Easy spiritual meditation for beginners and seasoned meditators

I’m often asked “What is a good spiritual meditation for beginners?” and “What types of meditation do you do?” So I’d like to share with you the methods I’ve used and taught others that are not only easy, but most effective in assisting us to slow down, focus within, and become aware of our own inner, alive Presence, the source of all true healing.

I think you’ll find something helpful here, whether you’re just beginning meditation or have been meditating for years.

Spiritual meditation benefits

So, why meditate? The biggest benefit by far is that when we slow down, unplug from the frenetic energy of the outer world and focus within, a doorway of perception opens into Stillness. We can begin to know ourselves AS this awake, aware Presence (which we actually already are) when we let go of the past and future and relax into the present moment.

At the root of all suffering, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, is the false belief that we are separate from our Creator and from each other. We think we are a composite of our body, mind, emotions and history.

This belief, and the pain that identifying with it creates, lies within our unconscious mind. We unconsciously project this belief of being a separate, isolated being out into the world, creating our experiences of pain and suffering.

The first step in letting suffering unwind, is to become aware of our false, unconscious belief that all we are is a body / mind. As a result, our innate desire to know the Truth of our being awakens naturally. This desire turns our attention toward the Light that is not only within us, but IS us.

Consequently, the veils that seem to hide the reality of our self as pure Consciousness automatically lift.

In spiritual meditation, as we turn our attention more fully toward the Light we are, we awaken from the dream of believing we are separate isolated beings. Then the dream itself takes on the qualities of openness, light, joy and peace.

One of the best ways I know to initiate this process of awakening to the Truth of who we are is to let go into the stillness of deep spiritual meditation.

Even on the body level we are deeply nurtured with spiritual meditation. Our bodies and nervous systems relax and unwind from stress as our thoughts and emotions release and settle. When you practice any form of spiritual meditation on a daily basis, your physical, emotional, and mental health improves dramatically.

We can also gain insights into daily problems after a period of letting go of the past and future and opening to the Source of all wisdom within us.

The power of simplicity

This physical (dream) life that we have created together is a complicated, chaotic and often frightening world. The desire to do spiritual meditation is actually an inborn longing to find relief from the chaos by sinking into the peace and stillness within.

I’ve found that the simplest types of spiritual meditation take us the deepest into the experience of who we really are as Pure Spirit.

However, even with the best intentions, we tend to actually only DO the things that result in a positive experience. If a spiritual meditation technique is too complicated we can get lost and give up. Therefore, on this page I’ll only share meditations that are simple and easy.

Seven spiritual meditations

The following  spiritual meditations can be done by themselves, or combined with each other as described below. I recommend starting with the Basic Breathing Spiritual Meditation and then build from there. Keep it simple. You can add in the other spiritual meditations as described below, but get comfortable with one before adding another.

All of these spiritual meditations can be done any time of day. However, I recommend doing them first thing upon awakening and the last thing before sleep, and then as many times during the day as you feel the urge.

For all of the sitting spiritual meditations, I highly suggest creating a quiet space for yourself where you will be alone and not distracted. Close your eyes for all the sitting spiritual meditations.

For spiritual meditation for beginners, start with 5 or 10 minutes for your morning / evening meditations then gradually build up to 30 minutes or even an hour if you can. The more we focus on the Light within, the more our physical (dream) lives begin to reflect light, joy and peace. You’ll discover it is well worth the time!

1. Basic breathing spiritual meditation

Don’t let the simplicity of this first spiritual meditation fool you into discounting its power. As we bring attention to the breath, we remove attention from the world we project “out there” and we begin to focus inside.

The mind gradually calms and settles. As the surface ego mind settles down, a deeper aspect of ourselves is revealed – pure Awareness.

spiritual meditation

Even on just the physical / human level, this spiritual meditation is powerful. Attention equals love. Watching your breathing is a powerful way to love yourself which opens the door to experiencing the deeper Consciousness within and facilitates all healing.

By not trying to CHANGE our breathing, we offer ourselves acceptance. We allow ourselves to be just as we are.

By witnessing ourselves in this way, we become an intimate companion for ourselves. By staying with this spiritual meditation, the mind slows even more and we begin to experience a place of loving intimacy with ourselves, of stillness and peace. As we continue to practice this, we begin to discover that this peace is who we ARE.

How to do it

Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Later you’ll be able to do this anywhere, but if you're new to spiritual meditation, practice this where you’ll have the least amount of distractions.

Close your eyes. Scan to see if there is any thing about the way you are sitting that is uncomfortable. Take time to adjust your body so that it is completely and comfortably supported by the chair or bed your body is resting on.

Now bring attention to your breathing, without trying to change it in any way. However, you may notice that your breathing changes by itself, perhaps getting deeper and slower. It may even speed up at first and seem erratic. Don’t worry about this.

However it shifts, let it be as it is. It is important to give your body full permission to breathe as it wants to. Your only job here is to watch your breathing. Be aware of yourself breathing in, breathing out. Be with yourself.

