How To Clear Your Energy Of Negativity

An essential key for peace and happiness is to learn how to clear your energy by simply allowing it to clear itself.

Pure, alive, vibrant, clear energy is what we already ARE. So the releasing of negativity and contraction is more about less doing than doing something more.

I’ve discovered that the most direct way to let our energy clear itself from pain and suffering is to simply allow our minds and hearts to open to the love that is already and always here — the love that we already ARE. Love is an inherent quality of our Being.

Discomfort from disease as well as all physical, mental or emotional pain are increased when we tighten in the mind and / or heart area of our being. In fact, that is how those places created pain in the first place — by tightening and trying to resist something occurring in our lives.

How To Clear Your Energy

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Heart and mind are key, foundational energy centers and their status greatly affects our entire physical, mental, emotional being. All illness and inner and outer discord comes from closing down our heart and / or mind. The two energy centers are very connected and greatly affect each other.

Openness and love are truly the answer to all our issues and challenges. They certainly make life easier! They are the doorways through which we can learn how to clear our energy.

We all have our workshops in this lifetime. All during our lives we are faced with challenges that are unique to us and our particular path this time around — situations that force us to learn what we came here to learn in this lifetime.

Most of us, if not all of us, have experienced trauma in one way or another in this lifetime, which can lead to our physical, mental, emotional being closing down, first in the mind and heart, and then a sense of tightness and closing transfers out into our entire energy field.

Awhile back I experienced unrelenting waves of fear — terror actually — involving health and other serious challenges in my life. The intensity lasted a week or so.

I saw very clearly how negative thoughts kept pulling my attention into them. Then my physical and emotional bodies reacted accordingly by pulling in, creating physical stress, illness and emotional discord.

It was definitely a dark night of the soul — something that every human being can relate to at some point in their lives, and generally more than once.

I regularly checked in with my Inner Guides and was encouraged to just keep bringing attention back to love —  to let go and let my heart and mind open to love again and again, several times a day and whenever I awoke during the night. Additionally, it was important to keep shifting attention back to Beingness  — the true Aliveness that is all life  — and to view everything from here.

At first, the fear was so intense, I couldn’t fathom how I could possibly feel love or open my heart. Even with all my spiritual openings in the past I really felt up against a wall.

Then I realized there was another very important step involved in learning how to truly clear my energy — letting go on a much deeper level than ever before, which facilitates openness.

In order to truly clear your energy and experience love and healing, you must first be open TO it. We’ve all heard the term, “open your heart” but those words took on a much deeper meaning with this recent experience.

I also became very aware how deeply joined the heart and mind are and how both are involved in opening to love, which is essential for clearing our energy and for true healing to take place.


Photo by Alessio Cesario from Pexels

Then I realized there was another very important step involved in learning how to truly clear my energy — letting go on a much deeper level than ever before, which facilitates openness.

In order to truly experience love and healing, we must first be open TO it. We’ve all heard the term, “open your heart” but those words took on a much deeper meaning with this recent experience.

I also became very aware how deeply joined the heart and mind are and how both are involved in opening to love, which is essential for clearing our energy and for true healing to take place.

I’m happy to share with you the process I went through, which anyone can do!

How To Clear Your Energy

Step 1
Focus on the love that is ALREADY within your heart

I started with simply focusing on my breathing.

Then I saw that I was trying to consciously open my heart.  I was trying to "do" it. That only worked to a slight extent. 

Next, I realized the heart already WANTED to open and that openness is its natural state and there is ALREADY love here within us, and in fact is what we are. It is when we focus on our thoughts, beliefs and fears that we experience it being closed.

I became aware that the tightness I felt in my heart was my system trying to release negative energy. I saw that in order to clear my energy field I just needed to consciously let go, relax and ALLOW it to open.

So I put attention on the heart area and just let go. I consciously relaxed it. It was very much like having the intention to open a tight fist then simply letting my hand relax. 

Within I just asked love to be within my heart. Just by doing that I could feel the love that is already and always here, as it is in all beings.

My body naturally began to breathe more and more deeply. Gradually, I felt calmer and more tuned into my inner being.

After staying with this for awhile I felt love and connection with all life and all beings, and a shining golden light that shines in all directions without limit. I AM, and we ARE this shining golden light!

I saw how linked the heart and the mind are. When one closes in, the other does also. And that — closed mind and heart — I realized, is at the core of all our suffering in our physical lives. ALL of it.

So an important key in the process of clearing your energy is to let go of closing. Open open open to the love already within your heart. There are deeper and deeper levels to this opening and letting go.

