Frequently asked questions regarding WellBeing Alignment Sessions

1. How does this type of healing work?

The body is a projection of the mind. We project it and the world we live in from mind, creating a dream that we think is real. We then believe that the body and the mind are who we are, instead of the Consciousness it all arises in.

What we really are isn’t even a “who.” We are Pure Spirit, Divine Essence. As Divine Essence, we are safe, totally loved, and joyous within the heart of Source, our Creator, not involved in this false dream we created at all.

This is very much like the process of dreaming that we are all acquainted with. Sometimes we dream scary things at night. When we awaken we realize we are safe in our beds and that all that we just experienced was a dream that just disappeared when we woke up.

Likewise, right now in this very moment, we are safe in the heart of our Creator, dreaming that we are a body and living in a world we call Earth.

We share this dream with all who live here, because in reality, we are all One Being, One Consciousness.

All suffering, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, is a result of believing the illusion that we are a body, separate from each other and our Source. To heal completely and permanently all we have to do is shift our attention to our Self, Pure Consciousness and discover this is what we actually are. This is what is often called "awakening" or "self-realization."

The more we experience and focus on the Truth and the Light of What we really are, the more our minds are healed and illusions are dispelled. At some point, when we FULLY accept the Truth of What we are, we no longer need to project a body and a physical dream (nightmare) of separation. All illusions and defenses to the Truth are dispelled. This is awakening.

While we are still dreaming that we are here as a body, the more that we can focus on (and get to know our Self as) the Light, the more we align with the Truth, and the faster we experience freedom. As a result of this, suffering gradually unwinds by itself because we are no longer feeding energy to it.

WellBeing Alignment Sessions direct your attention into the experience of the Truth of What you are, which is what begins to unwind suffering.

We are all joined with each other in Light / Source / Truth / Healing. It is Source that heals, not a person. However, since this healing energy is the Truth of What we all are, we can act as bridges to the Light for each other. In this way we can assist another being in consciously accessing their (Our) own Light.

When we focus together on the Light that we already are, our healing power is exponentially greater than our combined efforts. Suffering is a result of isolation and belief in separation. Healing is the result of Oneness. The more we shift our attention to the Light that we are, everything that is not of that high, clear vibration falls away, because actually nothing except the Light exists. The rest is seen as illusion.

After a WellBeing Alignment Session, in order to maintain the flow of healing within you, you’ll need to keep regular, ongoing attention on the you that is Light. During your session I will coach you on how to do this.

2. What do you (Kai) do in the session?

I see and feel energy constrictions as they are shown to me during a WellBeing Alignment Session. At the same time, I’m conscious of the Awareness that we already are and the healing energy it contains. I act as a bridge or “jump-starter” to assist you in bringing your attention to the Awareness you already are, which facilitates healing on all levels.

I also coach you in ways to allow suffering, emotions and thoughts to arise as they are without getting pulled into identifying with them.

During the session you will experience ways to continue the practices you learn after the session.

3. What do we do together in a WellBeing Alignment Session?

The first thing we do is determine what is most “up” for you that is ready for healing. Then we shift attention to your Self as Pure Awareness. As you experience your Self as Pure Awareness and begin to place your allegiance here, all energy tangles and constrictions begin to unwind within the mind, emotions and body.

You will also receive coaching in ways to continue this alignment with your Self, Awareness, after the session. This will enable you to steadily lift your attention to a higher level than the suffering for which you are seeking healing, allowing it to release. After that, in order to continue your healing process, you will be encouraged to continue the practices you learn during the session, or any practice that uplifts you on a daily basis.

4. Can you just reach in and pull the “bad” energy out?

Until the habit of identifying with our thoughts and emotions is interrupted, suffering reforms itself because we feed it energy. If an energy healer reaches in and pulls out the energy tangle but the person continues to identify with the thoughts and emotions that caused the tangle in the first place, the suffering just recreates itself.

In a WellBeing Alignment Session, we find out where your system wants healing first. Then we bring attention to your Self, Pure Awareness. When we do that, we are no longer aligned with the mechanism that creates suffering.

At that point we allow all energies to be as they are, while identifying with Awareness rather than the energy constriction. By not dividing from them, and not labeling them as "bad," you can begin to experience your Self as one integrated field of Energy, and the constrictions unwind by themselves.

You will also receive coaching in ways to continue this alignment with your Self after the session.

5. Do you do something magical to make my suffering go away?

I have no magic wands. :-)

I am able to see energy constrictions and then I bring your attention to the ways you are creating them. Together we allow the energy / vibration to be as it is, without separating from it. As we do that, the experience of division within you that is creating the suffering begins to release as the constriction unwinds.

This continues as you get to know your Self as Consciousness, rather than your thoughts and emotions.

6. What about those healers I hear about who instantly heal people?

Years ago I studied and practiced a type of healing where people would “miraculously” experience a total disappearance of symptoms. We were taught that this technique permanently cured people instantly. However, what I experienced, both with my own healing and with others when I performed these techniques, was that the symptoms came back.