If you notice that your thoughts wander off during this spiritual meditation, just bring your attention back to your breathing, without faulting yourself. Notice how GOOD it feels to have air coming into your lungs, and how relaxing it is to let it out.

Don’t try to pull the air in or to push it out. Let your body breathe all by itself, in its own way, at its own pace. Notice you don't have to DO breathing. Instead, you are being breathed.

In our physical world, air and breath are a reflection of Spirit. They are Life Force. As we breathe in and notice how good it feels, we are effortlessly and consciously experiencing ourselves AS Life Force.

With this spiritual mediation, at first you may notice that as you bring attention to your breath your mind jumps around. That’s okay. Just notice that, and then bring your attention back to your breath. The more you practice this spiritual meditation, the more deeply you will be able to let go into Stillness and your mind will settle down. You will begin to know yourself as an alive Presence.

2. Present moment focus meditation

Simply do this: Be still, and lay aside all thoughts of what you are and what God is; all concepts you have learned about the world; all images you hold about yourself. Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false, or good or bad, of every thought it judges worthy, and all the ideas of which it is ashamed. Hold onto nothing. Do not bring with you one thought the past has taught, nor one belief you ever learned before from anything. Forget this world, forget this course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.

~ A Course In Miracles, Lesson 189, paragraph 7

For this spiritual meditation it is important to realize that there actually is no past and no future. Time is an illusion that ego (the part of our mind that believes we are separate beings) created to keep attention diverted from the present moment.

Why would our human ego self do that? Because when attention is focused entirely on the present moment, ego doesn’t exist!

When we let go of the illusionary time track and focus on the stillness which is HERE, right NOW, we begin to experience the truth of who we REALLY are – pure Consciousness. As Consciousness we know only Reality, which can't be described in words but the following words point to it: love, light, strength, clarity, peace, wellbeing and joy beyond anything our minds could ever experience.

In this spiritual meditation we focus within and sink down below the mind. The surface chatter of ego mind falls away and Stillness is revealed underneath. Consciousness beckons our attention into ever deeper awareness of this truth of who we are.

In this spiritual meditation we let all our concerns go by withdrawing attention from past and future. Consequently, we find ourselves in the present moment, where we have access to Reality. We sink deep into Beingness.

How to do it

Begin this spiritual meditation by sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and watching your breathing as described above.

For just this moment, lay your fears, worries and all “trying” aside. For now, forget the things you think you need.

Picture a table in front of you that God gave you to lay your burdens on. Put all your concerns on the table.

Give up all ideas of who you think you are, who you want to be, or who someone else thinks you are or should be. Take a vacation from all that. Let it go. Turn loose of it. Put it all on the table with the rest of your burdens.

Now, imagine what it would be like if you had no past. You have just been born this moment. You are only alive right now. You have no memories. You have no concept of future. All that exists for you is right now.

If you find any concerns arising during this spiritual meditation, just notice them and put them on the table.

Let go and sink down into your mind, past the surface chatter. Try to just observe your thoughts without getting involved in them. Quietly sink past them. Let this be a quiet time of gently resting in the safety of God within your own mind.

If you notice a sense of strain, of wanting something to happen, let that go. Return to your breath. Sink down inside. Be still, open and quietly aware.

3. Unifying phrase meditation

This spiritual meditation is a powerful way to shift your attention to the truth of Being any time of the day, in any circumstance, either in sitting meditation or as you go about your daily life.

All suffering originates in the mind. This spiritual meditation helps us to open, relax and sink attention to the Stillness beneath the mind.

The unifying phrases we use in this spiritual meditation are different from affirmations, which tend to paint a layer of icing over a cake of suffering. Instead, a unifying phrase can serve as a kind of doorway through which attention can shift from the busy linear mind to the peaceful, quiet Space within which mind arises.

All words carry vibrations. They can either be pointers toward the Truth within, or at the other end of the spectrum, they can magnify the ego mind’s voice of suffering. It is important that you pick the words for your unifying phrases that are uplifting to YOU personally.

How to do it

Step 1: The first step in this spiritual meditation is to come up with a few phrases to use.

I encourage you to experiment. What words or phrases are uplifting for you? Write each idea down. Try to keep it simple, with just a few words for each idea.

Below are suggestions to get you started. See if one of them brings a feeling of peace, wellbeing, hope, or relief for you. Feel free to tweak the words to make them as uplifting as possible for you:

“I let everything simply be as it is in this moment.”

“I live in my Creator and my Creator lives in me.”

“It is impossible to ever be apart from God.”

“I am conscious and aware.”

“I am aliveness itself.”

“I say yes to what is.”

“I am here, now.”

The following are from A Course In Miracles:

“I choose the joy of God instead of pain.” (Lesson 190)

“Let every voice but God’s be still in me.” (Lesson 254)

“I am sustained by the Love of God.” (Lesson 50)

“I am as God created me.” (Lesson 94)

“I rest in God.” (Lesson 109)

Step 2: Test your phrases, one at a time.

