using anything that comes into awareness about your physical condition, such as your thoughts, the "me" story about it, the sensations of the emotions about it in the body, such as fear or sadness, as well as the actual physical sensations related to the condition itself, such as heaviness, pain, constriction, etc.

If We're Not Doing Energy Healing Therapy To Get Rid Of Uncomfortable Sensations, What Is Its Goal?

Remember that at the core of all suffering is the attempt to separate from ourSelves. We are one unified Oneness with all life.

Whatever appears in us is made OF us. Anything that brings our attention to our Oneness facilitates relief, peace, energy cleansing, and healing on all levels.

Conversely, anything that emphasizes getting rid of something within us, divides us from ourSelves and creates suffering.

Both Steps One and Two of the energy healing therapy modality above serve to bring your attention to the one unified Oneness that we are.

Step One is a direct way to shift your attention to the you that is always Pure Awareness, unified Oneness, always at peace, already love, already complete.

Step Two addresses the heavy conditioning that seems to veil the experience of ourSelf as One. All suffering takes place in the mind. We layer thought on our experience / sensations, creating a "me" story about them. When explored, we find that all sensations are made up of energy. And all energy is US!

We investigate what seems to be a block – anger, fear, frustration, resistance, sadness, overwhelm, feelings of lack or inadequacy, we decline to get involved and identify with the "me" story about it, and we explore the sensations themselves without their labels.

As a result, we discover that at the core of all these sensations is energy / Life Force / Oneness / relief, peace, love and healing.

Ultimately, the goal of these energy healing therapy practices is to awaken into the Truth of who we are – Pure Awareness – and suffering falls away as a delightful by-product of that.

Why Focus More On Sensations Than Thoughts?

As you go through the energy healing therapy process above, generally you'll start feeling at least a mild sense of relief, which then continues to increase. If not, there is most likely a strong identification with a "me" story intertwined with the sensation.

Any feeling sensation / emotion that arises within Awareness is made of two components – the sensation itself, and the "me" story about the sensation.

In this method of energy healing therapy, we give the body sensations our primary focus in order to loosen our "me" identification with the story, which is just thoughts.

Recycling the same story about the past is like being on a hamster wheel. It keeps breathing life into the same old painful beliefs. It keeps us identified with a self-concept that includes being the victim of circumstances or other people.

If you notice the "so and so did this or that to me" story or the "I'm bad because I did _______" story arises as you do the energy healing therapy presented here, please know that there is nothing wrong with you.

Again, we've been conditioned for most of our lives to believe that we are upset because of some seemingly "outer" thing that happened. Remember that everything "out there" is the movie and the projector that is projecting it is "in here."

However, knowing that won't stop the old thoughts / stories from arising. Don't try to stop them. You won't be able to. And trying to stop them actually feeds them more energy. Let the thoughts come and go and let them be about whatever they are about.

We have a choice about what we want to invest with belief. The following will help...

See Thoughts As Trains

When the "me" story arises about who did what to whom, see the thoughts as trains. Imagine you are in a train station. A train pulls into the station, and it has its destination in lights on the front of it.

However, instead of saying "London" or "New York," it says "Bob did this to me" or "There is something wrong with me" – whatever the current thought about the story is.

This train has only one destination it can go to: suffering. It isn't programmed to go to any other place.

We can choose to jump on board that train and set up housekeeping there. But remember, it has only one destination it can take you to.

On the other hand, we can stay in the station, be the Observer, see the train (thought) pulling into the station, and choose not to jump on board it. By doing that, eventually the train will leave on its own.

Of course, another train will come along, (as a similar thought), but you can do exactly the same thing with that thought train.

Don't try to stop or change the trains of thought. You'll find that to be futile. It is just another way of dividing from ourSelves.

Just choose to not give allegiance to them and they won't be a problem.

Get more interested in the sensations than the story. Choose to shift your attention to the sensation.

The following exercise will also help you to release your allegiance to the "me" story.

Who Is Suffering?

1. As before, think of an issue that troubles you. Let's say that you're in debt and are wondering how you're going to pay the rent this month.

2. Notice the thoughts that you tell yourself about the situation. They might be something like this:

  • "I don't have enough money."

  • "There must be something wrong with me because I'm in debt."

  • "I'm not as good as other people who have money."

  • "It's _________ 's fault that I don't have money because s/he did _________ to me."

