The Miracle Of Forgiveness Healing – Accept, Forgive, And Release All Suffering

The miracle of forgiveness healing is the fastest way to release suffering and live in peace, joy, and wellbeing. It is the “un-doer” of all limiting beliefs and guilt, as well as mental, emotional, and physical blocks.

In order to forgive, we must first decline to resist what we experience in our lives and accept it as it is. As a result, we unhook from the polarity that keeps suffering recycling in our experience and release it as our awareness lifts to the realm of peace and healing.

Here's what tends to happen in our lives: something shows up that we don't like, such as an uncomfortable emotion, a physical illness, or a troubling aspect of a relationship or job. Then we label it as a specific “thing” such as “anger,” “diabetes,” or “betrayal.”

Next, we react to what that label means to us. We judge the “thing,” as “bad,” resist it and try to control it, all of which keeps us hooked into whatever the “thing” is we don't like, perpetuating it's seeming existence.

Unless we choose to interrupt this cycle, which we can do with forgiveness healing, we continue to resonate and identify with the vibrational level of polarity and separation, where all suffering is, which keeps us distracted from healing the misperception within our mind that the distraction covers.

For instance, let's say that you had an argument with your boss. Afterwards you felt angry because you didn't feel seen, heard, or valued. You were also afraid you would lose your job. Below that there was sadness, because in our Heart we always want to experience love with everyone.

Layered on top of all that was guilt (“I did something bad”) or shame (“I am bad”). You may or may not have been aware of all these levels of emotions, because most likely the top layer of guilt kept you distracted from being aware of the rest.

Before we can release and heal a painful energy wound, which is always caused by a misperception within our mind, we first need to give up judging, resisting, or trying to control or eradicate it. Instead, we accept everything that we're aware of that gets triggered by something that troubles us, just as it is. We release our self-judgment for having a so-called “negative” reaction in the first place, and forgive ourselves.

We forgive others we feel are involved in the issue as well. As a result, the deeper layers of suffering can come into our awareness, which will also release as we continue to accept them as they are with forgiveness healing, and then we can let it all go.

We Are Never Really Upset For The Reason We Think

In forgiveness healing, it's important to realize that any negativity you feel in your life isn't new energy that somehow just now came into your energy field. It was already there, within your mind. All suffering originates as a misperception in the mind first, then projects out to create our emotions and physical experience.

We are never really upset for the reason we think. At the core of any upset is an unconscious (and sometimes conscious) belief in being separate from our Creator, which generates guilt, fear, and sadness. We'll talk more about this in a moment.

There is a strong tendency to blame our parents or someone else for all of our troubles. Blame kept me recycling the same painful suffering over and over again for years. Then, while studying A Course In Miracles, and learning a profound method of forgiveness healing, I realized that I created everything that ever happened to me. Everything. There is not one thing or person we are a victim of. Together, as the One Child of God we all are together, we created this entire physical dream experience where we all seem to be separate bodies, alienated from our Creator, from love and from each other.

Why Do We Feel Separate From Love?

Our Creator is formless Oneness, unlimited love and joy. In extending It's love and joy, It created a Child out of Its own essence, One with Itself.

Within this One Child of God that we all are together, arose an innocent thought. It is this single thought that created our entire experience of the physical plane: “What would it be like to be an 'individual' and have 'personal power'?”

That “what would it be like” thought is similar to wondering what it would be like to live on the moon. Our Creator gave us unlimited creativity, so we have the power to imagine anything, including living on the moon. In our creative imagination, all of us can imagine walking around on the moon in a space suit, what we might see on the moon, and what our life might be like there.

In the same way, our “what would it be like to be a separate individual” thought immediately stimulated the same creative process that allows us to make up an imagined experience of a moon walk in the example above. By just thinking about what it would be like to be a separate individual, instead of One with the Wholeness of our Creator, we began to feel and experience the very separation we wanted to experience.

Then, in order to fully experience individuality, we chose to wall off our awareness of the truth of who we are – pure, loving, happy, formless Spirit, infinitely One with our Creator – which is still what we are in this moment right now.

Within our mind, when we walled off the truth of Oneness with our Creator, the ego, which is an illusion, appeared to be born. The ego is the part of our mind that believes we really did separate from God, and that we really are a separate “individual” body, even though this is impossible and we are only dreaming we “left.”

Our Creator is seamless, unbroken, changeless unity, and we were created from the same essence as our Creator. Therefore, it isn't possible for us to split off from what is One, but it IS possible for us to dream in vivid detail that we did.

How The Ego Created The World 

God didn't create the world and the universe. We did. Why would our Creator – a Being of unlimited, unconditional love and unity – create a world of suffering and pain for It's One Child? The answer, of course, is It wouldn't.

After we walled off the truth within our mind so that we could experience being independent, the mind appeared to be split into two parts – the seemingly separate ego mind, dreaming what it's like to be an isolated individual, and the Awake Being, who is still living happily in Pure Spirit within our Creator.

“How you perceive creates what you believe to be true. You see what you are looking for.”

~ Story Waters

After the mind seemingly split, guilt immediately arose within ego mind because we thought we really DID separate from God, even though we are only dreaming we did.

Fear quickly followed, because the ego thinks it will be punished by God, big time, for “leaving.” This is how the erroneous concept of a punishing God is reflected in some religious doctrines.

Even Jesus' disciples didn't fully understand his message of unconditional love and the miracle of forgiveness healing, and therefore wrote about Jesus from their own perspectives at the time.

