How To Be More Intuitive

People often ask me "How can I be more intuitive?" My answer to everyone is that you are ALREADY extremely intuitive. It is part of who we are. We simply have to consciously shift attention to it and listen to it! 

YOU are very wise. Don’t believe me?

I’m talking to you, Soul, Consciousness, not your personality or your mind. Those aspects can be smart, but that is not the same as true wisdom.

What we call “intuition” is the knowingness of Soul, our True Being. It is sometimes referred to as the “still, small voice” in various spiritual traditions.

The Best Way To Broaden And Deepen Your Inner Intuition Is To Tune Into Yourself as Conscious, Aware Beingness

That is what we'll explore together on this page.

When your intuition speaks to you, you’ll notice that it is different from the usual mind chatter. It has a simple, pure clarity, and a quality of strength, love and wisdom about it. Nothing fancy.

You might experience it as coming from a loving Guide whom you absolutely trust and whom has both your best interests and the best interest of all Souls involved within their Guidance. Or, you may experience it as simply coming from within your own Beingness.

Intuition can be felt / heard as a clear, calm inner “voice” of direct wisdom and guidance, often as a gentle but sure nudge as to what the one next best step is in any given situation. In my experience, it generally offers up what to do Now, rather than a big picture or series of things to do, although that can manifest at times as well. Since it comes from our Higher Being or Soul (whatever terms you know this by), it just FEELS right, in the Soul, body, mind, and emotions.

Listening To Intuition

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I mentioned that you can experience intuition as a “voice,” which implies words being spoken. However, I put the word “voice” in quotes because it is not the way we hear outer voices or even inner thoughts.

Instead, intuition can be characterized as a warm, loving nudge — a sensing that it is best in a situation to do a certain action or move in a specific direction, or to stay still and do nothing at all.

It can also come as a feeling kind of information, giving you important background intelligence about what is going on for a fellow human being or beings, which will help you to interact with them in accordance with the Shining Light you and they actually are. 

This occurs when I’m doing WellBeing Alignment Sessions with client friends. I sense or feel ways they’ve been hurt in the past, as well as possible ways to move forward in healing.

Your higher intuition can express itself suddenly, seemingly completely out of nowhere. 

Or, you might be wrestling with a decision and in the throes of that you ask yourself, “What do I truly, honestly WANT to do in this situation? From my heart, what simply feels right?”

There can come a completely honest, no-strings-attached answer that just FEELS good on all levels. You’ll find your body, mind, and emotions relaxing as you imagine doing what the intuitive nudge is guiding you to do or say.

We all need to know what supports us when nothing supports us.

~ Carl Jung (From a talk on Sounds True with James Hollis)

Living Only From The Mind Can Be Painful

I've found that most of the suffering I've ever experienced has been from dwelling in the mind and listening to its complicated and sometimes conflicting narratives, with all their ups and downs. 

The mind has amazing capacity and is a useful tool for many things in our physical / mental lives. However, all the mind knows is polarity — opposites such as feels good / feels bad, or I like this / I don’t like that. The mind can have a CONCEPT of peaceful neutrality, but that is quite limited compared to the actual experience of ourselves as neutral, bright, shining, loving Soul.

We all have challenging experiences in our lives that generate suffering. That is a component of human incarnation. We all came into this life with unique “workshops” which we (as Soul) chose in order to take us to the next step in our spiritual evolution. Sometimes we choose stiffer workshops than other times, because we are ready for it. As Soul Beings, we never take on more than we can handle.

If / when we live only in the mind and depend on it solely for guidance, this significantly adds to our challenges when we are incarnated here on the physical plane.

But, we don’t have to stay caught up in it. There IS a way, beyond the mind, to find peace within yourself, no matter what is going on in your life.

That path beyond the mind is alive and lit with the loving guidance of your own spiritual intuition. And It Is ALWAYS available! We just have to make the choice to be more intuitive and tune into it.

The Spiritual Intuition Within You Has Most Likely Already Been Speaking To You During Your Entire Life

You’ve probably already had a pretty good sense of what your intuition is and what it feels like. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been drawn to this page.

It is always available to guide each of us every single moment of our lives. 

It is that soft, yet strongly supportive nudge that suddenly tells you to turn left onto a street you’ve never explored before when you’re out for a walk. Then you follow the nudge and act on it, consequently seeing a dear friend you haven’t seen in years. And / or perhaps you avoid being hit by a truck which could have happened if you’d gone the other direction!

