Getting Unstuck From Blocks

Usually, getting unstuck is the main thing people want help with when they come to me for a WellBeing Alignment Session. They are looking to release a “block.” I’ve discovered, however, there is no such thing as a block.

All there is IS energy. One, unlimited, boundary-less “field” of conscious, loving, all-embracing, peaceful, all-knowing energy. Within this field arises a dream of a “you” and a “me,” which includes thoughts, emotions, sensations and perceptions.

A Block Is Just A Thought

Getting unstuck comes from the realization that a “block” is really only a thought that says “I have a block.” Believing that thought creates the experience of feeling blocked.

To learn how to get unstuck, here’s another way to look at it. Let’s say you are an unlimited, boundary-less ocean of water. Within this ocean arises a wave of water that believes it is a separate “me” and that all the rest of the ocean is “out there.”

Then within this wave of water another wave of water arises in the form of a belief called “I have a block.”

Both the wave, and the wave within the wave are made out of water, just as the entire, unlimited ocean is made out of water. All one continuous, undivided substance.

Getting unstuck is the realization that nothing could change the waves into anything besides water. It is what they ARE.

However, if a wave doesn’t realize it is water and truly believes it is a separate wave that is blocked, that is all it can experience. It can only experience what its attention is on and what it identifies with.

If its attention is on the thought of a “block” rather than the vast, unlimited, loving, peaceful water it is actually one with, it won’t KNOW it is water.

getting unstuck

You Are What Everything Appears In

To help yourself in getting unstuck, see this ocean as you, only it is pure, aware, loving, energy rather than water. What you might call a “block” is made up out of the same pure energy that “you” and all life are made up out of.

“You” and your thought of having a block both appear as temporary forms this boundless pure energy takes, but all of it is still made out of pure peace.

All suffering takes place in the mind. When we experience a sensation and there is suffering about it, there is always a story of “me” entwined with it. It is the thought story we overlay on our experience that creates suffering, not the experience itself.

What Block Clearing And Block Release Really Are

Often, we are conditioned to believe that in order to heal something, we must get rid of something. However, it is the desire to get rid of the emotion, sensation, thought, or circumstance that creates the experience of a block in the first place.

As we turn toward whatever arises within us, rather than away from it, what actually releases is the experience of dividing from ourselves. The energy itself doesn't release into some imagined "outside."

There IS no outside. Everything is infinite energy. As our perspective of separating from ourselves shifts to unity, suffering releases.

Getting Unstuck

  • In the WellBeing Alignment Sessions I offer for getting unstuck, we start where you are, with whatever you are experiencing, such as the feeling of a “disconnect” or “block.”

    We go into your awareness of that, however you perceive it. We embrace whatever arises and begin to recognize that ALL that arises is made up out of the same “substance” that we are made out of. Then we are no longer dividing from it in mind.

    Consequently, there is a mental shift from division to Unity. That in itself is what eases suffering. Whenever we focus on being a part rather than the Whole that we are, we suffer.

  • I recommend that you turn toward the “me” story and begin to examine the “me” — to find out what it really is.

    When we turn toward it and try to find an actual “me” who feels blocked, there isn’t actually anything there other than a thought of “me.”

    Exploring this, time and time again, begins to loosen our allegiance to the fictitious “me” and allows us to experience ourself as the pure, loving awareness that everything arises in.

  • For more help regarding getting unstuck, I invite you to read the Energy Healing Therapy page, as well.

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