Then later, in the attempts of various church officials to gain power for their church, large parts of the Bible were edited out or changed to suit their purposes. The punishing god they manufactured was a reflection of the ego's unconscious guilt and fear of punishment for something it thinks we really did.

Back to how we created the world ...

To try to escape the crushing guilt and fear, the ego created a physical plane of existence in the dream, where we could appear to hide from our guilt and fear by creating the illusion of projecting it “outside” of us, onto images of “other” people.

There is no “outside” in truth because all of this is just dream images being viewed by a sleeping mind. However, when the ego dreamed the illusion of itself as a seemingly separate being who is now a body, this body now feels vulnerable (which it never felt before in the Home of God), so the ego created an “inside” and an “outside” in an attempt to protect itself.

So that we could seem to project our guilt and fear outside ourselves to try to get rid of it, we dreamed that the One Child of God we all are together divided into countless separate beings, giving us our chosen experience of being separate from each other, from our Creator, and from love.

This is what this entire physical plane is: a multi-layered dream where we have forgotten who we really are. We are actually still at Home in the Oneness of love with our Creator. Instead, however, we think we are separate bodies running around, trying to find love, or at least some replacement for love that feels good, in the dream somewhere.

Everything in the physical dream is a replay of variations of the same experience of division. All that we experience, including situations where we feel we are a victim, is our own creation, born from our own choice to experience separation.

Everything we see in this physical dream world of form reflects the illusionary principle of division and separation rather than the truth of Oneness. Even in water, which appears to be one unity, under a microscope there appear to be separate molecules and atoms.

Time and the entire physical dream is taking place IN the ego's mind. Forgiveness healing begins to occur automatically when we see that we are not IN the world. The world is in US. You're not a body, with a brain and a Spirit somehow encapsulated inside of it. You are Consciousness, which manifested a mind, dreaming you are a body with a brain.

Everything Is Created By Our Choices

Whatever we experience in the physical dream is an outward projection of the relationship we have with ourselves within our own mind. There is no causality in the physical. The physical world itself is an effect, so it cannot contain anything that is cause. When anything appears to happen here, it is caused by the momentum of energy set in motion from the powerful first level of mind where we have choice.

We created this entire dream of separation merely by choosing to!

Whatever we choose at the level of choice then creates our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. Nothing originates in the physical dream. All of it is a reflection of the causal level of choice.

In our physical dream life there are only ever two choices, although it appears we have many. We can continue to follow the ego's thought system of separation and suffering, or we can listen to the part of our mind that is Awake. We still have access to the Awake Reality of ourselves, even though the ego tried to wall it off completely. You may know this part of your mind as the Holy Spirit, Christ, Buddha, Light or perhaps another name you know it by. As we learn forgiveness healing, The Holy Spirit, the aspect of us Who is Awake, unwinds and releases all the illusions which cause us suffering.

Our choice of which thought system we want to follow creates our entire belief system – either the suffering, guilt, sin and fear of the ego's thought system, or the love, sinlessness, peace and unity of the Holy Spirit's thought system. Whichever belief system we choose determines the subject of our thoughts. Our beliefs and thoughts then create corresponding emotions – either of suffering or of forgiveness healing, wellbeing and peace. The momentum of cause from choice to beliefs, to thoughts and emotions creates our entire dream experience of the world of form, our bodies, and all the forms we see here.

We Project Our Guilt And Judgment Onto Others

Remember that the ego isn't real. It is just a part of our mind that is dreaming what it would be like to have “personal power” and be separate from God. However, the ego truly believes that the dream is real and that it messed up big time by really leaving God.

It doesn't want to feel the resulting guilt and fear of being punished, so the guilt gets buried in the unconscious mind. Even though the bulk of it is unconscious, some of it still leaks into our conscious awareness at times, when it gets triggered and we feel it. We think it is events that cause the guilt, but it is actually the guilt that is already within the ego mind that CREATES experiences that reflect it.

We're always only ever seeing the contents of our own unconscious mind. We appear to be a body walking around in an “outside world” but there is no “outside.” There isn't really a “world.” We're actually a mind looking at image projections within itself.

The projections are our own beliefs and feelings of guilt and fear of being punished, which, still within our mind, we project on figures (“other people”) who we imagine to be outside of us, in an attempt to push our own guilt away from ourselves. We then judge others for anything at all, as an attempt to not feel our own judgment.

Since in reality, we are all still the One Child of God, essentially we really only blame and judge ourselves, even when we think we are blaming someone “out there.” There is no “out there.” Everything we experience is a projection of our own minds.

“You’re not really there. If I think you are guilty or the cause of the problem, and if I made you up, then the imagined guilt and fear must be in me. Since the separation from God never occurred, I forgive ‘both’ of us for what we haven’t really done. Now there is only innocence, and I join with the Holy Spirit in peace.”

~ Gary Renard, The Disappearance of the Universe

I may think I know my neighbor, but all I know of him is my concept of him, how I see him in my perception. Until I allow the miracle of forgiveness healing, my perception of him is entirely a projection of something going on within my own mind.

The ego within my mind either sees him as I want him to be so that he can fulfill a fantasy of something I want, or as a target for the judgment and guilt I feel about myself. This whole dynamic of projecting an image and then reacting to it is what we call "relationships" here. We live in a gigantic house of mirrors, always seeing and reacting to aspects of ourselves.