Step 2
Call on love to be within your mind

Next, I shifted attention to my mind. I saw more clearly and deeply than ever before how thoughts and beliefs of limit, lack or negativity toward ourselves, others, or life situations literally shut the mind down, especially when we get pulled into them, the same way it closes the heart down.

That stuff comes up. We can’t avoid it. It is part of every human life. My mind felt like it had firm walls around it, holding concepts that felt suffocating.

However, I learned that as soon as we’re consciously aware of feeling “off,” such as when so-called “negative” emotions — fear, anger, sadness  — arise, we can let go. And the sooner the better if you want to learn how to clear your energy and experience peace!

Rather than dwelling in the thoughts and letting that energy increase and overtake us, we can simply allow it to be there as it is. It is important to do this at first because trying to resist it adds more energy to it.

Open Mind

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Then shift attention to your breathing, allowing it to be as it is. Just bring attention to it. Next, in the same way that we can simply consciously let go and allow the heart to open, we can allow the mind to open in the same way.

Simply be willing to let go. Have the intention to relax the mind. Call on love to be within your mind. Love is already there, and by shifting attention to it, we deepen our experience of it.

In the forehead is also the Third Eye, where our intuition comes from. By being willing to let the mind open, you can also experience the Third Eye opening. You might sense it as a bright, loving white or golden light expanding out from within the forehead area. It has the quality of calm, deep, abiding love and wisdom.

Step 3
Let the opening continue

Next, I noticed that there was a larger field of energy that includes mind and heart joined together.

So I relaxed more deeply and let that larger field expand on its own. Then I realized this enormous field is always here, already expanded way out, with no boundaries confining it.

Now I was simply becoming more aware of it than ever before. 

The feeling of expansion continued and the vibrating, alive field of energy opened and just kept opening to where it included all of this body and then higher dimensions and levels of Being as well. There was no boundary or limit to contain it.

THAT is what we are! Pure Alive Eternal Consciousness.

"The only thing you have to know is that opening allows energy in, and closing blocks it out. Now you have to decide whether or not you want this energy. How high do you want to get? How much love do you want to feel? How much enthusiasm do you want to have for the things you do? If enjoying a full life means experiencing high energy, love, and enthusiasm all the time, then don’t ever close.

There is a very simple method for staying open. You stay open by never closing. It’s really that simple. All you have to do is decide whether you are willing to stay open, or whether you think it’s worth closing."

~ The Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer

Step 4
Shift attention up and out into the higher inner dimensions

How to do this?

Very easy actually. Those dimensions already exist and you, as pure Aliveness are actually already there (here)!

So, once again, it is about shifting attention to another dimension of yourself. Start by watching your breathing for a few minutes. Just allowing it to be as it is.

Then shift attention to the mind area again, as we did before,  particularly in the middle of your forehead, in the third eye.

Sense the openness there. Let it open even more. Feel that energy.

Next, shift attention ABOVE that area. Literally go up above it.

This is very much like walking upstairs to the top floor of your home, then going on up through the ceiling and up onto the roof of your home.


Photo by Monstera from Pexels

In this case, you can do the equivalent of that simply by shifting your attention. Move your attention into your body. Then move attention gradually up your body from the inside. Go into and up the neck. Continue up inside your head area. Next, move up above the head area, right above the mind area.

Now you are literally up and out of the structures of your body and mind. You are literally free in the wide open, infinite space of high, pure, unlimited love, light, openness and freedom.

Note, this isn't so much the physical air around your body. Instead, you shift attention to what is  WITHIN your own beingness — a field of energy which is you, but vibrating at a much higher, more refined, pure, open level.

Here you can really experience your unity with all Life. You can  know yourself as pure Open Consciousness. As we do this, and especially if we shift attention here regularly, it automatically gradually clears our energy on all levels because at that point we are no longer operating through the mind, therefore not creating any suffering for ourself or others.


If you really want to learn how to clear your energy, I recommend doing these steps first thing in the morning and / or last thing at night, while you are lying in bed and the body is already relaxed. We are generally more open during those times.

If your attention wanders, that’s okay. Refuse to judge yourself. When you become aware that is happening, Just bring attention back to your breathing and go through the process again and again, no matter how many times it takes. 

When your attention gets distracted, please don’t berate yourself. This is normal. It happens. Each time it does, at some point you'll realize your attention drifted. Just relax, let go. Notice that it is safe to let go. Give love to any places within your body or being that feel tight.

Openness Of Heart And Mind Is Already Our Natural State

We just need to let go and let them open.

We don’t have to create peace, healing, or love. All that is already here. Those are already aspects of who we already are on the higher levels. It is about simply, consciously shifting attention to and OPENING to the alive, vibrating, awake energy field we already are.