To be more intuitive, we just have to listen and turn toward what we truly resonate with — what we sense and feel is right and true to our whole Being. When you’re unsure about which way to go in a situation, tune into what just FEELS right from your heart. THAT is your spiritual intuition!

Again, it is not about listening to the mind’s opinions or analysis. It is on a different vibrational level of your being, and it has a quality of sureness, light, connection, love and strength.

This lifetime is a unique path for everyone. No two lives are alike. We, as Soul all come into these lifetimes to learn specific lessons.

And the smoothest path forward comes from giving up reliance on the mind and bringing attention to Attention Itself and our felt experience of Shining, Conscious Aliveness, which can be experienced  — not just thought about, but experienced —  just by shifting attention to the Alive, Shining Light we already are in this very moment.

So How Can You Be More Intuitive?

As I mentioned before, the mind loves complications and polarities. But your mental / psychological / emotional being is not all that you are.

The levels of our being can be likened to the physical layout of a home — one with many levels. For the sake of simplicity, however, let’s simplify it down to a 2-story home.

The body is like the ground floor of your home, while your mind and the emotions it generates are your second floor in this analogy. Normally, most of us humans spend our lives on these 2 floors, living from the physical / mental / emotional perspective. 

When we’re upset, we tend to look for help that is still on those levels — the same levels where we are generating the upset.

However, the answer to ALL of our issues is ABOVE the physical / mental / emotional area, which, to continue our metaphor here, is to go up on the “roof” of your “house.”

When you literally shift attention above the body, and above the mind and the emotions it generates, you are now looking out from your Soul Level, your True Being. This is where your true, deep, pure, loving intuition comes from. 

And as we tune into this area of ourselves, that simultaneously opens and activates the heart area of the physical-mental-emotional being as well.

How To Transcend The Thinker Part Of You And Be More Intuitive

To first establish where the mind area of your inner being is, think of some problem you want to solve. Then after a few seconds, notice that as you think of ways to solve it, your attention is in a very specific location — in your forehead. 

Feel how that feels to be in the thinker part of your being. Notice that is a limited area. The mind is quite powerful, but it is indeed limited.

Also notice that as you think certain thoughts, you feel either positive or negative emotions, depending on the thought.

Intuition Transcends The Thinker

Photo by Angela Roma from Pexels

Now, simply choose to shift attention ABOVE that part of your being, above the thinker. As I mentioned before, this is similar to going up on the “roof” of your “house.” As you shift attention up here, notice how it feels. Notice there are no constrictions here to limit you in any way. 

Tune into the calm simplicity here. Let go into it. Notice how it feels as you look out from here. Feel the peace and freedom here.

This is beginning to experience yourself as Soul, Pure Unlimited Consciousness — one with all Beings, All Life, as well as one with Supreme Consciousness, or God, whatever name you know It by.

THIS is where your inner intuition nudges (what I call spiritual instinct or intuition) come from. Here you can experience a pure, direct, clear internal Guidance that isn’t tainted or limited by the mind in any way.

Here, you can have a pure experience of yourself as Soul, free of the body, emotions and mind, and completely unlimited. 

You can see from doing this that you are always here in this “zone” as Soul. Even when your attention shifts back to body, emotions, mind, YOU as Soul still remain on this wide open, plane of existence, a being of love and shining light.

When we want to be more intuitive, we can learn to live from Soul, the more we shift attention here. And the more we do it, especially if done daily, the more deeply we experience ourselves and others as pure Light, Alive, Loving, Connected One Consciousness.

The Still, Small Voice of Intuition Is Always Available

This inner  “still, small voice” of intuition is always here and available because it emanates from the true reality of who we already are!

Sometimes we can hear / feel /sense this inner nudge or voice, even when we’re in the throes of anxiety or pressure, without consciously going through the process described above. The voice can speak even through and past the density of the mind. This can happen during times of danger when you suddenly get the nudge to move to the right or the left, for instance, and end up avoiding a collision of some sort.

A feeling of warmth and surety can come over you and you sense that a particular action just feels right. When that happens and you follow that inner nudge, only good can come from it.

Then at other times, when we want to be more intuitive, we can consciously open to it, when we are seeking true guidance related to a question or issue.

We simply have to let go and be quiet enough within to listen to it. It comes from the reality of who we already are — Pure Consciousness / Soul, so we don’t have to create it. We simply need to shift attention above the mind area, as described above.