When we project blame, judgement and hatred toward anyone or anything, we immediately feel the very energy we think we are sending “out there” because “out there” is still us. All minds are joined, because there is only One of us here. So even though we may not be aware of it, we're always communicating with each other, because there really is no “other.”

The ego mind keeps trying to project the guilt out to get rid of it. It actually wants “other people” to seem to treat us poorly so that we can make them guilty and “bad” instead of ourselves.

How we see others is how we see ourselves. If I see my neighbor as “bad” because he lets his dog bark and bark, I'm projecting my own unconscious guilt onto him. My unconscious mind made up an image of him to be the “bad guy” so I can try to get rid of my unconscious guilt and self-judgment by pushing it out and away from “me,” projecting it onto him.

My reaction to the barking really isn't the issue at all. It is just something the ego uses to keep the game going. As a result, I experience myself as “bad” because I see him that way, and I feel miserable. This dynamic creates an endless cycle of suffering, including all spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical distress, until we open to forgiveness healing.

Other Ways We Try To Avoid Our Own Unconscious Guilt And Self-Judgment

The ego's guilt from believing we really did separate from God, fear of being punished by God, and belief that we DESERVE to be punished by God, creates tremendous self-judgment, which we project onto others, but also still experience within ourselves.

Sometimes we're not even consciously aware of the self-judging voice within our own mind because it is simply part of the unquestioned fabric of who we think we are. This is like not being aware of air because you've simply been breathing it for eons and it doesn't stand out in your awareness. You're used to it. However, we still feel the energy of our own judgment in the background (and sometimes foreground) of our minds and unconsciously believe the judgment to be true.

In an attempt to not feel the discomfort of our self-judgment, besides projecting it out onto others, until we become aware of the power of forgiveness healing, we sometimes also shut down and manifest depression and the experience of a numb, lifeless, removed, separate experience in the dream. Unconscious guilt creates sickness, pain, and all manner of suffering. We may also try to avoid feeling the painful guilt and fear by turning to a substance, activity or another person to try to distract ourselves. Sound familiar?

How We Create Our Individual Lives

All beliefs and thoughts within the mind project out and create what we experience in the physical dream. The guilt at the core of ego creates scenarios that reflect it, such as scolding parents or other situations where it appears we are a victim, which brings the unconscious guilt into our awareness.

Therefore, neither our parents or anyone else are the cause of our pain. They, and everyone in our lives, are our own mental projections of the ego's erroneous belief in being guilty of an unforgivable sin of separating from God, even though we are sinless because it is actually impossible to leave God.

Everything in our lives has something to teach us and is an opportunity for forgiveness healing. Our deepest, truest desire is to awaken from the dream of polarity and suffering and remember we really are pure, formless, eternal love within our Creator.

We may not always be conscious of this desire, but it is here within us all, because in reality we already ARE awake within our Creator. In the physical dream, this true desire to wake up from the dream trumps all the other desires that the ego thinks it wants.

In the process of awakening from the dream of suffering, we create circumstances in our lives that reflect where and how we believe we are separate from our Creator. This is necessary so that we can have these beliefs acted out in front of our eyes so that we can SEE them and use them as a vehicle for forgiveness healing.

We then become aware of the pain that is evoked by our false beliefs about being separate. At that point we can choose to view the painful energy itself from the perspective of the peace within us, then forgive and release everything and everyone involved in it. As a result, we give up our identification with suffering. We let it go, through the miracle of forgiveness healing, so we can remember the peace of God.

The Unconscious Mind Runs Us Until We Heal The Unconscious Guilt

As I mentioned before, the only level of true cause is choice. Our choices create our beliefs, which then create our thoughts. Our beliefs and thoughts create our emotions and the momentum of all of that creates our perspective, how we view and experience the physical dream.

So you might be thinking, “I'm sure not choosing to suffer, so why am I suffering?” The answer lies in the fact that our unconscious mind is really what runs us in the dream, not our conscious mind. Even though your conscious mind may choose not to suffer, unconsciously you have chosen suffering or it wouldn't be happening. Our choices create our entire experience here.

“The whole universe is being done BY you, not TO you.”

~ Gary Renard, “True Peace,” online talk 6/17/11

Remember, the underlying cause of the creation of this entire physical dream is that we CHOSE to experience separation. And in separation we suffer because we feel separate from God and the Source of love itself. If we continue to choose the ego's thought system of separation we feel pain.

If we choose Reality – the thought system of the Holy Spirit (our true, Awake Self), which includes forgiveness healing – then we experience peace and wellbeing.

We continue to choose the ego's thought system until we realize that we actually HAVE another choice. When we begin to experience Presence in the space between thoughts, practice forgiveness healing and feel the resulting peace, (in a few moments we'll go into this together) we begin to open to a truer experience of ourselves, One with God and each other. We always repeat what feels good to us. As we enjoy the feeling of peace, we choose it more and more.

As we continue to practice the miracle of forgiveness healing, we feel even more peace because the unconscious choice to suffer over imagined guilt begins to heal and dissolve. Consequently, peace reflects out into our experience of the physical dream as well.

Eventually there is a “tipping point” when we give more allegiance to our Reality of Oneness and less to the illusionary ego. Once that tipping point is reached through forgiveness healing, we're well on the road to awakening from the dream of separation altogether.

The Miracle Of Forgiveness Healing

Until we practice forgiveness healing and release our unconscious guilt and fear, we keep recycling the same suffering, creating different variations of the same painful scenarios over and over again.