Close your eyes and say a phrase slowly. Notice what you feel as you say it. If you notice that any word makes you tighten, then that is not a good word for you at this time. Experiment with a different word or phrase.

If it is a good phrase for you you will experience (even if only mildly) relief, softness, expansion, openness comfort, joy, peace, lightness, hope, and even excitement. If the phrase doesn’t evoke any openness for you, try another one.

Once you’ve identified a phrase that is uplifting to you, you’re ready to use it for your spiritual meditation.

Using a unifying phrase in sitting meditation

Sit quietly and comfortably. Watch your breathing for a few minutes, as described above. You might also want to take a few moments to do the Present Moment Focus Meditation.

Repeat your chosen unifying phrase slowly, either silently or aloud, whichever is most uplifting for you. Feel into what the words point to on the deepest level. Go slowly. In this spiritual meditation, try to FEEL the meaning more than intellectualizing about it.

If you notice your attention veering off into unrelated thoughts, just repeat the phrase again and notice where it points your attention.

I you don’t understand what the phrase means, don't be concerned. Sink down past the words to what the words point to.

Using a unifying phrase to meet challenges in your daily life

As you go about your daily life and fear, anger, anxiety, worry, or stress of any kind arises, you can use your unifying phrase as an ongoing spiritual meditation to help you align with the peace within. You can do the following steps at any time even while doing other things.

  • Take a moment to watch your breathing, as described above. This will help calm and center you.

  • Recognize that if you are suffering, you are listening to your mind. The linear mind is only capable of thoughts of separation, all of which cause you to suffer if you identify with them. All conflict is actually a reflection of our inner thoughts of separation. Tell yourself (in your own words):

    “I’m miserable, so I must be listening to my mind. I have another choice.”

  • Use your power of choice. By making the choice to listen to the Stillness within, you align yourself with what is true and therefore, healing and loving. Again, put this in your own words.

    “I choose to shift my attention to the alive Presence I am, right now in this moment. I choose Love. I choose what is real. Consciousness, show me the way.”

  • You can slowly repeat the process: putting attention on your phrase, then shifting your attention to where it points. Then when you find you get lost in thoughts again, come back to watching your breathing and then saying your phrase again (silently or aloud).

Don’t wait for your peace to be disturbed before using your unifying phrase. You can repeat it all day long as an ongoing spiritual meditation, even while you’re working or in conversation with someone.

This is a powerful way to keep bringing your attention back to Presence. Then, when inevitable challenges arise, you’re already aligned with peace and have a much better chance of meeting them.

When you're ready for a new phrase

After you’ve been practicing a unifying phrase for awhile, you may experience more phrases coming to mind that are even more uplifting than your original one. Use them in your spiritual meditation.

If after a few days or weeks you notice that a phrase doesn’t uplift you the way it did before, that just means that you’ve opened to a deeper level of Awareness! Use the experimentation process described above to test out new phrases.

4. Meditation for realizing you are ALREADY one with God, Source, Consciousness (or whatever words you use to point to the reality of Being)

This spiritual meditation is a further step in the awakening process the Present Moment Focus Meditation introduced you to. This one brings you deeper recognition of the fact that what we experience in the stillness of the present moment is actually God!

… try to reach down into your mind to a place of real safety. You will recognize that you have reached it if you feel a sense of deep peace, however briefly. Let go all the trivial things that churn and bubble on the surface of your mind, and reach down and below them to the Kingdom of Heaven. There is a place in you where there is perfect peace. There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. There is a place in you where the strength of God abides.

~ A Course In Miracles, Lesson 47, paragraph 7

As I've mentioned before, all our suffering comes from believing we’re separate from God, each other and love. Generally, we try to get love from our physical life, which is really a dream-like illusion.

Therefore in our physical (dream) lives we can only experience a temporary, fragmented experience of love and true strength, and it always has a painful element of separation in it.

However, in spiritual meditation we can experience ourselves as Consciousness, which is to know the love of God, or the One, or whatever words you know it by. Then, true, everlasting love, peace and joy begin to reflect in our physical lives as well. At this point the source of the love and strength we feel is true Reality, which doesn’t go away when things in the dream (which are always temporary) fall away.

As things in this life change or end, as they always do eventually, with this spiritual meditation we are still rooted in the true boundless love of Consciousness, which will never go away.

As one person focuses on the Light and Truth we are, ALL of us are uplifted, because we are all actually One Being.

As the One Being we all are together gradually wakes up from the dream of separation, this physical dream life gradually becomes a more open and loving one. In due course we won’t need to manifest this illusionary life of separation at all!

Most of us are conditioned to believe that God or Reality is “out there somewhere.” Often, we were taught to pray or plead with God as if He is a separate entity. However, Consciousness is One. The aliveness you are right now in this moment IS God. And the true reality of all our brothers and sisters can be accessed, experienced, and embraced WITHIN us as the very same beingness we are!