The word “small” in “still small voice” is to differentiate it from our mind talk, which has an entirely different quality. We’re all very familiar with the talk that is of the mind. It has a feeling sense of linear rigidity about it.

On the other hand, intuitive guidance from yourself as Soul, as well as your Inner Spiritual Guides, is on a different wave length than mind talk, as it emanates from our eternal Being as Soul, united with all Beings, All Life. One could say this “voice” is both softer and stronger. More sure.

Even while we are living our physical human lives, we always exist as Soul. Then even after we leave this body, on the Soul level we still exist eternally.

When your Intuitive Guidance speaks, it has an entirely different quality than the usual voice in the mind that we hear daily.

In my experience, Intuitive Soul Guidance is accompanied by a feeling of undeniable truth, depth, clarity, light, love and support. It is an energetic feeling of surety.

I highly recommend doing the following practice daily.

How To Access Your Spiritual Intuition

Again, simplicity is key, and remember, that lies beyond the mind. So use the steps below as guides to point your attention to the Alive Shining Presence you already are, above and beyond the mind, rather than using them as just more concepts to think about.

You may find it more relaxing and helpful to lie down while doing these steps.

Letting Go

Photo from Pexels

Step 1
Start with watching your breathing

This, in and of itself is calming for the entire nervous system if you do it long enough. It will help you start feeling more relaxed as your nervous system unwinds.

I recommend doing it with eyes closed at first. Later, you can also do this at any time with eyes open, even while you’re doing other things.

Let your body breathe however it wants to. Don’t try to alter or control the pace of it or anything about it.

Just shift your attention to it. Notice it. Observe it.

If you do this long enough, and sometimes this happens right away, you’ll notice that your breaths become more full and also more relaxed. At the same time, you’ll notice a quality of overall body relaxation. This may be only subtle at first, but if you stay with observing your breath moving in and out of our body, it will be more and more relaxing.

Continue with this first step for as long as you want to. You can even stay with just this step and practice it by itself for a few days (or even weeks!) before continuing with the rest of these steps.

After you feel the quality of relaxation from this step and feel like you’re ready to go deeper, you’re ready for Step 2.

Step 2
Scan your body for tight, constricted places

Move your attention through your body, especially in the core of your body and its energy centers, from your forehead down to your lower torso.

I’ve never met a human — including myself — who doesn’t deal with tightness in the body at one time or another.  All of our unresolved “stuff” (our history, stuck beliefs, emotions, etc.) exhibits itself in the body in an area that is related TO our unresolved issues.

The reason the energies feel tight is that they reflect tight ways that we mentally view ourselves, others, and/or the world.

So… Notice any tight places? Places where it feels constricted or strained?

This might be in your chest or in the solar plexus below the chest or the other energy centers of your body. It could even be in an arm, leg, foot, or anywhere.

If you notice more than one tight place (which is not unusual!), shift attention to whichever one feels the most prominent in your attention.

Now, at this point let go of any labels such as “tightness,” because any label will keep you looking out from the mind rather than from yourself as Awareness.

No need to label the sensations as anything at all. Instead, exit the mind with your attention and shift it to the energy itself. Tune into it, like you’d tune into music when you hear it in your environment. Feel into the energy of it.

Step 3
Let go into the energy

Release any attempt to fix, change or even heal the tight energy at this point. 

All of those can too quickly create the mental stance of “I want this to go away,” which is actually resisting the energy and takes us back into our minds. That would make the constriction even tighter. 

Much better to simply see and accept the energy AS energy, without mentally making it good or bad.

As you notice and feel the energy sensation, let go into it without trying to change it in any way.

You may (or may not — there is no right or wrong result from doing this) get a flash of insight about what this energy relates to in your life. Don’t try to figure that out, but if a flash of insight — intuition — comes, let it. It might come as a visual image, a memory or a feeling.

Step 4
Tune into a sense of love and caring for this energy

Notice that when you don’t label any energy that you become aware of in negative terms, you can experience it as Pure Energy! It is Life Force, Conscious Aliveness, Infinite Intelligence. The essence of what / who we all are is this same Life Force, Energy! It can manifest in different forms, but at the core it is what we, and all life, are.

And YOU, alive, observing Presence  (not the thinker but the observer) are Pure Energy also. So at the core, this energy is not foreign. It is the same Life Force that you are.