So how can we see and heal something if it is in the unconscious?

Every person we feel a grievance, judgment, or blame toward is showing us our own unconscious guilt and giving us an opportunity to release it with forgiveness healing.

Their appearance in our life is like a mirror in front of us, showing us how we judge ourselves (by how we judge them) and the guilt and fear in our own unconscious mind (which we try to project onto them in an attempt to not feel it in ourselves), which brings all of it into our conscious awareness so we can release it!

As you look at what you perceive as “another person” notice any negativity that gets evoked in you. That negativity, which was in your unconscious mind, you are now conscious of. The “other person” isn't causing the negativity.

They are a projection OF the negativity already within your ego mind. When we can take responsibility for what is being evoked in us by accepting the vibration of it as it is, without trying to avoid or project it, then we are on the road to healing it.

The next step in forgiveness healing is to forgive the “other person” because they are only mirroring to us what needs to be released in us. Then we forgive ourselves for creating the whole scenario and let it all go. We will do this together step by step in a few moments.

The fastest way to heal is to forgive everyone who appears to be outside of us. They are all showing us the beliefs in guilt and fear within our own minds. By forgiving others we are actually forgiving our own beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and ourselves.

This is much easier to do when we realize that no one has actually ever done anything to us! They are only reflecting our own mind, and we can change our own mind.

When you practice forgiveness healing you will experience a powerful realization: You aren't a victim! However, when we get stuck in blame and projection we are indeed victims, but, only victims of our own mind.

To feel our own true power, we only need to realize that we are the creators of our entire experience here, and we have the power to change our experience by letting go of the ego's thought system of suffering.

Essential Premise For True Forgiveness Healing

The miracle of forgiveness healing doesn't occur if we see the “other person” as “bad” and that they've done something “wrong.” This perspective implies that the ego is who they really are. If I see you as an ego who has sinned and is guilty, then I experience myself as an ego who has sinned and is guilty.

If I believe you are an ego and have done me harm, then an attempt to “forgive” you from that perspective would imply that I'm on a higher moral ground than you are, which would make true forgiveness healing impossible. That concept would keep me separated from you, which would be a clear indication that I was trying to do it from ego.

Ego doesn't know how to forgive others and is actually incapable of forgiveness. It has too much investment in projecting guilt out onto others, trying not to feel it.

However, when we choose forgiveness healing and are willing to see the “other person” as they REALLY are as Pure Spirit, then we view them from the Reality of ourSelf that is the same as them and One with them – the Awake Christ within us. How we see them we experience as ourselves, because inherently we know they ARE ourselves.

True forgiveness looks past the body and the role the “other person” is playing. We view them from the eyes of our Awake Self, who only sees the truth, the Light of who we both really are. When we do that, then we experience ourselves as the sinless, Awake Truth of who we are.

The miracle of forgiveness healing isn't something that we “do.” Rather, it is a perspective of there not being anything to forgive in the first place. The “other person” hasn't actually done anything other than mirror back to us our own unconscious mind, giving us an opportunity to become aware of it heal it.

The whole physical experience is a made-up dream and everything we think we or anyone else did in it never happened. Just as your dreams at night fade when you awaken, this entire experience of separation will dissolve when we awaken into the unity and bliss of our reality with our Creator, which we've never left.

You are completely innocent and so is everyone else. We are all One Child of God, still as pure and innocent as we were when we were created. We have always been that, are that, and will always be that. We are unchangeable. Don't mistake the body or the role someone else or yourself is playing for who they or you are.

We are all innocent in truth, even though in form we all appear to do many things that reflect separation and guilt. Even Hitler was pure innocence and Light, even though the role he played here graphically reflected separation.

Remember that as we see someone “out there” is how we experience ourselves. If I see my neighbor as lazy, I experience the pain of my own judgment, condemnation, and guilt. If I see him through the eyes of Light and forgiveness healing, I experience myself as pure Light and my own unconscious guilt, the source of all suffering, unwinds and releases.

There is only One being here. Whatever I react to in you is showing me something within myself I haven't yet forgiven. As we forgive ourselves “out there” in the “other person” we forgive ourselves “in here” and begin to experience joy, peace and wellbeing. If I can see my neighbor as the pure, innocent Child of God he really is, then I experience myself as that.

What Is the "Payoff" For Forgiveness?

It requires determination and perseverance to consciously forgive everyone and everything. I won't try to tell you that this forgiveness healing is always comfortable, but it is far more comfortable than continuing to recycle the old suffering! Our unconscious guilt creates all suffering on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

We can do anything if we are motivated enough. In the ego mind, we only do what we think will give us something. What will being willing to forgive everything and everyone give us?

The complete unwinding of eons of suffering for ourselves and all our brothers and sisters within the dream, then awakening from the entire dream of separation, back into the full awareness of the endless, unbroken pure love, light, joy and Oneness we really are. I’d say it’s worth it!

There Is Nothing Wrong With You

A big step in the miracle of forgiveness healing is to realize that when you have a negative response to something happening, it doesn't mean you've done something bad or you, yourself are “bad.” You're not a failure. You're not inadequate, inferior, un-spiritual, or dense because you experience negative feelings.

If you experience sadness, fear, resentment, irritation, anger, grief, loneliness, neediness, confusion, rebelliousness, hatred, rage, terror, overwhelm, exhaustion, or if you're feeling out of control, addicted, possessive, jealous, envious, abandoned, betrayed, agitated, sick, withdrawn, unstable, inferior or superior, or anything less than peace, your unconscious guilt and self-judgment have been triggered. You are being given an opportunity for forgiveness healing.

