Tap Into The Root Of Happiness Within

The root of happiness is actually the core essence of who we are. To be happy we just need to align with our Self! Well, heck, that sounds easy, doesn’t it! Actually it is.

Alignment With Source

CHOOSE happiness. By doing that you will already start feeling better. Maybe not ecstatically happy, but definitely better. Now it starts getting exciting.

When we choose to be happy, we've already opened our mind to our Source / Creator within.

We are pure Spirit, beyond description. When we experience ourselves as formless, body-less Spirit we know ourselves as an ocean of love, wellbeing, truth, compassion, peace and joy.

This is where you and I are One Being within our Creator, where we meet and occupy the same space at the same time. This is the root of happiness!

A way to become aware of this core essence of yourself – your root of happiness – is to ask yourself these questions:

“How is it that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m alive?

What is it in me that is alive?

What IS this aliveness?”

Get To Know YourSELF

When you ask those three questions of yourself, don’t look for the answer in words. Your mind will most likely scramble to deliver up some words for you. It just loves to try to answer every question! However, these questions can’t be answered by your linear mind.

Colored Lights

The answer you’re looking for will come as an experience that will be unique to you for the particular moment when you do this inquiry. Even though my experience will be different from yours, I’ll share it with you to give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

Okay. I'll ask those first two questions right now: “How is it that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m alive? What is it in me that is alive? What IS this aliveness?”

After asking the questions I feel/see a burst of light that seems to be inside the body but expands out. I seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Yet, I don’t feel like I’m “growing” out.

It is more like I’ve always been this bright light and am just now aware of it. There is a strong sense that this aliveness I feel is clearly not "mine," meaning I don't "own" it, yet it is who I am. It feels all-inclusive, like all of life is this “me” as well.

There is a feeling of complete fulfillment. Nothing is lacking. I feel a growing excitement and joy! The image that comes to mind in trying to describe this excitement is what I’ve seen in the eyes of a two-year-old. Exploring and curious and so alive! Eager to try out this aliveness in every way possible!

Like I said, the experience isn’t in words, so it is challenging to describe it. But hopefully, that description will give you an idea of what we’re talking about here.

Who Am I?

Another way to get in touch with your own root of happiness and unique inner guidance is to sit quietly and ask within, “Who am I?”

Once again, don’t look for the answer to come in words. The true “answer” to the question won’t come from your mind, so don’t follow any response that comes from there.

Just be a “noticer,” or a witness of whatever happens when you ask “Who am I?” You can gently ask the question slowly over and over again, noticing what happens when you do.

What I experience is that the question “flips” the normal flow of attention. Usually, our attention is focused out, engaged with the world, other people, our feelings and our thoughts.

Then when the question “Who am I?” is asked, the attention flips INWARDLY. In this way you become aware of the you who is aware. This is the essence of who you are!

Doing this regularly will open your flow of inner guidance as well as strengthening your trust in your own root of happiness.

Here is another exercise to help you directly experience the truth of your being.

Your Own Unique Experience

When we keep choosing happiness, our thoughts/feelings start feeling better immediately. By making this vital choice, we are now consciously in alignment with this Source – this core essence of who we are. It happens automatically. Now we’re at the root of happiness!

Some call it God, or The Universe, or Spirit. You will have your own experience of this Source and your own words to describe it.

Flowing Or Resisting?

The way I experience it, there is only one Source Energy in this life: a positive flow of loving energy that takes us deeper into the heart of joy. Out of that comes all energies. Then, on the other hand, there is the resistance to that.

So, in other words, I don’t see it as two flows, one good and one evil, as is often characterized. Instead, I experience that the “good” – root of happiness – is always here, always available, always ready to carry us into greater good.

The only thing that interrupts that is our resistance to that, which is caused by hanging onto negative thoughts and attitudes that stop the flow into love.

The fact that there is Source Energy and then the resistance to Source Energy creates the illusion that there are two energy flows, one positive and one negative.

Our emotions tell us right away when we’re resisting – we start feeling negative! It really is amazing how simple it is. I certainly don’t claim to have this mastered; not even close! Yet I am constantly amazed at how beautifully this works when I follow what my

Emotional Feedback System is telling me and give up resistance.

Amazing Things Can Happen!

As we align ourselves more and more with our core or Source (by choosing a positive direction of thought), amazing things come into our lives which we couldn’t have planned or anticipated. For instance, if you’ve been dealing with an illness, the perfect practitioner will cross paths with you at just the right time.

Or just the right piece of information you need about an herb or nutritional supplement will come your way. Or if money has been an issue, some new avenue of income will open up for you in some unexpected way.

Alignment With Source Becomes Your “Default”

An interesting thing happens as we continue to train our thoughts into a positive direction and align with the root of happiness. I’ve found that my taste in movies, books and other experiences change. The alignment with Source begins to feel better and better and becomes more precious.

Whereas in the past a negative feeling day wouldn’t be quite so noticeable, now it is very noticeable and very uncomfortable.

Now, when I watch a movie or start reading an article and feel a negative feeling creeping in, I turn off the movie or stop reading. I am much less willing to feel yucky than before!

At the same time, as that transition is happening, I find that other areas of focus and entertainment open up to me. As our vibrations start changing as a result of continued attention in a positive direction, we naturally attract things, people, and circumstances of a more positive nature.

Being in sync with our internal root of happiness changes the tone and content of both our outer and inner lives. One of my favorite things to do now is to go to the library and walk through the stacks and see which book pulls my attention toward it. I’ve found some unusually wonderful books that way!

So remember, we don’t have to do anything to get ourselves into alignment with the root of happiness. We ARE the source of happiness! All we have to do is to remember to tune into our feelings and see if we’re moving into alignment with joy or away from it.

If we’re feeling negative, we just need to take a look at our current direction of thought (negative) and choose to switch directions to positive thoughts.

Root Of Happiness Exercise

I want to share an exercise with you to help point your attention toward consciously living in Source, or root of happiness.

You can use this any time, anywhere, but you might find it easier to focus if you sit in a quiet place where you'll be undisturbed. Get comfortable and close your eyes.

Invite, visualize, and feel a column of pure white light flowing down through the top of your head, down into your body. Using your imagination in this way is a step toward experiencing yourself as the root of happiness within you. (Later you won't need to use your imagination.)

From the center of your body, feel it flowing out, filling up all the cells of your body and touching everything with love.

Watch the light flow out and form a bubble all the way around you, extending 3 feet out from your physical body. See it extending deep into the earth beneath your feet.

Visualize yourself going through your day with this bubble of love and protection, constantly nurturing you.

Now extend that out in time and see your whole life – from birth through your final transition from this dream – washed with white light, love, joy and abundance, consciously living in the root of happiness, your Source.

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