LET the heart and mind open, rather than trying to DO it. It is a deep relaxing, a letting go. And with that is what can be described as love. Pure, shining light and love.

If fear arises as you focus on the intention of letting your heart open, allow it to be here. See that even fear is an expression of Life Force. Everything is! It is all energy. Just let go. Open to the shining bright Light you already are.

Let Go Of Grievances

In this process of learning how to clear energy, I deeply recognized that an important key to happiness is to let go of all grievances and all negative energies toward other people or circumstances in the world. We simply do not need to hold onto them.

All of our unresolved issues from the past end up in the mind and heart and manifest as grievances and negative energies and feelings.

For whatever bothers you, with your attention, direct love to the part of your beingness that feels bothered.

If this is challenging at first, decline to judge yourself. Then shift attention to recognizing and acknowledging what you are grateful for now in both your past and current life.

This automatically opens both the mind and heart together, and automatically opens a doorway into the clearing of your entire energy field.

Forgiveness Opens The Heart And Mind

If we are carrying grievances, whether they are toward others or ourselves, and even if we aren’t completely aware of them, it can be difficult to let the heart and mind open.

Open Clear Heart

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

To clear your energy, forgive yourself for everything you ever did that you feel guilty about. Whatever negative behavior you participated in, you did it because you didn’t realize you had other options. Anything negative that any of us have done in the past was a result of feeling hurt in one way or another, and not being aware of the truth of our being. So if you've done or said things you're not proud of, please see that you did or said it because you yourself were feeling hurt at the time and you didn't know how to let those hurt feelings go.

Also forgive everyone else for anything you experienced with them that was challenging. Whatever they did, they did it because they literally did not know any better, or they would have acted differently. They were acting out of their own wounds and grievances.

To not forgive yourself or other people will only keep you tight and held in energetically, which can only make you sick in one way or another. If I hold anyone outside my heart, I'm holding myself outside of my heart.

To allow your energy to clear, bring love to the places in you that feel tight — whether it is in your thoughts, or sensations anywhere in your heart and body.

Those are places that simply need your love and forgiveness. It is lovely to experience love and forgiveness from others, but it is most essential to bring it to yourself. Give love and permission to those places to open.

Don’t look for others to give you love. It is great to call on your inner Spiritual Guides, but the loving of yourself BY yourself is still essential. This is essential to clear your energy and truly heal.

It helps To Consciously Focus On Affirmative Thoughts

As you go about your daily life, you may not be able to just stop and do what is described above in the midst of a busy day.

However, as you practice this more and more when you DO have time to focus in on the pure vibrating energy field that you are, it makes it more automatic to also do it as you go about your day.

Also, when you have time to sit down and do these practices consciously, focus on positive words that are meaningful for you, which can then later serve as doorways to bring your attention into the deeper reality of your Being, even when you are out and about in your daily life.

You will have your own words that come to you for this, but the following are examples to give you a sense of what I’m speaking of:

“I surrender and let go into Love.”

“Love, fill my heart. Love fill my mind. Love fill my entire being.”

“I choose Love.”

“I open to the Love that is all life.”

Recognizing Our Connection With All Life

I love doing what I described above while out for walks and around other life forms — people, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, birds, trees and grass! We share our aliveness with countless other forms of Life. We are all joined in the very same Aliveness.

I just bring up an intention such as “I open my heart. I open my mind.” Then at the same time, I let go and surrender into the feeling and experience of that.

Then when I see other beings, there is such joy in extending that love out to them and feeling the sameness that I am with the Love and Aliveness they and I both are.

Doing this fills my heart with tremendous love. I feel open and experience the inner and outer “place” where we are all joined as pure loving energy, all of us connected with all life.

None of us ever truly stands alone, unless we create the experience of that within our minds and then believe it is real.

We are all joined with all life. When we let go into allowing our heart and mind to open and make that our main focus right NOW, then things work out in the highest and best way for all concerned, even if it may not always seem like it, especially at first. This is a direct pathway into letting your energy field clear itself — letting go.

Sometimes it can be hard for us to see the broader picture of what is truly best for ourselves and everyone involved in our situations as we all walk our own unique spiritual path, consciously or unconsciously. But by becoming conscious of our connection with each other and all life, we are much more available and involved in the healing of all!

Focusing our attention on our connection rather than our seeming differences plays a big part in clearing our own energy as well as our relationships with other beings.

Love Truly Is The Healer — The Answer To EVERY Situation

And I do mean EVERY situation.