One of the biggest illusions that keeps us from becoming aware of our Oneness with God is that we feel guilty or “bad” in some way and believe, usually unconsciously, that we are “not good enough” to be in the presence of God. This spiritual meditation will help you release that belief.

How to do it

Sit comfortably and bring attention to your breathing, as described above. Close your eyes.

Do the letting go process described in the Present Moment Focus Meditation. Let go of your fears, worries and concerns, all ideas of who you think you are or want to be. Let go of the past and the future.

As you let go and relax, slip past all the surface thoughts and sink down deeper within yourself.

Repeat the words…

“I am in God and God is in me.”

… slowly to yourself. Feel the magnitude of that! You are already ONE with God within your own being.

You have never been separate from God before, you are not separate from God now, and you could never ever BE separate from God. It is not possible. (Note: Even if you can’t FEEL God within you, still give attention to the words of the declaration above, and eventually you WILL feel it.)

Reflect on this…

"I have only been dreaming that I was separate from God."

You have only dreamed that you were separate, which caused you to FEEL separate. Then, the pain of that caused you (whether consciously or unconsciously) to behave in ways that reflected your unconscious belief in being separate and therefore "bad."

However, you only DREAMED you were a separate being, doing these things. In reality, you’ve never left God. It is not possible for you to separate from God, because God is the very Aliveness that is keeping your body alive right now.

Anything you think you’ve done that was “bad” has never been recognized as that by the pure Beingness (God) you are. In fact, forgiveness isn’t even needed in Reality, because you only DREAMED the things you think you and others have done in this dream life. As the Dreamer, the Pure Being of God Which you are, you’ve never left your purity.

Relax and sink down into the meaning of the words above within you. Go beyond the words to the truth behind them. Even if you don’t BELIEVE them, imagine that they are true. Imagine what it would be like to absolutely KNOW they are true. For this spiritual meditation, keep your attention inward. If you find surface thoughts distracting you, don’t fight with your mind. Instead, give it something to focus on by repeating:

 God is the Life Force that is keeping my body alive right now in this very moment. God is my strength. I choose to put attention on this Aliveness I am right now in this very moment.”

Follow that theme. Your sincerity will guide you. Relax and sink down into the truth of these words within you. Since we already ARE One with God, your realization of this is inevitable.

If you practice this spiritual meditation regularly, you can begin to experience within you, and AS you, the Source of all-encompassing light, love, peace, strength and joy that is beyond words.

This is a quite natural process, made easier by your belief that it is possible. Even if you don’t believe it is possible, try to imagine that you DO believe it. That will begin to open the door for you. Your life will never be the same again!

5. Inner vision meditation

This spiritual meditation involves the use of the imagination, which I prefer to call “inner vision.” The word “imagination” often implies we see something we “made up” which is false or meaningless. In the strictest sense, ANYTHING less than the truth of our being as Consciousness is “untrue” and we actually “made up” everything in this dream we call our physical lives!

However, Consciousness uses the dream with all of the illusions that we created to help us wake up FROM it. Imagination is the ability we have to see different perspectives which give us information beyond what our physical eyes are fastened on.

The creative process we go through to “imagine” something is the same process we went through originally to dream up this dream of separation in the first place. :-) Since we have this ability to imagine, and it’s all a dream anyway, let’s use the dream for our highest and best purpose – to awaken to the reality of Beingness.

All forms in this life, including what we imagine, are symbols projected from mind. In this spiritual meditation we use symbols of the body and it’s energy centers, which exist in the mind. The body actually only exists within mind, not the other way around. We will use the symbols of uplifting images to point our attention to our innermost Being, the Source of all healing.

Just as all words carry a vibration, so do all images we choose to gaze upon, whether externally or internally. We can create any image we want, very much like the Unifying Phrase Meditation above. Then we can use this image in the same way we used our unifying phrases.

The variations for this are unlimited! Experiment by creating any image that uplifts you. To test them, make sure that when you gaze upon them in your inner vision, you feel (even if only slightly) peace, relief, joy, expansion, hope or upliftment.

To get you started, I’ll share with you a very uplifting image – pure, warm, golden Sunlight. In a moment, I’ll take you through a meditation using this healing image. You can also try a similar, longer version of this meditation here.

Even though we already ARE pure Light, if we don't yet experience ourselves as this, the image of letting go into the Light can begin to evaporate the old perception of being separate from what we actually already ARE.

If you wish, you can record your own voice reading the words below. Or, you can read it first to get the general idea, then go through it. Another option is to read it a step at a time, then close your eyes and form the vision for that step. Then when you’re ready, open your eyes and go on to the next step.

Don’t be surprised if your inner vision shows you additional insights besides what is mentioned here. As long as it is uplifting, go with it. This can become a form of spiritual “journeying” which can be quite powerful.

Trust your instincts. You’ll be able to feel if you’re going in the right direction by trusting your Emotional Feedback Guide and following the course that evokes positive feelings.

