Meditative Healing Exercise

This meditative process is helpful to do when you are troubled by a particular situation or experience, or find yourself spinning in reaction to something or someone in your life. This meditative healing exercise can also be very helpful when you are looking for Inner Guidance about what the next step is for you in this life.

You might feel more drawn to some of these steps than others. If so, by all means, focus on those steps first. I recommend following your own Inner Guidance and doing the aspects of the following steps that you are drawn to as a daily practice. This will help you to fulfill what you, Soul, came here to do in this specific lifetime.

It is important to note that this is a conscious, experiential letting go, not just a mental exercise.

In doing these steps, you will find you are much more apt to be open to whatever your current situation is here to teach you.

Step 1
Shift attention away from your mind by watching your breathing

Allow your breathing to be exactly as it is. Simply shift attention to it and observe it for 5 or 10 minutes or longer. If you find your attention drifting back to thoughts or emotions, just notice that without judging yourself. Then guide your attention back to watching your natural breathing process without trying to change it.

Step 2
Accept your current life situation exactly as it is, as well as your own physical, mental, emotional response to it

Accepting life as it is doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work for positive change in the world, for others as well as yourself. If you feel called to do that, then that is part of your workshop this time around and by all means follow that Inner Guidance.

However, as each event or life situation shows up in your life, I encourage you to first accept all that is showing up because resistance can add more negative energy to the situation.

This includes accepting everything exactly as it is regarding anything that is bothering you, such as:

Your own physical / mental / emotional reaction to whatever is going on

Right now, even if it is just for a few minutes, completely accept ALL of yourself exactly as you are – including everything you perceive as positive or negative about yourself. Turn attention to the following aspects of yourself and consciously soften around each one:

  • your humanness, personality, physical, mental and emotional states

  • the way you act in relationship to others

  • your job, career, and money situation

  • your life, body, mind and emotions as they are

  • emotions that arise within your being such as fear, anger, resentment, sadness, etc. 

  • any and all perceived aspects of yourself that you judge as “flaws” 

As you do this meditative healing exercise and observe these various aspects of yourself, don't make any of them wrong. They are simply energy fields. When we can accept them fully we are less likely to act out from them.  

It is also helpful to focus in on the following areas of your life as well:

Specific relationships with other beings which may feel challenging

Besides accepting yourself and your reactions that arise within your relationship with someone, to get to a place of inner peace, it is essential to accept the other person and their reactions exactly as they are. Let go of trying to change them, their perspective, emotional / mental responses to you, or their behavior in any way.

Take this moment by moment. For THIS moment, let go of trying to change anything or anyone. Play with completely allowing whatever relationship you are focusing on to be exactly as it is.

Step 3
Deepen and broaden your attention out to accept and allow as they are:

  • Your entire life and everyone and everything in it 

  • Situations that trouble you currently or from the past

  • Your job and/or career (or the lack of them)

  • Your financial situation

  • Your health status

  • Your home, city, state, country

  • World situations and wars, global warming, health and poverty crises, etc.

See all of this as one energetic field. Allow it all to be exactly as it is, because it IS exactly as it is.

Step 4
Let it all go

Now that you’ve felt your current situation all as one big energy field, let it go. Release it. It is actually as simple as that. Our minds sometimes tell us otherwise, but we CAN simply let it go. 

It is actually our mental / emotional attachment to things being a certain way that is different than how we currently perceive them that creates tremendous suffering for ourselves and those around us.

Meditative Healing Exercise

It might help to visualize the mind like a hand that is holding all the parameters and components of an issue within its grasp, like a huge ball.

Then simply see the hand (mind) release the ball — everything from its grasp.

As you breathe out, let go of all of it — everything on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels.
Photo by Lukas,

Step 5
Shift attention back to your breathing

Exit the mind area with your attention. Shift attention back to your breathing, as we did in Step 1, allowing your breathing to be exactly as it is. Let go into this present moment.

Step 6
Bring attention to your heart

As you shift attention to your heart be IN your heart. Literally look out from there. FEEL it. Let go into it. Notice the quality of the energy. Does it feel tight? Or is there an openness there?

If you notice tightness, let go of judging it. Simply notice that.

The more you practice this meditation the deeper you can experience a pure, open, bright light of love which shines from your heart. Don't worry if you don't experience that at first, however. If there is tightness or discomfort, there is wounding there, from this and/or previous lifetimes.

But by practicing shifting attention here without judging anything you open yourself to healing on all levels of your being.

Step 7
Feel the aliveness of your body

Sense what is alive within your entire body, your being. FEEL it. Let go into Aliveness itself — the actual feeling of being Alive. Surrender into this Life Force. This can be a doorway into discovering and knowing yourself as a bright, shining eternal being of Light. 

And as we get to know ourselves as Light, we are open to incredible healing for ourselves and all beings!

* * *

To fully accept your life as it is and to make the most of your life, I recommend doing this meditative healing exercise at least once daily or better yet, do it often during day, including the first thing when you wake up in the morning or last thing before sleep. Both of these are wonderful times for this because as you’re lying in bed, safe and comfortable, chances are good that your body is already relaxed, or at least more relaxed than when you're in the midst of your daily activity. After you’ve practiced it for awhile, you’ll also be able to do this while you’re doing other things.

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