The solution to the fundamental issues we all deal with isn’t so much about trying to figure anything out with our minds, although that certainly has its place.

Overall, I find that the deepest and most lasting solution to any issue comes from letting go into love over and over and over and over again, and letting love clear my energy in its own way.

Photo by Jasmine Carter from Pexels

Open Heart Love

Sometimes we have to be pushed completely against the wall, or at least feel that we are, in order for us to open. That is how I felt when I was in the situation I described earlier. 

Sometimes that is what it takes to open us up and for us to let go. When we’ve tried every other solution and nothing opens us up, we eventually let go. And then energy clearing proceeds automatically.

In the situation I described above, as I was letting go into love, especially in my heart, I knew the tightness was not just about this current situation. It was ancient. It was from all the hurts I had ever experienced with others in this lifetime and many previous ones, whether it seemed I was hurting them or they were hurting me or both.

Whenever we choose love in any circumstance, we are simultaneously bringing love to the hearts and minds of ALL beings everywhere — plants, animals, humans and many other forms of beings. For we are all connected in our true hearts, in the essence of our Beingness itself.

We can choose to allow our energies to clear. We can let go into love.

Looking For Happiness Outside Distracts Us From Noticing It Is Already Within Us

Most of us human beings can get very occupied in the search for happiness. And of course. Why wouldn’t we? We all want to be happy!

We try every possible direction we are drawn to that we think will make us happy — relationships, activities, money, substances, etc. And they may seem to make us happy for awhile, or at least relieve some of our tension.

However, if the underlying causes for our UNhappiness (left over issues from other lives, not recognizing the truth of who we are) are not fully resolved and let go of, then we just keep getting triggered by the same kinds of issues. 

And this dynamic is important! It is how we wake up spiritually over many lifetimes. Our unhappiness literally forces us to “wake up” eventually.

At some point we eventually see that NONE of our crutches work any more. Then there can be a deep dark terror, which eventually causes us to simply let go — to come into the present moment and shift attention to the pure, awake Aliveness we already are and have always been.

We can’t actually “make” true happiness. It comes naturally as we let go and begin to realize that we already ARE love, joy, bright shining light and energy. This is the very essence of our eternal being. Shifting attention to the love, light and joy that is already here, already who and what we are, is essential in allowing our energy field to clear.

Use The Mind To Point Your Attention To The Truth That You Already ARE Love

Even though love is already here, and we ARE love, we distract ourselves from that experience by paying too much attention to our thoughts. We believe the story in our minds about ourselves and life is real. But it isn’t. It is literally a story!

We don’t have to create love. We just need to open to it.

Soft Healing

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Unsplash

Rather than being at the mercy of the mind and our thoughts, we can use the mind as a beginning tool to shift attention beyond it. Below are examples of what you can repeat to yourself over and over again as you go about your day or sitting in meditation, with a willingness to be open:

“I open my heart to love.”

“Love, fill my heart. Love fill my mind.”

“I surrender to love.”

Shifting attention to these words (or whatever words you resonate with) points your attention toward the love you already ARE.

This is a way of TUNING INTO love. This is literally like tuning into a radio station that already exists. You don’t have to create the radio station!

The love is what is real. THAT is dependable and unchanging. The only thing that changes is our willingness to shift attention here.

It’s about OPENNESS. Letting our Hearts and Minds be OPEN. We don’t have to make them open. We LET them open. And then our energy field clears automatically.

Would You Like Personal Help With What You’ve Read On This Page?

I offer WellBeing Alignment Sessions to help you.

While these sessions tend to have an organic flow of their own depending on your needs when we meet, there are two main components to this coaching:

  1. In these sessions your attention will be turned directly toward noticing the Bright, Alive, Loving Light you already are.

  2. You will also be guided to let whatever is arising in you (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)  to be here as it is. We become the loving, allowing space for it all to come up in. When we no longer try to "manage" or control our suffering, these energies become free to release on their own.

By doing these two things together, healing occurs naturally, organically, and at its own pace. Consequently, we become more and more free to be the Shining Light we already are!

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I look forward to meeting you!

All love and blessings to you,


“Wow, I am still not able to put into words what you have helped me to experience and to release. I am so beyond grateful for the gift you have given me. The first couple of days after our session, I had the strangest feeling... a feeling of hope, and a kind of general thought that ‘everything will be alright.’ It was like a kind of gentle mist just in the background of my awareness, and it related directly to the golden light that I experienced in my solar plexus during our session – my power.

It felt strange because I haven’t felt or thought that way in the longest time, except I didn’t know I was ‘missing’ it until I had it again! Love and such huge, huge gratitude.”

~ Lara M, Australia

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