How to do it

Sit comfortably. Watch your breathing, as described above. You might also want to do the Present Moment Focus Meditation as well. Then, when you’re ready …

Imagine that you are standing under a stream of warm, loving, healing, pure golden Sunlight. This Light is pure conscious Awareness, the true essence of what you are, what every living being is, and what God is. It is unconditional, all-encompassing love, peace, harmony, and joy, the purest light and love there is. This Light is brighter than anything you’ve ever seen before, brighter than the light of millions of diamonds.

As this Sunlightight flows down into your head, let it go where it will, at its own pace. Open to the love and healing it brings. It has your highest and best interests at heart and is clearing away anything within you that has obscured your experience of love and truth. As Light pours into your head, it fills your cells, bones, organs, muscles, tissues, and all aspects of your being on all levels. It permeates your thoughts and your memories with pure love and healing, allowing you to learn from the past and let it go.

Golden Sunlight pours continuously into your crown chakra at the top of your head. It then flows down into your third eye in the middle of your forehead, opening your channel of communication with Truth.

Warm, loving, healing Sunlight continues down into your neck and throat chakra, opening, cleansing, and balancing this energy center, awakening your full expression and freedom. Light moves across your shoulders and down your arms. It flows down, into your wrists, hands, and fingers. It exits your fingertips and flows deep into the earth.

From your throat, pure Sunlight drifts down, into your heart center, filling it with unconditional love and expansion. Light pools in your heart center then overflows out in all directions around you. Pure Light continues down and into your torso, front and back.

This Light of Love fills your solar plexus, from your rib cage down to your navel. Here it touches all your childhood and adolescent memories of experiences with parent figures. These memories are now made new, infused with softness, love and space. In your new memories you become aware that you had the loving support of Divine Companionship with you in every experience you went through. This can be Pure Love, Jesus, Buddha, a special angel, or anyone you choose. This Presence was /is always there, loving you as you went through your challenges.

Love Light continues to permeate all your cells, tissues, muscles, organs, and all your thoughts about your body as it moves down into your sacral chakra, just below your navel. Here it embraces and permeates the child who still lives within you. Love tells your inner child that s/he is loved exactly as s/he is. The Light tells him/her that s/he has never done anything wrong. S/he only dreamed that s/he did. Your inner child hears that s/he is whole, complete and beautiful. S/he hears that s/he is safe and loved.

Pure, pristine, golden Sunlight flows down into your root chakra, just below your sacral chakra, and shoots out in all directions. Light opens your awareness of a loving connection with your family of fellow beings on earth. Pure Divine Light awakens your innate inner wisdom.

This pure Light brings healing to everything it touches within you. All your cells, tissues, muscles, organs, bones and thoughts about your body are permeated with Love Light. It continues to flow down through your legs and out your feet. As it exits your feet the Light flows deep into the earth.

Now you stand in a continuous flow of pure golden Sunlight, an ongoing flow of Light, pouring down through the top of your head. It flows all through your body, and out your fingertips and your feet. You are being rinsed from top to bottom, on all levels of your being, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything that doesn’t serve you is being washed away in this flood of warm, loving healing. Relax and let go. Let yourself be cleansed and rejuvenated.

(Stay with this image for 5 minutes or so, then continue below.)

As you see and feel this pure, divine Light pouring through you, sense that this Light IS you. Feel your body dissolve into Light. Feel the freedom of being Pure Light. You are everywhere and everything, completely unbound and unlimited. You have unlimited creativity because you are aligned with pure Light and love. There is nothing you cannot do. You are a spark of God. You expand out in all directions, One with God and all Beings, sharing love, peace, joy and goodwill.

Go slow with this spiritual meditation. After awhile you might find that instead of “directing” it, you’re watching it, like watching a movie. If you feel drawn to this type of spiritual journeying, start off with the inner image of golden, warm, loving, healing Light coming down through the top of your head.

Then just watch the scene from there. Just see what happens next, like watching a movie. Be curious about what will come next. Profound healing can occur from letting Spirit guide the “movie.”

Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning

Those of us who are visual learners may resonate more with this type of spiritual meditation than those of us who learn more from listening to a linear process or physical doing. Whatever your learning style, I encourage you to try it and see what happens.

If your strength is more in auditory learning than inner vision, you might take in the words and follow the instructions as a linear process rather than a visual experience.

If your strength is more in physical doing / kinesthetic experience, here are a couple of variations to try:

  • Sit in the sun (for a short amount of time, so you don’t get burned :-) ) and FEEL the Pure Light from the sun coming into your skin, down through the top of your head, and traveling through your body.

    Follow the same process as in the spiritual meditation above, but use your physical experience as a guide. Feel how good it is to RECEIVE this Light into your body. As the sun touches you, feel yourself as Pure Light, the same Light as the sun.

  • Read through the spiritual meditation and instead of using the inner visual experience of Light, you can use the polarity of expansion / constriction. Experiment with the feeling of Expansion moving through your body from head to toe, loosening and releasing all feelings of constriction.

6. Forgiveness meditation

This is a profoundly important spiritual meditation. The Miracle of Forgiveness Healing is a very significant aspect of letting go of suffering. Until we can come to peace with ALL aspects of this dream, we are not able to transcend it.