You can accept whatever situation you find yourself in, and forgive yourself, as well as everyone involved in it, whether it is in the present or the past, and your unconscious guilt will release automatically as you do this.

If an unaccepted and unforgiven issue is there, there is no way you can avoid having it reflected in your daily life. You WANT to have it show up in your life so that you can see it, use it for forgiveness healing, and therefore release it and all the suffering involved in it.

When a particular variation of guilt arises we label it an “issue.” When you are upset for any reason, your unconscious guilt is being triggered and you will feel all the negative emotions of every experience you've ever had in any lifetime related to that particular issue, which is really just another variation of feeling separate from our Creator and love.

The internal energy of the guilt itself creates outer scenarios that keep bringing it into our awareness in different forms so we can heal and release all the variations and forms of the one underlying belief in guilt. Then we can see it, forgive it, and release it. The intensity of the energy you experience when you react to a triggering event or person in your current life indicates the intensity of the underlying guilt in your mind.

Experiencing negative emotion doesn't make you flawed. If this energy is met with safe acceptance and forgiveness healing instead of judgment it will release all on its own and the energy will transform and integrate itself harmoniously into your mind, which then shifts your emotional and physical experience as well.

Where can we find this safe acceptance and neutral forgiveness? Within ourselves. We'll explore this together in the forgiveness healing meditation in a few moments.

You Are Not Your Pain... You Are The Pure Awareness Observing It

When suffering arises within us, often there is a tendency to identify with it. We place importance and meaning on it and believe it is who we are. Identifying with it perpetuates it. None of the pain is you. You are the awareness of the suffering, not the suffering itself.

Right now, as you are looking at your computer screen, your awareness is focused on these words. The words are the object of your attention. Now, take a moment and reverse the focus of your attention. Instead of flowing it out to these words, bring your awareness to the “you” who is aware of what you see on this screen. Go ahead. Take your time. I'll wait here for you.

Pretty cool, huh! Becoming aware of awareness opens up your experience of your Awake Self, the Christ Within, the Holy Spirit, the Source of all healing on all levels, the Truth of who you really are.

None of the emotions you are aware of have anything to do with who YOU are. You are pure, formless, unlimited love, living now, in this moment, safe within our Creator. However a part of our mind is dreaming this physical life where we think we are separate bodies running around looking for love or something that feels good outside the body, which is exactly where it isn't. Have you noticed?

It is this search for love outside ourselves, or some kind of “feel good” replacement for it that keeps us distracted from finding it inside us, that keeps us hooked into the vibrational field of polarity, where suffering exists until we discover the power of forgiveness healing.

You Are Innocent

In forgiveness healing we begin to realize that we never did anything wrong. Anything that you ever thought you did or were guilty of only seemed to have happened. It was all in a dream. Since the entire physical dream is based on the ego's concept of separation, OF COURSE you appeared to do things that reflected the ego, who's entire range of expression is from suspiciousness to viciousness. Therefore, all of us have appeared to “do” things we're not proud of. When we operate from the ego, as we all do until we fully awaken from it, we are capable of just about anything, all coming from the investment the ego has in trying to make itself “right” and “others” “wrong,” to avoid feeling unconscious guilt.

The ego isn't capable of either love or forgiveness healing. In fact, what we often call “love” in this dream is really a bartering system of “If you give this to me and make me feel special, I'll give this to you.” Love is actually a neutral, free, unencumbered, no-strings-attached, totally accepting acknowledgement of our Oneness within our Creator and each other. It has nothing to do with the “I want to be special” perspective of the ego. The only place where the illusion of a separate “me” who wants to be “special” exists is within the ego, which doesn't really even exist at all.

All of us are somewhere in the continuum between believing totally in the ego and letting it completely run our lives at one end of the spectrum, to awakening fully from the dream, having finally released all false beliefs that this illusion could ever be real. Anything and everything that we did or do as we awaken was all part of our awakening path. And yes, we do make a lot of mistakes! But a mistake is just to “miss the mark,” not a sin or a judgment about who you or any of us are.

You don't have to offer up a prayer for forgiveness for yourself or anyone else. You are ALREADY forgiven. Ask the Holy Spirit within you to open your awareness to the realization that you've never been anything other than pure, innocent sinlessness.

If you feel guilt, take everything that you think you've done to the Highest Court – our Creator – and you will find all charges have been found to be false and your “case” has been dismissed! You will experience first hand the miracle of forgiveness healing. You can stop punishing yourself now and be the freedom that you ARE.

What Does The Healing?

Let's say we are upset about something. We accept whatever the situation is, as it is, including all the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs about the situation and the people involved in it. Then, with the miracle of forgiveness healing, we release everyone involved in it, ourselves and the situation itself. Then how do we heal all of it?

Actually, “we” as the ego personality can't heal anything. The ego is the illusionary “issue” itself!

In forgiveness healing, when we are willing to forgive someone “out there,” who is actually a projection of our own unconscious mind, we automatically experience our own sinlessness because there is no “out there.” It's all “in here.” Whatever we give becomes real for us because we receive what we give since there is only One of us here.

The whole alchemical process of the miracle of forgiveness healing is orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, what is also known as “The Voice for God” and other holy names. I experience the Holy Spirit as God's Communication with us that we always have access to, even in the dream.

