About Kai And Mission Statement

Who am I?

From the time of my earliest memories at around 5 years old, the questions “Who am I?” and "What am I really?" arose again and again from within. Each time, the answer was revealed simultaneously with the question, not in words, but in a direct experience of Light, Presence, Pure Aliveness. Instinctively, I knew this as the Essence of Life Itself, what we all are.

Even though this insight was profound and deep at an early age, there was still a tremendous amount of suffering in my physical, mental, and emotional life, through childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

My particular spiritual workshop included a violent, raging father and an alcoholic mother who reflected back to me my own beliefs (carried forward from past incarnations) about not being good enough.

The aching desire to be free of suffering, coupled with an unshakable inner knowingness of the Truth of what I am / what we all are, catapulted me into a life path of inner exploration, wanting to close the gap between my inner realizations and the confusing and painful experience of my outer life.

My life's mission was born out of that gap.

My mission

I dedicate my life to not just recognizing the Truth of Being I am and we all are, but to LIVE from it, and to share what I have discovered with as many people as possible so that we ALL may discover we are ALREADY free, unlimited, shining, awake Consciousness, right NOW in this very moment and have never been otherwise.

The primary focus of the teaching which has emerged from this mission

In dedicating my life to Awakening, I've discovered that attention needs to be brought to two essential, key areas of our lives:

  • Turning attention to and discovering the shining Aliveness we already are

  • And to also bring loving attention to the painful psychological illusions that we often feel trapped by. I've found that by simply letting whatever is arising within us to be as it is, these illusions gradually unwind on their own.

Suffering gradually unwinds

For most of my adult life I was a cowering little girl in an adult body, afraid of the world and the people in it. My life was about deep depression, panic attacks, suicidal tendencies, intense self-judgment, eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia), as well as other addictions (recreational drugs, alcohol, relationships and pretty much anything that I hoped would ease the pain) and numerous unfulfilling jobs.

Gradually, as I followed (and continue to follow) each step I'm shown from within, I've learned to rest in Pure Presence and witness the gradual, automatic unwinding of debilitating beliefs and self-concepts.

As a result, I no longer feel lost or imprisoned. I know an inner strength beyond anything I’d ever known possible, and a quiet song of joy that I experience more and more, sometimes broadening into full-on bliss. Even when strong uncomfortable emotions flow through this body / mind, I've learned that by keeping my attention in Presence, and letting whatever arises be as it is, it all unwinds by itself.

Also, I now enjoy a career doing what I absolutely love to do – sharing the way out of the illusion of suffering with YOU and many other wonderful beings all over the world in WellBeing Alignment Sessions.

Experiences and influences that led to the release of suffering and discovering how to assist others

Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi

By far, my most important Teacher was and continues to be Ramana Maharshi. From the first time I saw a picture of him, his eyes have been a doorway of Light, bringing my attention back into the Heart of Presence, again and again.

Although I've studied with many teachers in this lifetime, none of them have shone as brightly or as intimately as Ramana. The tenacity of identification with thoughts and emotions has been so strong that I needed to surrender myself to and align with a True Teacher who is fully awake.

As they say, when the student is ready, the Teacher appears. From the moment when I first became aware of Ramana to this moment now, there has never been any doubt that he is my Teacher. My heart sings with gratitude to know him.


Another significant Teacher for me has been Adyashanti,  who very clearly and directly communicates FROM and points TO the reality of awake Awareness we already ARE.

In my experience, he is FULLY awake and free of the illusion of the egoic self. When I listen to him speak it is like a tuning fork, bringing my attention to the awake Awareness I am, ever more deeply.

I am very grateful to Adya for his wisdom, clarity, humor, directness, and generous, loving heart.

Other helpful teachers, teachings, and modalities

Having an intense desire to find a way to let suffering unwind, my path in this lifetime has included the exploration of many spiritual paths and wellbeing avenues:

  • I became a minister in an 18-year involvement with Eckankar, and ministering one-on-one with people who were suffering.

  • I taught workshops on Co-Counseling (Peer Counseling) and Emotional Release, as well as seeing clients privately for emotional release. It was through Peer Counseling that I began to witness the profound healing that anyone can experience simply by experiencing Safe Space with another human being. In receiving uninterrupted, non-judgmental, loving attention while talking about whatever is “up,” amazing breakthroughs and trauma release can occur. This work was an important step in the development of the WellBeing Alignment Sessions I share with clients today.

  • My sensitivity to energy and resonance with healing also led me to work as a caregiver with hospice and other patients.

  • An exploration of contact improvisation and other forms of conscious, authentic movement deepened my awareness of energy fields.