There is only one Life Force, although it manifests in an uncountable number of forms.

When you let go into this realization, THAT is love. You might feel a melting feeling of letting go.

Then from this perspective it is easy to simply let this energy know it is free to do whatever IT needs to do. Not what your mind wants it to do. 

As you do this, you might experience your body jerking or moving, especially your arms and legs. Your jaw might quiver. Your head and neck could move. There might be huge movements or very small ones, or maybe even none at all.

ALL of this is Life Energy expressing itself! When we don't go into mind and label it but instead stay with pure experience, it is exciting, healing and enlivening for the whole body, whole being.

Anything unresolved within you, from intense stuff that may have happened in your childhood or from other lifetimes, shows up in the body as tight places. The same is true in regards to any concerns you have in your current life, about relationships, money, health, etc.

When they are ready, the tight energy knots will unwind. And they do it by themselves, in their own time and in their own way. These bodies have VAST Intelligence that is way beyond the mind. This Intelligence is pure Life Force, Consciousness, Love, God, whatever name we want to call it.

Step 5
Tune into the overall Aliveness of your entire body. FEEL what is Alive, bright and shining within your being

You are Shining Aliveness

Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels

Extend your attention to include the area on the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Feel the Aliveness that is vibrating through your entire body. Tune into the Aliveness Itself. Feel it. Sense it. Let go into it.

You can also shift attention to what is looking out of your eyes right now. This is another way to experience yourself as Shining Aliveness. Take some time to really tune into it and let go into it.

You ARE this Shining Aliveness. This is the source OF your intuition!

Step 6
When you find yourself going back into the Thinker, notice that thinking takes place in only one specific area of your body — the forehead area

Notice that I didn’t say “if” you find yourself going back into the Thinker. We are all pretty much conditioned by the world around us to live in our minds.

So WHEN you notice you’re feeling tight and uncomfortable again, notice that you’ve shifted your perspective back to viewing your life through your mind.

When you notice this, simply shift attention ABOVE the thinking part of your being, as we did earlier.

That brings your attention back to feeling the Aliveness of your Being. 

Another powerful way to bypass the mind is to at first simply put attention on the words “I am.” Then rest in the energy of those words. If you do it long enough and deeply, it will help you feel the Presence of Light that you are.

Don’t make yourself wrong or bad when you find yourself going back to the mind. Please be kind to yourself.

We are all conditioned by this physical plane to live from our physical / mental being. Consequently. it takes consistent practice to shift our perspective beyond the body / mind to Soul. And I can tell you, it is very much worth the effort!

Four Ways To Experience Your Shining True Self And Simultaneously Access Your True Intuition Directly

To sum up, all four of these are doorways you can use to shift attention to the Shining Light you already ARE!

  • Shifting attention above the thinker and looking out from here
  • Feeling the aliveness of your whole body  — the source of intuition
  • Letting go into the Shining Alive Presence looking out of your eyes 
  • Contemplate the words “I am,” then let go into the energy of that. Get to know this “I” that you are.

Through these practices you can directly FEEL and experience the freedom, the vibrating Aliveness of yourself. This is the purest experience of yourself, as pure Life Force, Shining Consciousness. THIS is the source of those intuitive flashes that we get which bypass the mind.

Feel the Unlimited Shining Light that you are, which existed before your body did and will exist eternally as Light and Consciousness.

Let go into the freedom of not being contained in the body, not being limited in any way.

THIS is where true intuition comes from. 

Its intuitive guidance is available to our human self all the time, but until we shift attention to it and experience ourselves AS this Shining Light, we miss the incredible wisdom that is actually available to us 24/7.

Following Intuition / Spiritual Instinct For The Bigger Questions

Sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads, facing one of the bigger questions in life, such as: “Should I move to this city or that city?” or “Should I marry ______ or wait?”

For these type of questions, when we ask our own Inner Guidance for an answer, it may come now, or perhaps later. 

Remember you are asking Consciousness, not your mind. Sometimes it is part of our Soul “workshop” to be in the unknown for awhile about certain issues. That in itself contributes to our spiritual awakening.

Be patient. You can regularly check in with the question, using the guidelines above. Eventually you will know which way to go.

These Practices Have Value Beyond Assisting You In Becoming More Intuitive

Yes, it is wonderful to be more intuitive, to feel and experience the Inner Guidance that comes from discovering the Pure Light that you are. It is lovely to feel that support and it is incredibly healing and helpful in your daily life and relationships.