We’re often told that we NEED to forgive, but we’re rarely told how to do it. This spiritual meditation will help you with that.

I find it helps to first understand that everything we experience in this lifetime is a reflection of beliefs we have about ourselves. A good portion of those beliefs we carried into this life from former lives.

Also, whatever we judge another person for is really an aspect of ourselves we judge, with the same velocity that we judge the other person with.

At the core of all judgment, whether directed at someone “out there” or at ourselves, is guilt that arises from the unconscious, false belief that our entire identity is a collection of thoughts, our story of the past, emotions, and a body.

But actually, there really isn’t anyone “out there.” There is just One Being, and it is US.

Underneath our blame and judgment, whether it is of ourselves or others, is the reality that we are One with all life. When this truth is realized, there IS no judgment and blame.

However, it is an eons old habit to BELIEVE we really are a separate being, somehow housed in a body. Gradually though, we all awaken to the truth of BEING. This is assured because it is what we already are! :-)

If you've found your way to this site and you're reading these words right now, awakening is already happening within you. For most of us, this is a gradual process, and the meditations on this page can be part of that process if you resonate with them. We're all drawn to whatever the next step is for us.

And at the same time, the old identity of being a body / mind sometimes resists these practices when we start opening to Truth because it feels threatened. Eventually though, Consciousness always wins out, because, again, it already IS what we are.

So in the meantime, ego mind likes to project our own self-judgment OUTWARD onto others so that we won’t look inward. It's afraid if we look inward we'll see that ego mind is actually just the current thought and has no substance of its own.

It creates a whole thought system that keeps a blame / projection process in place so attention is kept "out there." To heal this, we need to become aware of the process, which the spiritual meditation below will help you with. We start with seeing that the person “out there” is a reflection of our own conscious or unconscious beliefs about ourselves.

spiritual meditation flower

Just as we’re only ever judging ourselves, when we forgive, we’re only ever forgiving ourselves. Everything we see “out there” is a projection from our own mind. So forgiveness for others is really about forgiving ourselves for things we’ve done in the dream, ways that we’ve acted because our minds were clouded with fear and pain and we weren’t aware of how much we are loved.

We’ve always been pure, conscious Awareness. So we’ve only DREAMED we and others did whatever we did in the dream. However, having an intellectual understanding of that isn't enough to heal the pain beneath our blame and judgement of others and ourselves. To help you begin to first consciously see, and then love and embrace your inner pain so that it can begin to unwind by itself, click here.

As we attend to what is arising within ourselves that comes up in relationship to another person, then we are in a much better position to truly forgive them AND ourselves.

How to do it

After you get used to this spiritual meditation process you can do it anywhere, any time, while you’re doing other things. But in the beginning I recommend that you stop everything else you are doing and give this your full attention.

  1. Sit comfortably. Begin by watching your breathing as described above. You might want to do the Present Moment Focus Meditation and / or the Meditation For Finding God first.

  2. Call on the pure Consciousness you already are. If you haven't yet experienced yourself as this, then get in touch with your sincere desire and willingness to heal. You might say something like…

    “My True Being, please show me the Truth of what I really am.”

    Sit with that for a few moments. Let go of everything else. Let everything else empty out, just for this moment. You can take it all back later if you want, but for now, let go.

    Just keep bringing your attention back to your sincere desire to experience the highest, truest Truth of yourself. Feel how that feels.

  3. When you're ready, think of someone you carry negative feelings toward. Start off with someone you only feel mildly negative toward. You can gradually build up to the people you have more of a charge with.

    Again, ask the Truth of your Being to guide you.

    “Truth, please show me how to forgive _______.”

  4. Invite your mind to bring up the things about this person that annoy you. For instance, you might feel “He is so bossy and controlling.” Then for each annoying quality you find about the person, look inside to see if you have the same judgment about YOURSELF for the very same thing.

    In this example you may judge yourself for even the SLIGHTEST tendency to boss and control.

    One by one, continue in this process (noticing what annoys you about the other person and then seeing you judge that same aspect or behavior in yourself) until you can’t think of anything else about them (yourself) that annoys you.

    As you see qualities within yourself you may not like, decline to judge them. Just see them. And if you can't release the judgment, then don't judge the judgment. :-) Just see that too.

  5. Now, one at a time, search your mind for ways this same person seems to have mistreated you, such as, “She doesn’t listen to me when I talk to her,” or “He blames me when things go wrong.”

    For each “mistreatment,” look deeply and honestly within your experience and see ways which you have treated yourself, or thought of yourself in the very same way this other person seems to treat you or seems to think of you.

    Then, to go to a deeper layer, for each “mistreatment” look even more deeply and see how you EXPECT and maybe even WANT to be treated this way, and deep inside feel you SHOULD be treated this way. This may sound strange, but believe me, it’s there or you wouldn't be experiencing this behavior with the other person.