It's how we can know God even here. It is a bridge between the formless truth of who we are and the realm of form here in the physical dream.

When we all fully awaken from the dream by practicing forgiveness healing, we realize that all of Reality is One Being. God, the Holy Spirit, Christ, Buddha – all of It is one formless, seamless unity of pure loving Us. While we think we are in the dream, however, we perceive the big US as different aspects, even though it is all one continuous unity.

In the physical illusion the Holy Spirit is a bridge that enables us to access Home or Heaven, and Who heals all our misperceptions, the cause of all of our suffering, and leads us, step by step, into awakening from the dream of separation, once and for all.

The Holy Spirit won't impose Itself on us because we have free will. By our willingness to practice forgiveness healing and release our projections (which cause us to suffer), we open our minds enough that the Holy Spirit can lift the burdens of our misperceptions from our minds.

If we hold fast to our grievances we aren't aware of the truth of our being, because our mind is already filled up with grievance. On the other hand, when we're willing to let them go, the love, healing and light of the Holy Spirit comes flooding into our awareness in the miracle of forgiveness healing. It's been here along but was covered up by our resentment and guilt.

By being willing to open our minds to the Holy Spirit and expose all of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and grievances to It, rather than cherishing, denying or trying to hide them, then the Holy Spirit can gladly correct our misperceptions within our mind and heal it.

Awakening From The Dream And Returning Home

As we meet all of our upsets in the dream with the miracle of forgiveness healing, we can save eons of time in our awakening process.

Time doesn't actually exist. It is only a construct we made in the dream to appear to separate cause and effect, which is actually one energy and not two separate forces. The Holy Spirit uses the very things we made in the dream to help us awaken from it, including time.

By forgiving others and ourselves with forgiveness healing and allowing the Holy Spirit to heal our misperceptions, It shifts and shortens time, speeding the awakening of the entire One we all are together. As “one” of us awakens, Light shines within the entire One mind we all share, and brings the end of suffering closer for all of us.

As long as there is any unconscious guilt within our mind we are drawn back to the dream again and again, in what seems like many lifetimes. However, it isn't that we “reincarnate” into another body. We are never in the body. The body is in us. We are mind dreaming we are a body. Your body and all other bodies and everything we experience in the physical dream are dream images within our dreaming mind.

In the process of gradually releasing all our unconscious guilt through forgiveness healing, as long as we think we are an ego, we continue dreaming different lifetime experiences in an attempt to hide from the unconscious guilt that comes from believing that we really did separate from God, by projecting it out onto “others.” This is the ego's use of the world.

On the other hand, The Holy Spirit uses the things the ego made in the dream to help us awaken from the dream. When we, as ego, project our guilt onto others, if we are willing to forgive and see our brother or sister as the Truth of who they really are, then, using the very same situations the ego created, the Holy Spirit can heal our unconscious guilt, which enables us to let go and feel peace and wellbeing.

As we continue meeting everything with the miracle of forgiveness healing, we finally forgive every aspect of all that we created here and come to know complete peace. At that point we are no longer hooked into the vibration of separation and suffering and our attention is no longer pulled back into the dream.

There is no longer the illusion of a split, walled off mind with an ego on one side and an Awake Being on the other. All of our attention is then on and in our Oneness within Our Creator in formless, wordless, unlimited and eternal unity, peace, joy and love.

We can begin to access the peace within us in the still, calm space between thoughts, where the miracle of forgiveness healing – the road Home – is possible.

Now, let's explore the peace together...

The Miracle Of Forgiveness Healing Meditation

The best place to start with the miracle of forgiveness healing is to start where we ARE, which is really where we THINK we are. 

For this Forgiveness Healing Meditation, I recommend reading the whole thing first. Then come back to the beginning and read a paragraph or two and do what is suggested. After a few minutes, open your eyes and read the next section and do what is offered there. 

Take your time with each part, rather than rushing through it to get to the next step. This is an experiential meditation rather than an intellectual exercise. Don't worry about doing any of this “perfectly.” However you do it is perfect. As you continue to practice this, you'll experience more and more of what is described here, one step at a time. Be kind and gentle with yourself.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Allow everything in your life to be as it is – your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, memories, issues and circumstances. Whatever comes into your awareness, just let it be here without resisting it. If you notice that you categorize anything as good / bad or right / wrong, just let go of those categories and divisions. Let everything merge into one big energy field without divisions or distinctions.

After a few minutes, bring your attention to your breathing. Simply watch your body breathing in and out. Allow it to breathe itself, observing it as it does. Position yourself within your mind as the Observer. You are the Awareness that is aware of your body breathing, not your body or the breathing. Continue to watch your body breathe for a few minutes and you'll notice it beginning to relax.

Experiencing Inner Presence

Now, instead of watching the object of your attention, the body, reverse the direction of your attention and watch the Watcher itself.

If you seem to jump out of the experience, that's okay. Be patient with yourself. Try it a few more times and you'll begin to get used to it, step by step. This is a profound meeting with yourSelf as alert, formless, alive, intelligent Presence. Enjoy yourSelf as Presence for as long as you'd like.

If you're having trouble accessing the peaceful space between thoughts, try the method in the box below, and then we'll continue with the rest of the meditation in the box below that...

Here Is Another Way To Experience Inner Presence

Begin by watching your breathing, as described above. After you feel your body relaxing, shift your awareness to your thoughts. Watch your thoughts come and go. Don't try to change or stop them. Let them be and just observe them.