AND … There is so much more here for you than that!

As you practice what is outlined here, you are getting to know your True Self, as Soul. You are opening to knowing yourself as Pure Consciousness, your True Being, which is One with ALL Being, All Life, as well as our Divine Creator!

How To Be More Intuitive

Photo by Min An from Pexels

This is the true SOURCE of your intuition, as well as all life!

In my experience, this is the most important thing we can do in our physical lives — to know ourselves as Soul. There is nothing in our human experience that can even come close to the infinite deep peace, joy, love and fulfillment of knowing ourselves as Consciousness, the Bright Shining Light we already are, have always been, and always will be.

And it is from here, from you as Soul, where all the best guidance you could ever possibly receive will come from. Besides our own Soul Intuition, we all have Spiritual Guides on the inner Soul Planes of our existence as well, and shifting attention to yourself as Soul, opens up your awareness of the channels of communication from and to them.

We all are Life Force, Pure Aliveness! I meet you in this Light and Love, Forever.

If you’d like coaching for any of these processes, I’d love to meet with you in a WellBeing Alignment Session!

A Practical Example Of Consciously Opening To Your Intuition In Your Every Day Life:

The following is a simple example, but you can apply the very same process to big questions as well as the small ones.

Let’s say you’re trying to decide between buying brand X of apples or brand Y. First, let go of the subject that you want an answer on. Shift attention to your breathing. That helps you shift attention from the “thinker” to the Be-er.

Just notice your breathing and forget about the apples for a moment. Feel the energy of your breathing, the Life Force. Then feel the energy field of your whole body. Tune into it. Let go into it. BE it.

As you do this, notice that this is YOU, as an Alive Presence. Let go into this Alive Presence. Let YOU, Alive Presence, guide you as an incarnated personality. To do that you have to first take your “stand” in you, AS Alive Presence.

Then, when you’re ready, return attention to the two apples you want to choose from. Notice: do you feel more drawn to one of the two? When you look at one, do you feel a quiet “yes” that you don’t feel when you look at the other one? A kind of open, automatic energetic joining with one apple but not the other one?

If not, it could be that both apples are an excellent choice for you!  :-)

An important part of this is to consciously notice how it feels and what you experience when you are acting from and making choices solely from the mind. Then notice how it feels when you tune into yourself as the Watcher, the Alive Presence, experiencing whatever is going on. Feel the difference.

This isn’t to make coming from the mind wrong. On this plane of existence, the mind is an important tool. Rather, this is about becoming more aware of how you’re viewing experiences (are you viewing it from the mind or from you as Alive Presence), and to notice how it feels when you are acting from one or the other.

Also, it is important to realize that sometimes we’re very drawn to an experience or something or someone that ends up being a “train wreck” situation. When that happens, it is because the “train wreck” needed to be experienced in order for us (as well as all the other beings involved) to learn or discover something important. It is part of the Soul Workshop that we (and they) signed up for in this lifetime.

This is the experience of “Being In the world but not of it” referred to in various spiritual teachings.

Would You Like Personal Help With What You’ve Read On This Page?

I offer WellBeing Alignment Sessions to help you.

While these sessions tend to have an organic flow of their own depending on your needs when we meet, there are two main components to this coaching:

  1. In these sessions your attention will be turned directly toward noticing the Bright, Alive, Loving Light you already are.

  2. You will also be guided to let whatever is arising in you (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)  to be here as it is. We become the loving, allowing space for it all to come up in. When we no longer try to "manage" or control our suffering, these energies become free to release on their own.

By doing these two things together, healing occurs naturally, organically, and at its own pace. Consequently, we become more and more free to be the Shining Light we already are!

Find out more about WellBeing Alignment Sessions here.

I look forward to meeting you!

All love and blessings to you,


“Wow, I am still not able to put into words what you have helped me to experience and to release. I am so beyond grateful for the gift you have given me. The first couple of days after our session, I had the strangest feeling... a feeling of hope, and a kind of general thought that ‘everything will be alright.’ It was like a kind of gentle mist just in the background of my awareness, and it related directly to the golden light that I experienced in my solar plexus during our session – my power.

It felt strange because I haven’t felt or thought that way in the longest time, except I didn’t know I was ‘missing’ it until I had it again! Love and such huge, huge gratitude.”

~ Lara M, Australia

You can read what others experience
with WellBeing Alignment Sessions here.

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