    Go through this process for every “mistreatment” you’ve seemed to experience with this person. This will not only begin to unwind the negativity you share with them, it will also start to lift this material out of your unconscious and into your conscious awareness, a key step in undoing its hold on you.

  6. Now, see if you can bring your attention even deeper within yourself to become aware of the place where you feel separate or “bad” in any way. You'll mostly likely experience it as a kind of energy, like a clench or a tightness.

  7. Now, with this insight into yourself, realize that you innocently felt this way about yourself  because you didn't know or experience who you truly are is pure Beingness. All the attitudes you have about yourself (and the other person) are actually just thoughts!

    It is actually impossible for you to ever be "bad." You can only have a THOUGHT, which if thought enough can turn into a belief, that you were flawed in some way. But it was all just words!

    All words appear and disappear. They actually have no meaning whatsoever. However, YOU are this Space they all appear and disappear IN. 

  8. Bring attention in this moment to the space around your body.

    Then after a few moments shift your attention to the energy you experience within your body, the aliveness itself. Feel what it is in your body which tells you you are alive.

    Now, let the two merge: the space around your body and the energy within your body which tells you you are alive.

    After awhile check, is there anything "bad" or flawed in any way about this space and aliveness which is you?

    Of course, mentally you can quickly say "No, of course not." However, going back into the mind won't help you. Instead, check the Alive Space itself. If you really look, you'll discover the question is irrelevant. Alive Space is pure, unlimited energy and no concepts can limit it or even describe it.

  9. Feel how it feels to BE this Alive Space. Stay with this for a few moments, simply being Space, being Aliveness. Not your concept of space or aliveness, but the experience of it.

  10. Now, pretend this “other” person you want to forgive is in the room here with you. If it is too uncomfortable at first, place them way across the room or even just outside the room or space your body is in.

    BE the Alive Space.

    Let the other person be exactly as they are. Imagine them doing or saying whatever they customarily do or say. As they are doing that, stay with whatever you are experiencing in your own body. Have most of your attention within you. In other words, you stay with YOU, while the other person is doing whatever they are doing.

    Either right away, or after practicing this repeatedly, you'll begin to notice a feeling of relief, even if it is only slight at first. I promise you that if you stay with it, all that is within you that is creating suffering will begin to unwind on its own.

    By letting the other person be exactly as they are and attending to the hurt energies within yourself, forgiveness happens naturally and organically.

    By practicing this by pretending the other person is in the room, eventually you'll get to the place where you actually ARE in the same space with this person and you'll still be able to stay with yourself in a loving way, which enables you to be with them with love also.

Forgive a person a day

I recommend picking one person a day to use as a subject for this spiritual meditation.

For the people with whom you have more of a charge, you may need to do this several times.

There is one relationship I did this spiritual meditation with for over a year! It started out as being highly charged with pain and is now the most loving connection I've ever experienced with another human being. It took about a year of pretending he was in the room and working with what came up within me (as described above) before I was able to do it when I was actually in his presence.

How will you know when you’ve healed a relationship? When you think of them you’ll feel a neutral, gentle, warm feeling of wellbeing for them, without tightness or constriction within.

Be patient with this process. Keep at it. I assure you it is well worth the effort!

Even if this feels weird and / or doesn’t make sense, I urge you to try it anyway. Any weirdness you feel is the ego’s discomfort that you’re getting at the truth of what is really going on, which means your allegiance to ego mind is lessening and the old identification feels threatened.

When we turn into truth, ego vanishes. And when we’re lost in the mind's thought maze we can't experience the reality of Being.

For more about forgiveness, you might want to also take a look at another forgiveness meditation here: The Miracle of Forgiveness Healing.

I'm also very happy to guide you through this process (and all the processes mentioned above) in a WellBeing Alignment Session.

7. Centerpointe meditation

I saved the easiest spiritual meditation for last. It is easy because you don’t have to do anything! This one is called Centerpointe Meditation – a great spiritual meditation for beginners and long-time meditators as well.

I used Centerpointe daily for spiritual meditation for over eight years and I highly recommend it. It is great for stress release and the facilitation of spiritual insight and deep peace. I actually FELT my nervous system calming and balancing itself as I listened to the CD’s.

They took me into an extremely relaxed and open state, and often profound insights flashed across my mind. At times I experienced a deep and profound love and peace. My creativity and mental focus also increased, especially during and right after a meditation.

During that phase of my life I was also studying A Course In Miracles before listening to Centerpointe, and discovered that I understood the material on a much deeper level.

I often combined one or more of the sitting meditations above while listening to Centerpointe, increasing the meditation benefits and effectiveness of each technique because I was able to more easily sink down past the surface mental chatter. With this technology I eventually became able to easily drop into deep spiritual meditation even without the CD’s.

Holosync audio technology

The Holosync audio technology used in Centerpointe was invented by Bill Harris after years of experimentation and research. He studied the brain wave patterns of people who had reached states of deep peace after meditating for decades. He found a way to effortlessly train the human brain to create these same patterns without spending decades to get there.