Notice that you don't actually create your thoughts. They just appear and disappear all by themselves, just as your breathing happened by itself. You are the Awareness of your thoughts, not the thoughts themselves. After awhile your thoughts will slow down, become less distinct and be more in the background than the foreground.

If you notice that you get pulled along on a train of thought, that's okay. Just notice that that happened and come back to the position of the Observer / Awareness, just watching as thoughts come and go, like trains pulling into and out of a train station. Just stay in the “station” and allow them to come and go without hopping on any of the trains.

After awhile, begin to look for a space between thoughts, between words. After one thought dissolves and before the next thought begins to form you will notice there is a gap where there is no thought at all. When you notice this gap, bring your full attention into the gap itself. Here you will discover what at first seems like “nothing.” It is “nothing” because it is free of the busy thoughts that we usually have our attention on.

At first you might only be aware of this “nothing” space for a few seconds. That's okay. Just go through the thought-watching process again and look for the space between thoughts. Then bring your attention into the gap again. You may need to go through the process many times before you can feel yourself settling into the space between thoughts.

Each time you go there it will be easier to return. As you focus Awareness on “nothingness” you will relax more and more into the neutral, calm, still, alive peace there.

This takes you to the same Presence I spoke of in the first part of this meditation – ourSelf as pure, formless Awareness. Settle into this stillness and feel the calm strength and peace there. This is where we can feel our connection with the Holy Spirit within, beyond the vibrational field of polarity and suffering.

... Now, continuing with the meditation ...

Choosing A Word

Even though this is a wordless space, let your mind come up with one word that describes it for you in this moment. Let the word itself drift into your mind from time to time, rather than straining or trying to hold onto it. Thinking of your word helps to keep the linear mind relaxed while you “visit” your non-linear reality. The ego loves words, so we give it a word to focus on, and it will begin to settle down.

If you find yourself following a train of thought again, that's okay. Just notice that and gently bring your attention back to your word, gently repeating it occasionally, without straining or pushing.

Opening To Healing

Don't worry if as soon as you bring your attention into the space between thoughts you begin feeling a tightness in your body, a painful memory arising, or an emotion such as fear or anxiety. These are all just manifestations of something within your mind that is coming into your awareness for acceptance and forgiveness healing.

If something doesn't arise by itself for healing, you can invite up the thought of any situation in your life right now, or any painful memory from the past. Just thinking of an issue with a subject or person will automatically evoke everything within your mind that is projecting it.

Empty your mind of labels such as right /wrong or good / bad about this issue or any aspect of your life. Let go of how you think you, your life, or someone else “should” be. To open to the miracle of forgiveness healing, allow whatever is troubling you to just be here as the energy that it is.

Accept the job, the boss, the relationship, your financial status, your current health situation, whatever is going on, just as it is. What is showing up is what is showing up. To deny it or resist it is insanity. If you perceive it as here, then in your experience it IS here. It will seem to stay here until you accept the gift of the lesson it is here to teach you, by accepting and forgiving it.

Identify with the Awareness itself, not the energies that are arising for healing. Invite and allow all your reactions to this issue to arise. View whatever comes into your awareness. View it FROM awareness. All the old emotional energies related to it will come up.

Don't try to change them or even to “heal” any of it. All you have to do is to observe the energies themselves without resisting or trying to change them. They will release on their own. From time to time think of the word you selected earlier. Try to observe everything arising from the peaceful, aware space your word evokes. Stand within the peace itself and identify with it as you watch whatever else you're aware of.

Forgiving Others In Forgiveness Healing

Now, think of each person involved in the issue. Focus on just one person at a time. See this “other person” as you usually see them, whatever your perception is of them. See their form and the role they have played in your life. Then let the form and role dissolve before your eyes.

See the Light that they are. See the Life Force, the Essence of who they are that has been animating the form. See them as the Inner Christ or Buddha, the awake Light that we really are in truth. A part of their mind is playing a role of being in a body here, just as you are.

However, both of you are Pure Awake Light. See yourself as Light. Then see the “other person” through the “eyes” of the Awake Light that you both are.

Have a conversation with them, from your mind to theirs. All minds are joined, so you can communicate directly with the “other person” (who is still you) from within your own mind. Tell them something like this:

“You’re not the cause of my suffering. I made up my perception of you up in an attempt to make you wrong and guilty instead of me. Neither of us are wrong or guilty. I am Christ (Buddha, Light – choose the words you resonate with), pure and innocent.

You are Christ, innocent and pure.

All is forgiven and released.”

(The words for this "forgiveness healing conversation" were adapted from a prayer in Secrets of the Immortal, by Gary Renard.)

Letting Go

As you do this, let go of everything you've held against this person. Stay still and let everything else vibrate off. In actuality, you aren't a body and all this is happening in your mind where you are dreaming you are a body, but you may feel a releasing sensation in your body.

If you do this with the sincere desire to release suffering, you will immediately feel a release, as you begin to experience the miracle of forgiveness healing. If not, keep doing it, but without pushing or forcing. Sometimes it takes several sittings to release everything we've been projecting onto a person, especially if we've been doing it for a long time. Be patient with the process.

If you notice resistance, don't resist the resistance or judge it. Just notice it and still say the words. Offer the resistance and anything else you're experiencing to the Light, the Holy Spirit within you.