3. Notice that the subject of all these thoughts is "I" or "me." "I" is the main character of the story.

4. Now turn toward this "I." Try to find an actual, separate entity or being who is this "I." You'll most likely notice some or all of the following:

  • thoughts about "me"

  • sensations

  • feelings and perceptions

  • memories of the past

  • images and / or speculations about the future

  • an experience of a body

  • your name and / or self-concepts

  • your past history in this dream

However, none of these are an actual, separate being or entity! We are conditioned to belief that we are a collection of the perceptions above. "I am a separate self that lives here in this body."

The you that is simply here, which you discovered in Step One of this energy healing therapy, is the field of pure, knowing, accepting, loving Awareness that all of the experiences in the list above arise in. All of us and everything we experience ARE this loving field.

Going back to the ocean / wave metaphor, all the things in the list just above are waves that arise within you, Awareness, but are not the totality of you, Awareness. You are the transparent field that they all arise in.

As we turn toward this "I" that we think we are, we find no "thing" at all. We find the emptiness of Pure Awareness – transparent, aware, alive knowingness that is simply here, at peace.

Until we directly investigate during energy healing therapy and find out for ourselves that this separate "I" we thought we were doesn't exist, we will believe ourselves to BE this illusionary part rather than the Whole that we are. Consequently, we suffer.

Our thoughts, products of our beliefs, will be a rehashing and recycling of the same old story of "me."

5. I recommend doing this investigation again and again, in all kinds of experiences and situations.

For instance, when you're feeling angry, you'll probably notice thoughts like "I don't like this!" Turn toward this "I" and try to find an actual, separate entity who doesn't like something.

You'll find variations of the experiences in the list above, but you won't find an actual separate being. You'll see empty space.

After finding again and again that there IS no separate "me," our realization broadens into a deep knowingness that we ARE this space that is here. And what this "empty" space is empty of is suffering!

What it IS is tender, loving, peaceful, accepting, joy.

Still Check Even Though You Know The "Right" Answer

I encourage you to not just think your way through the previous energy healing therapy "Who Is Suffering?" exercise. Your direct experience (not your thoughts about your experience) is what makes the difference.

In other words, let's say today you are feeling fear. You look to find a separate "you" who is afraid  and you don't find one. You find empty space instead.

Then the next day you experience sadness. Don't just tell yourself, "I already know there isn't a separate 'me' here who is sad." Just thinking the thoughts only reinforces a mental concept, which won't help you much.

On the other hand, actually checking each time more deeply proves to yourself that there IS no separate being, and your conscious intimacy with yourSelf as Loving Awareness increases.

It Is Only Our Beliefs And Thoughts That Make Neutral Sensations Seem Unbearable

We usually overlay our sensations with a "me" story about them. As I mentioned before, painful beliefs create painful thoughts, which then create painful emotions. The beliefs CREATE "outer" experiences that reflect them.

But we tend to "blame" the "outer" circumstances for our upset. "I feel this fear in my chest because 'I' am in debt."

However, the sensation, such as fear, is actually neutral until we define and classify it with thoughts. It is by BELIEVING the thoughts to be statements about who we are, that makes neutral sensations seem unbearable.

Explore This For Yourself:

Right now, as you are sitting on your chair, notice the sensation you feel where your body meets the chair. Notice that sensation is neutral. Why? Because you're not telling yourself a story around it.

You're probably not thinking: "The sensation of pressure and warmth I feel on my backside means that I'm doing something wrong or someone else did something wrong to me. I don't like this sensation. I want it to go away."

No. The sensation isn't overlaid with a "me" story because we're not conditioned to overlay THAT type of sensation with one.

On the other hand, our conditioning DOES tell us that if this thing we call "fear" arises, then it means "I" did something wrong, and/or someone else did something wrong to "me" and this must be "fixed" in some way because this is "bad."

Thought adds the "me" story to the sensation, thus binding ourselves even further to the belief that we are a separate, incomplete, flawed "me."

Instead, we can let the story run, (but without boarding the thought trains), and choose to bring attention to the sensation instead, without classifying, categorizing, or defining it during energy healing therapy.

The sensation itself is just the body's experession of the belief in mind that we are separate.

By focusing on sensations in energy healing therapy rather than thoughts about sensations we are less likely to get hooked into believing and perpetuating the "separate me" myth.

As we turn toward our sensations and investigate them again and again, eventually we see that they are just energy, made out of the same energy that we are.

How Often Should You Do These Energy Healing Exercises?