With Holosync, your brain wave patterns are trained into deeply peaceful states as you listen to a CD with stereo headphones. With this technology anyone can experience the deeply nourishing and uplifting brain wave patterns of deep spiritual meditation, even if your thoughts jump around.

blue green light

Your brain waves slow down to a more tranquil state

As you listen to the soothing sounds of soft rain and crystal bowls on a Centerpointe CD, the Holosync technology goes on in the background, beyond your hearing. Your brain waves gradually slow down, enabling you to experience divine Stillness, which is really the purpose of any true spiritual meditation.

Before you begin a Centerpointe meditation, your brain wave patterns will most likely be in the Beta state, the pattern of normal waking consciousness. At its most rapid levels, Beta is associated with anxiety and disharmony.

Centerpointe meditation trains your brain waves to slow down, which first takes you into the Alpha state of relaxation and deep focus, where accelerated learning is possible. In this state we are able to quickly and efficiently learn, process, store and recall large amounts of information. Our brains increase serotonin production at this level, which helps release anxiety and depression.

As your brain waves continue to slow down, you enter into Theta, which is the wave pattern of dreaming. Here we experience deep relaxation, increased creativity, enhanced memory and learning, healing and integration of our experiences and how we see ourselves and others, the release of old, unresolved mental and emotional issues, alcohol and depression recovery, more flexible and creative problem solving, among many other benefits.

In the Theta state, the critical and self-sabotaging filters of the left brain are bypassed. This allows us to release debilitating beliefs and habit patterns quickly. In Theta, your brain increases it’s production of catecholamines, which are vital for learning and memory.

The next state you experience in a Centerpointe Meditation as your brain waves slow down even further is the Delta state. In Delta, your brain releases human growth hormone, which can reverse the effects of aging, and has many benefits for our body and nervous system. Delta is a deep, still state where we can experience our unconscious and collective mind, our oneness with Source and all life.

As you listen to these CD’s regularly, your mind “practices” going through all of these states so it is easier for you to relax into higher states of spiritual awareness, both during the sitting spiritual meditation and in your day-to-day life.

12 levels

There are 12 levels in the Centerpointe program. With each level your brain waves shift incrementally as the two hemispheres of your brain are balanced and your nervous system is gradually brought into higher levels of functioning. Each level still takes you through each of the brain wave patterns mentioned above, but at a more refined level with each progressive set of CD’s.

Subliminal messages recorded in your own voice

After the first few levels, Centerpointe lets you call a telephone number and record your own messages that you want to tell yourself (or unifying phrases.) They then record this track of your own voice in the background of the Holosync CD’s. When you listen to your new set of CD’s your voice, speaking your uplifting phrases to yourself, plays subliminally in the background.

Extra goodies

Every time you order a new level of CD’s (for me it was about once a year), Centerpointe includes other free materials, such as a free Theta CD and a free Alpha CD so you can focus exclusively on those levels.

They also include a Gamma Compassion CD which allows our brains to replicate the brain wave patterns experienced by monks who practice a traditional Buddhist spiritual meditation called “Metta Bhavana.” This practice focuses on cultivating feelings of loving kindness toward oneself and others. It also has subliminal affirmations for loving kindness recorded in the background, beyond your range of hearing.

Free demo CD

You can get more information and order a free Centerpointe demo CD here. (Note: the free CD includes a “sales pitch” spoken on top of the sound track, but it also gives you a short experience of the Holosync technology without words on top.)

How to do it

For this spiritual meditation, sit comfortably, with your back supported. Put stereo headphones on, play your Centerpointe CD and listen to beautiful soothing sounds of crystal bowls and light rain. The Holosync audio technology takes you into a deep meditative state, effortlessly. That’s all you have to do!

Complete instructions come with each set of CD’s, guiding you to use them in steps, to gradually train your brain waves. For the first few weeks, you’ll listen to the first half of the first CD. After that you’ll listen to the full, one-hour CD daily for 8 weeks (or longer if you wish) before continuing on with the next CD in your set.

I encourage you to combine any of the other spiritual meditations described above with Centerpointe, to boost overall spiritual benefits.

If you're just beginning spiritual meditation for the first time

Are you struggling? I’m here to support you.

I hope  you’ll try all of these spiritual meditations and adapt them to what is most uplifting for you. All of these techniques will help point your attention within, to your Self, pure Consciousness.

Are you struggling?
I’m here to support you.

Remember that it takes practice. The more you do it the easier it will become. As you keep a daily spiritual meditation practice going and let go ever more deeply into the truth of Being, you will become increasingly aware of soft but clear nudges to guide you along in your daily life in more harmonious ways.

The rough edges of your outer life will soften, you will feel a loving connection with others and with yourself. It is very possible to know a peaceful joy beyond anything you’ve ever known before. And, because we are all One Being, as you get to know yourself as Consciousness, it uplifts ALL of us. As we all continue to awaken more deeply together this collective dream we share has a much better chance of shifting to a peaceful one!

I meet you Here, in the truth of Being, always and forever!


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