How To Make The Most Of Life

Everyone who has ever lived has in one way or another contemplated “how can I make the most of life?” no matter what their physical circumstances are. It is part of human nature to want to be happy. We may all have unique ideas about what we think will do that for us but in our hearts we ALL really do want to make the most of this lifetime.

Make The Most Of Life

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We are all connected energetically because at the core we are all the same energy: Pure Consciousness. So our happiness and the happiness of other beings are intertwined.

The following suggestions are pathways to help us all open to the realization of our connectedness and the happiness that lies within it which is not dependent on physical circumstances.

Be Kind To Yourself, As Well As Others

Remember that your life is a workshop. We are all here facing challenges that are specifically and uniquely designed to open each of us up to the truth of our Being, more and more deeply with each lifetime. There is no need to judge ourselves for how we’re doing, or others for how they are living their lives. However, if / when judgment arises, we can recommit again and again to learning what we each came here to learn, even if we’re not sure yet what that is.

These pages can help with opening to inner kindness and releasing self judgment as well as the judgment of others:

As You Encounter Challenges, Ask Within:

“What is my life teaching me right now in this current experience?”

“What is this moment calling forth within me?”

“What is the deeper experience of this situation?”

Let go and breathe. Meet whatever shows up within you as you ask these questions within yourself. If fear arises, don’t run away from it. Know that a transition of some sort is trying to occur. Just let it. It will always be a step toward higher consciousness, no matter how it appears or feels. And the more we open to the true reality of our being, the more peace we experience.

Focus on your breathing rather than your thoughts. As you do this, notice whatever pops up within your awareness. You may experience inner pictures or flashes of insight.

This page can help with shifting attention to breathing and letting go.

Honor And Appreciate Your Uniqueness As Well As The Uniqueness Of All Beings

When people come to me for WellBeing Alignment Sessions, it continually deepens my acceptance of the uniqueness of every person I work with. It is truly beautiful. Overall, the totality of Being, which includes all Life, is like looking at an immense, unlimited, gorgeous, shining, pure diamond with infinite facets. 

Each and every being (plant, animal, human, as well as the elements of air, water, earth) is one facet of that shining diamond as well as simultaneously the totality of the diamond itself! 

Be Willing To Live Your Life One Step At A Time

As often as you can, shift your attention to your experience of this present moment (rather than your thoughts about the present, past or future). You can use these steps to help you do that.

You are alive right NOW. Feel this Aliveness you are in this moment. Let go into it.

Practice Listening To Your Own Inner Guidance

Listening only to the mind and living only from there can be very limiting and painful. The mind only knows opposites: feels good / feels bad. I’m wonderful / I’m inadequate.

Consequently, when we listen to the mind and believe painful thoughts about ourselves, other beings, or life itself, that generates painful emotions.

If an idea is coming only from the mind, you will feel a certain rigid structure in the mental urge.

When you feel the urge to do something or take a step in a certain direction, first check to see if it is coming from your mind or from your heart, or both. I’m using the word “heart” for inner intuition, which comes from the higher levels of yourself. Sometimes it is helpful to shift attention to your physical heart and then simply listen within, opening up your inner ears of perception.

For each step in your life, check within. If something is authentically true and good for you, as well as everyone else involved, it will FEEL positive, even if your mind isn’t on board with it. The wisdom that comes from the higher dimensions of yourself will just simply feel “right” when you contemplate making the choice it is guiding you to.

This wisdom doesn’t come in a loud and showy way, like what the mind comes up with. Rather, it can be called “subtle” because it is on a different energetic level — deeper and broader than the physical, mental, emotional planes of your Being.

If an urge is coming from your heart, from true intuition, it will be like a warm, kind, friendly, pleasant beckoning in a certain direction. It is more of a feeling sensation than a thought, although more subtle than our usual human emotions.

This energetic urge can have a hint of excitement, possibilities, openness, and even a quality of gentle (or full on) love and light.

On the other hand, if you’re contemplating a choice that isn’t in your best interests and/or the best interests of others (at least not right now), you might sense a darkness or a tightness — a closing down kind of feeling.

For different people this can show up in different ways. But if you don’t sense a feeling of light and openness, you’re probably sensing an inner “No” or at least “No for right now.”

Remember, Your Life Path Won’t Look Like Anyone Else’s So No Need To Waste Energy Trying To Make It That Way

We all have unique paths for this lifetime. Your own individual, unique path will not look like any other being’s path. Yours will be tailored to the workshop you came to experience this time around.

There may be similarities with other beings’ lives but there is no “one size fits all” way to live your life. Therefore, you can let go of the burden of placing an expectation on yourself about how you and your life (or other beings and their lives) “should” look.

When You Read Books Or Listen To Talks, Check In With Your Own Inner Guidance

Notice what you’re naturally drawn to in the material, what sparks or even excites you — what feels positive and good to you.

In some cases you may want to follow the instructions in a book or website to the letter. In others cases, you may feel drawn to doing it slightly differently or very differently. Or you might be drawn to just one step out of the process offered.

It's Important To Realize You Are Actually Never “Messing Up” And Neither Is Anyone Else!

In our minds we can have inner pictures, thoughts and beliefs about how we think we should be from a human perspective and ways we think we should make the most of life. But those are only mental concepts — a very limited perception that we can all get caught up in from time to time.

For all of us, as our life’s workshop unfolds, we take one step at a time and we do the best we can (given our current state) with each moment as it presents itself. 

Later, when you look back at a choice you made you might judge that what you did was wrong or perhaps not enough. But truly, at the moment, you did the best you could, given the workshop you came in to experience this time around.

It is important to see that you actually can’t foul up your lifetime, even if it really feels that way! Likewise other people can’t mess up your (or their) lifetime either.

You came to this life to experience a very specific workshop and no matter what you do or how the workshop unfolds, you WILL learn from it, and at your own pace, even if you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. In fact, later when you look back at parts of your life that felt the most complicated or painful, you will see that something very valuable was realized as a result of that experience.

When we consciously decide to first accept life as it is, and then to make the most of life, life itself will brings us the tools to do that.

Below are some pages that may be of help to you. I’m also happy to meet with you in a WellBeing Alignment Session to help you connect with your own unique Inner Guidance. 

More Help To Make The Most Of Life

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