  • The Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction information helped me to see through veils and beliefs that had held me back. It was through my work with them that I realized that all my suffering was a reflection of where I habitually placed my attention.

  • I was involved with the Gangaji sangha for about 10 years, traveling around the US, attending and working at retreats and workshops.

  • I've also been hugely helped and inspired by Eckhart Tolle, as well as the Advaita teachings of Rupert Spira, Jeff Foster and others.

  • I experience a deep love for Christ, both for Jesus as a human being and for Christ Light, which I experience as the Pure Presence that is the truth of what we all are.

  • The 12 Steps (originally from Alcoholics Anonymous, and adapted for use in several other "Anonymous" programs) was very helpful in learning how to deal with food addiction. This work reinforced the turning of my life over to Pure Presence on a day-to-day basis, while taking responsibility for my life at the same time.

  • I've meditated daily for over 40 years, including 8 years of Centerpointe Meditation. The form of daily meditation has continually changed and evolved on its own and I now see my daily life as meditation as well.

  • A Course In Miracles was also very helpful in integrating what I knew to be true spiritually with the every-day ups and downs of life.

Energy healing training

Being empathic, I'm highly sensitive to energy. I can feel and see energies going on beneath the surface, in both my inner world and in the inner realms of others, especially when they ask for my help. For most of my life I regarded this faculty as a flaw rather than a gift and it has taken many years to accept it and share the fruits of it with others.

My training and experience in healing includes The Yuen Method of Full Spectrum Healing, Shamanism, Ho'oponopono (ancient Hawaiian healing practice), Quantum Touch, and Quantum Entrainment (QE).

Although I no longer use techniques that work from the outside in, studying each of these methods brought more insight about the nature of how suffering manifests in the mind, emotions and body as constriction and disease. They each helped me to become more aware of the dramatic effects that come from a shift in perspective from separation to Oneness.

All of these things I’ve mentioned have profoundly influenced my life and contributed to the path that led me to offer Wellbeing Alignment Sessions.

Surrender and gratitude

I've found that surrender to the Truth of our being is the basis of all true healing. It is absolutely essential. Clearly, it is Pure Presence that is the SOURCE of all healing. We simply need to let go of our allegiance to the mental debris that we believe separates us from this Presence.

The sessions I offer today were birthed from deeply and sincerely asking God / Source / Presence / Truth for help.

When I truly and fully let go of all control, I experience a melting into an Ocean of Love, dissolving all ideas of separateness. Both in working with clients and in navigating my own life, answers come either as streams of information, visual images, and/or gentle nudges.

I am deeply grateful for all that has happened in my life that has served to shift my attention to the reality of Being and to be able to share everything I've experienced and learned with YOU and others.

WellBeing Alignment Sessions have gradually, organically emerged and continue to flow by themselves

As I continue in my own letting go, resting in pure Presence and letting the old unconscious layers of belief in separateness unwind, the WellBeing Alignment Sessions I offer continue to shift and change.

WellBeing Alignment is an organic, in-the-moment process of resting in pure Awareness, combined with various ways of allowing whatever arises to present itself and be as it is. As a result, old self-concepts (the cause of all suffering) gradually rise to the surface and let go, layer by layer.

This process is simple and direct. Anyone can learn it and begin to feel relief if they have a sincere desire to let go of suffering, shift attention to the reality of awake Being, and are willing to practice what is shared in this site and in the sessions on a daily basis.

In this website and in the Wellbeing Alignment Sessions, I share with you what I have learned:

We already ARE awake, aware, shining Consciousness! All it takes is a subtle shift in the direction of your attention to KNOW yourself as THIS right now in this very moment. As you read these words, you, Consciousness, is what is looking through your eyes as you see these words. 

The primary focus of WellBeing Alignment, dedication and mission statement

The root of all suffering and dis-ease is the identification with being a self-concept. If we believe that all we are is a body / mind / self-concept, we think we are separate from our Source, Love and each other. Therefore we suffer.

The cure for all suffering is to realize the truth of who we are: Pure, Alive, Alert, Shining, Awake Presence.

As we realize this, we gradually stop feeding a false concept of being a flawed, inadequate, separate being. As a result, suffering unwinds by itself.

Therefore, I dedicate this website, WellBeing Alignment Sessions, and my entire  life to sharing the precious gift I've received: a direct pathway out of the illusion of suffering, revealing the infinite shining Love we already ARE.

May every atom of your being recognize that you already ARE the shining Reality of love, peace, freedom and joy. You can know yourself as THIS by turning your attention to your own alive, vibrating Presence, right now, in this very moment.

I meet you here, in the Heart of THIS forever...


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