One thing I've noticed about the human species is that we have a natural inclination to repeat what feels good. :-) Shifting attention to yourSelf, Awareness, FEELS good, especially compared to suffering! You already ARE yourSelf, so yourSelf will eventually call attention back to Itself.

Some people start by doing these energy healing therapy exercises only when they feel upset. Others do it daily.

I recommend doing Step One daily, so you can get to know yourSelf as the Peace that you are, which will deepen as you continue to place your attention there.

I also recommend doing Step Two on a regular basis, whether you are upset or not. Regular practice brings the unconscious beliefs that have been running you from behind the scenes into conscious awareness, and allows you to find relief from the associated suffering.

Gradually all the buried unconscious material shows itself as we keep  extending the invitation to the mind to bring up anything that troubles it.

However, don't make these energy healing therapy exercises into a chore that you "must" do each day. The ego mind (the part that believes we are a separate wave rather than the whole ocean) is good at co-opting spiritual practices and incorporating them into it's own bag of self-concepts and "shoulds."

Do The Sensations Go Away?

As we turn toward sensations rather than away from them in energy healing therapy, there is a shift that occurs within mind, from division to Oneness. As that occurs, the effects of division – suffering – gradually dissolves.

Wherever we have our attention is what determines our thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and physical circumstances.

bright light

Again, your life is the movie and your mind is the movie projector. As you experience yourSelf as Pure Awareness over and over again in energy healing therapy, your identification gradually shifts from being a separate part to the reality of Oneness.

As you consciously experience the Oneness that you / we all are, then THAT is what gets projected through the movie projector.

The effects of suffering in the emotions, body and physical circumstances begin to unwind on their own, in time, layer by layer.

Remember the dissolution of the sensations we label "uncomfortable" is a by-product of Steps One and Two above, not the goal of energy healing therapy.

The moment we make making them go away our goal, we've once again divided from ourSelf, essentially saying "This body / mind is 'me" and this bad thing called 'fear' is not 'me' and I want it to away," forgetting that we are all of it as well as the transparent field of Awareness it all arises in.

Here is another great way to demonstrate to yourself the difference between how it feels to identify with separation, compared to identifying with Oneness.

How Long Will It Take To Feel Peace?

We all have our own path of awakening from this dream of separation, and for each of us, it all occurs in its own way. It will unfold on its own.

There are layers of beliefs in the unconscious mind that need to be clearly seen before we are free of them. The sensations in the body reflect these layers.

Each time you face toward the sensations that arise in energy healing therapy, you'll work with deeper and deeper layers, bringing unconscious material into conscious awareness.

For instance, in this particular body / mind called "Kai" most of the unconscious beliefs have been in the form of fear, which manifests in the body as a sense of panic or terror, mostly in the heart and solar plexus areas.

When I first began this energy healing therapy, I felt a slight feeling of relief, just from the very act of turning toward the sensation instead of away from it.

Rather than feeling at the mercy of this thing called "fear" it felt good to "take a stand" in a way, rather than to run from it, as I'd been unsuccessfully trying to do for years.

Running from it kept me feeling like I was a victim, not knowing I was making myself the victim of my own Self!

I still take time every day, at least twice a day, morning and evening, and often other times during the day, to be with fear or whatever else I'm aware of, as described in the energy healing therapy described on this page.

I still notice fear from time to time, but the intensity is much less. The main difference is that now it is no longer debilitating and I'm no longer ruled by it. When it arises, as I stay with it, the suffering gets less and less.

The tendency to get involved in the "me" story about it is also much less, which unravels the whole construct of suffering. Then the "fear" is just sensation, energy.

I have a sense that as long as we are manifesting this dream and these bodies, there is still unconscious material in the mind that just wants to be clearly seen. As we are willing to do that, the suffering ABOUT it decreases and we are no longer enslaved by our minds.

All of us are dreaming a dream that reflects a particular workshop related to wherever we are in the awakening process. Consequently, this entire lifetime may reflect that same theme.

As we are willing to turn toward whatever we experience within, SEE it clearly, and embrace it, we learn what we need to learn from it, and suffering steadily decreases.

Another wonderful thing I've noticed is that as I continue to do this energy healing therapy, my "outer" life is much more peaceful and enjoyable than before! Again, the mind is the movie projector and our lives are the movie.

When we have our attention on embracing and accepting ourselves in whatever manifestation we notice, whether it's thoughts, emotions, or body sensations, then our attention is on the unified love that we already are. As a result, we experience love and peace in our daily lives and relationships.

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All love and blessings to you!


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