Picture an altar of Light within you and place the resistance and anything else that seems to stand in your way on the altar for the Holy Spirit within to heal in It's own way. By your willingness to see all that is within your mind and expose it for forgiveness healing, it will release eventually.

Ongoing Healing

You can access the miracle of forgiveness healing for every situation and person who seems to upset you in your past or present. I recommend taking some time every day to do this with anything in your life that seems to be causing you stress. You can also do it all day long with every person, critter, plant, tree, or rock you meet!

You'll begin to feel lighter and much more at peace as The Holy Spirit within you heals everything within your mind that created suffering. Doing this regularly will shift time, eliminating lifetimes of forgiveness lessons, bringing your full awakening into Truth, as well as the awakening of All of us, much closer.

Key Points For The Miracle Of Forgiveness Healing Meditation

Decide You Want Peace

Get clear on what you really want. Really wanting something creates the willingness to do what it takes to experience it.

Which do you want, peace or suffering? If you want peace, practicing forgiveness healing is the fastest way to experience it and to heal and release all suffering.

If in truth we want a “better” dream, meaning we want the dream to be the way WE (the ego) think it “should” be, more than we want to awaken into the unlimited Oneness, peace and love that we already are, then, we get what we choose: the dream.

That choice keeps our attention identified with ourselves as an illusion – a separate ego, alone and vulnerable to suffering.

If we want to control the dream, we are still operating from the ego, which keeps us resonating with the plane of suffering. It is only ever the ego that wants to control anything.

Don't judge yourself if you realize that what you really want is for the dream to go the way you think it should more than you want peace. Our awakening is assured and we all get there one step at a time.

Eventually, we begin to realize that nothing in the dream brings us the eternal, consistent, permanent, all-encompassing love that we've always wanted. Everything here continues to shift and change, all a reflection of the idea of separation this plane is created out of.

In time, after we've looked in all the possible places in the dream that we hope might hold the love we want, and we've suffered enough disappointments, our mind begins to open to the reality that permanent love must be someplace else, the one place we haven't fully explored yet – within us!

Deciding that what we want above all else is peace, creates the willingness to let go, open, forgive, and release our suffering. Then, even the dream shifts to reflect the peace and wellbeing we begin to experience within.

The power of the decision to open to the miracle of forgiveness healing lifts our awareness up above the energetic field of polarity so that the Holy Spirit within us can release all our misperceptions that cause our suffering.

As a result, the polarities in the dream resolve themselves because we're no longer feeding them by continuing to hold on to the end of a tug-of-war rope. We let the rope go, forgive, and the polarity resolves itself.

The Miracle Of Forgiveness

By far, the most important aspect of forgiveness healing is forgiveness. It is the path Home. Remember that how we see someone else is how we see ourself. If we hold a grudge against someone, what we're really doing is holding hatred for ourselves. When we are willing to see the “other person” as pure and innocent, then, and only then do we experience our own sinlessness and innocence.

As I mentioned before, all of our own unconscious guilt and painful beliefs about ourselves are projected out onto the people in our lives. The blessing of this is it then brings it from our unconsciousness into our conscious awareness so we can see it and use it as a vehicle for the miracle of forgiveness healing.

Although it appears we are forgiving “someone else” we are only ever really forgiving ourselves. When I see you as pure, Awake Light, then I know that anything else I see in you is just a projection of my own guilt and judgments about myself. At that point I can forgive you for what you actually never did anyway, let all the pain go and we both awaken into the Light.

Decline To Label The Emotions

To release suffering with the miracle of forgiveness healing, let whatever comes into your awareness come. It helps to remove any label such as “guilt,” “anger,” or “fear,” and just experience it as a feeling, a vibration.

For instance, if you experience “fear,” notice the vibration of the fear itself. There is an energetic feeling you'll feel within, perhaps like a leaf fluttering in the wind, or a weak, caved-in feeling, or a feeling of shattering glass inside. Observe the fluttering, the caving in, or the shattering itself. You are not the vibrating energy. You are the One who observes and is aware of the vibration.

Pretend there are no such things as words. If you don't use words to talk or think, what are you feeling right now about a troubling issue? This can help you to feel the nameless raw vibration itself.

Don't judge it or try to change it or make it go away. Just allow it to be here. None of it is a “sin” and you are not damned for experiencing an energetic sensation. None of it has anything to do with who you really are – pure, formless, loving Spirit.

Decline To Identify With What You Observe

You are not what you observe. You are the One who is observing.

When you identify yourself as the pain or the suffering, that keeps you locked into the same cycle of suffering. It is not who you are. You are the AWARENESS of the pain.


As I mentioned, any uncomfortable energy that comes into your awareness in forgiveness healing is just a vibration. This vibration is like a hurt child who just wants to be accepted as s/he is, with the anger, fear or sadness or whatever s/he has going on.

If we judge the emotion, we layer more judgment onto an already over-judged, hurt child. If we judge the “negative” emotions, we aren't able to release them. As you simply witness this vibration from pure Awareness and forgive it, it will shift, change, and release.

If you notice that you judge this hurt child within, then don't judge the judgment either. The “judger” is just another aspect of the ego as the self-judging voice within. It's actually like another hurt child who judges him or herself. Just position yourself within as Awareness and observe the energy of the judgement. Forgive all of it, expose it to the Awake Light within you and it will release.

Remember that this entire physical experience here is a dream. In this moment, right now, we are all together One, in joyous union with each other and our Creator, in an infinite field of love, peace, wellbeing, aliveness and joy! I meet you here forever!

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