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Part 4:
Pointers, Suggestions, Individual Help And Coaching

In Part 1 we took a look at how identification with a self-concept (self-image and belief system), plus resisting whatever is appearing in your life, causes more turmoil than your actual life events.

Then in Part 2 we talked about how your belief system functions like the operating system on your computer. We also looked at how we believe our self-image and belief system is what we actually ARE. You were given a way to begin to experience the pure spaciousness you actually ALREADY are.

Following that, in Part 3 you learned a step-by-process to discover what your self-concept is and how to let it unwind by itself. We also talked about the teachings of Adyashanti, and the results of doing this practice.

Now you’ll learn pointers and suggestions to help you get the most out of the practices given in this series. You’ll also get information about one-on-one help and coaching to help you free yourself from your self-concept and the suffering that comes from identifying with it.

Doing This Practice Once Isn’t Enough

If you do this practice on one subject (such as the potential car crash example we used in this series) on one day, and then, if the replaying of the memory is still going on in your mind, you’ll find it helpful to do this process again, from the beginning at Step 1. 

What usually happens is a deeper level than the one you were previously aware of will open up, getting into the deeper, more fundamental core beliefs within your self-concept.

The deeper you go with this process, you’ll start to uncover your most basic core beliefs / self-concept, the “operating system” you’ve been unconsciously living by.

You’ll know when you discover a core belief, when you’ve consciously ventured into a deep aspect of your self-image and belief system. You’ll feel it. There will be a knowing-ness that this belief (or beliefs) has been in the background for most of your life. You’ll sense you’re uncovering the “compass” you’ve been orienting by.

Simply by bringing it into conscious awareness and questioning it, the whole “compass” starts to disintegrate. Usually not overnight, but gradually.

I really encourage you to keep going with this until you feel relief.

To get to the CORE beliefs, the deep-down ones which form your self-concept and from which all other beliefs come out of, I recommend repeating this process.

You’ll begin to see how self-image and belief are intimately tied together, and how identifying with any of it creates suffering for you.

All Issues Funnel Down Into The Same Core Beliefs / Self-Concept

All beliefs funnel into one self-concept.

You’ll start to discover that no matter what arena of your life you do this practice with, whether it’s about …

  • romantic relationships and / or other intimate relationships

  • job / career

  • money

  • health

  • or coping with stress in any form

… when you do the practice given in this series with each issue separately, while at first they can seem like different issues, if you keep going with this process, they will all come down to the same “operating system” of beliefs – your self-concept.

You’ll discover the very same beliefs, which make up your self-concept “operating system” color your experience of all arenas of your life.

It’s Helpful To Not Assume You Already Know What Your Core Issues Are

After you’ve done the practice shared in this series a few times you may feel, “I already know what my core beliefs and self-concept are, so I don’t need to do this.”

When I repeat this process, using the same issue over and over again, I am frequently surprised when an even deeper level of beliefs opens up.

Sometimes a belief is stated in a way which wasn’t stated before, giving me more insight into the particular nuances of my core beliefs / self-concept and the suffering I’ve experienced related to seeing life through that particular lens.

If you’ve already done this exercise with a situation, such as the potential car crash in the example we used in this series, and yet you find the event still troubles you, that’s an indication there are MORE, deeper beliefs for you to uncover.

In that case, I recommend doing the process again, even if your mind tells you you’re done.

Is It Necessary To Do The Writing Part Of This Exercise?

I recommend writing it down. I find that much more comes forward when I write it out rather than just mentally going through the process. As soon as you write it down, the act of writing it itself is a certain kind of release, at least enough for the next level to be uncovered.

Then, for the purposes of Steps 4 and 5 in the practice you learned in this series, it is much easier to have a list of what came up rather than trying to remember all of it.

Also, sometimes the particular form the words are expressed in are important. When you write them down as soon as you hear them, you have a better chance of writing it in the exact form it was expressed.

If you don’t write them down and then go back later to try to do the other steps, there’s a good chance you’ll miss the nuances of the actual original words they were expressed in, which is the most accurate description of the actual belief of the energy itself, not your mind’s interpretation of them.

For example, “I did something bad,” has a different energy than “I AM bad.” The first one is more on the surface, while the second one is more likely a core belief and a key part of your self-concept.

Remember, This Isn’t An Intellectual Process

This practice is an exploration in awareness. The whole point is to bring conscious awareness to what is going on below the surface, to what has been coloring your whole life. To SEE what has been causing you suffering.

It is that experience itself – bringing consciousness to what was previously unconscious – which automatically creates a shift in the energetic system of your being.

Your system won’t do this until you EXPERIENCE the process of bringing your beliefs / self-concept  into conscious awareness (as outlined above), not by thinking about it.

Shifting Beliefs Isn’t Something You Have To “Do”

From the perspective of the mind, we’re always trying to fix, improve, heal or change something to try to make it better or get rid of it.

However, in the process offered in this series, it isn’t about shifting beliefs from one to another. It is about letting ALL beliefs unwind on their own and discovering the truth of who you are, which was veiled by all the trying, as well as the beliefs themselves.

Any amount of “trying” to change anything actually feeds energy to the very thing we want to change.

Therefore, I encourage you to view what is on these pages as a noticing of beliefs as they are uncovered, rather than actively being involved in shifting beliefs from one to another.

After all, no belief, good or bad, defines the truth of YOU. So, in essence, shifting beliefs from a “bad” one to a “good” one is just swapping one thought with another.

No matter what the self-concept you have of yourself is, at some point you will feel limited by it because You are not any concept. You are the pure awareness it arises in.

Would You Like Individual Help With Letting Your Self-Image And Belief System Unwind?

I invite you to a WellBeing Alignment Session. I offer individual help and coaching on uncovering YOUR self-concept and how to free yourself from it.

Beneath your debilitating self-concepts you can discover the truth of who you actually already are – the Consciousness your beliefs, concepts and all experience arises IN.

During your session, together we will invite up whatever is most ready to be seen within you. I will show you how to bring awareness, compassion and love to the pain within you, giving it the loving attention it needs to unwind on its own, when it is ready to.

In the session you'll also learn ways to continue and deepen your healing.

It is a pleasure walking along beside you on this adventure!

All love and blessings to you my friend…


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