The reason, I discovered, was that there wasn’t any attention given to how the symptoms formed in the first place. Symptoms of suffering always come from identifying with the mind. They are a result of a habit of creating a "me" around the thoughts and emotions, which throws us out of alignment with the Truth of What we are. Until this habit shifts, permanent healing does not occur.

In some cases you may experience immediate relief, but until you train your attention to focus on your Self as Light, which changes how the energy in your mind, emotions and body is vibrating, you will eventually just recreate the same suffering, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Healing requires the switching of allegiance from a habit of suffering to a habit of choosing to keep shifting attention back to the "I" we actually are that is ever-present. We must practice using our free will to choose to get to know the Truth of what we are: Pure Consciousness.

It takes the willingness to continue to practice this for suffering to fall away. Some people take to this quickly, others not so quickly. It depends on where the person is in the awakening process.

7. Will I be completely healed in my session with you?

All WellBeing Alignment Sessions are different because everyone is in a different place in their healing.

The requirement for all permanent healing is a shift in attention and allegiance to your Self as Awareness. This in turn uplifts the energy field of the mind, body and emotions so that they vibrate at a rate that is higher than the suffering that is troubling you. It is Light / Spirit that does all healing. We are all at different places on the healing spectrum and our commitment to giving our allegiance to Light / Spirit.

The particular form of our suffering is a tailor-made workshop for our spiritual path. In other words, the purpose of our experience with it is to get us to focus on our Self as Light. You may be at the end of the learning curve for the particular issue you want healing with, or at the beginning.

You may be very open to the next step of healing or just a little open. Your progress is dependent on where you are and what your Inner Being determines is best for you at the time.

Some people experience significant progress with the first WellBeing Alignment Session. Some experience upliftment and progress after the first session, and then continue to practice what they’ve learned and continue to make leaps in their progress toward healing.

Others have a session and only take in a little of what is offered but are opened up in some significant way. It is a very individual thing and something that I cannot accurately predict. I am often surprised!

8. How many WellBeing Alignment Sessions will I need?

Everyone goes through the process of growth at different rates. Remember, it is your Self (Awareness) that heals. The more we focus on the Light that we are, the faster we move along our path. And sometimes moving faster along our path means that we experience discomfort as layer after layer of our thoughts are opened to the Light.

Sometimes clients do a series of sessions, generally spaced 10 to 14 days apart. The interval varies. The continuity gives you ongoing connection with a stepped up energy field, which can accelerate your healing. Others choose to do a session, do the “homework” for awhile, and then come in for another session when they get the inner nudge.

Others do one or two sessions in the beginning, then contact me every few months for a “re-charger.”

Generally, what happens is that we begin the process and you can see how well you take to what is given. Then, as you continue to practice what is given, I am here to continue coaching you as you want it.

9. What do I need to do to continue my healing and how long will it take?

For any healing process to work, we need to lift our focus of attention from the suffering and separation and focus it on the Light / Oneness we already are. This takes practice, with commitment, consistency and patience. It can take months or even years to unwind suffering that has been a habit for lifetimes.

If we continue focusing on our Self as Light, we unwind lifetimes of identification with suffering, and shift our identification to what we really are: Light / Source / Love. This often happens a layer at a time. It is extremely rare for someone to blast through all layers of suffering all at once.

However, I can promise you that every minute you spend focusing on the Light you actually already ARE will return to you a thousandfold with healing, love, joy and blessings. It may not happen immediately, but it will happen.

The progress you make toward your healing is directly proportional to your commitment to it and willingness to create a new habit of keeping regular attention on your Self, Pure Consciousness.

The methods I introduce you to will end your suffering, but ONLY if you continue to do them (or other practices that uplift you) on a daily basis after the session. Because it is You, the Light, that does the healing, It determines how long it will take for you to find permanent relief.

10. Are WellBeing Alignment Sessions affiliated with a religion? Will they interfere with my religion?

WellBeing Alignment Sessions are not associated with any particular religion. They are birthed from my own healing path that has come as a result of my exploration of my Self as Awareness. This is not associated with any particular church, although I have had many wonderful spiritual teachers from several different paths.

Whatever your religious or spiritual preferences are, I honor your path and support your process. These sessions are about going to our Source for healing, by whatever name either of us know It by.

People have different names for God, Creator or Source. Some call it Spirit, Light, or Universal Energy, others call it Higher Power. You are invited to use whatever title or name you choose as we work together. Regardless of the name, our intention for healing is the same. Together, we are able to transcend individual religious and spiritual beliefs and work together in Divine Love and Light.

11. Will WellBeing Alignment Sessions work for me and my specific issues?

All of our suffering comes from believing we are a separate body / mind. From that perspective, we are always preoccupied with reaching for something we want or pushing away something we don't want. The "something" can either be an inner emotional, physical or mental state, or an outer object, such as a person or wealth.

Any time we want something appearing within us (such as anger, fear, sadness, or an uncomfortable body sensation) to go away, that resistance increases suffering. Even though suffering can take many different forms, it ALL comes down to this same thing.

Even to want to “cure” something is really saying, “I want this to go away,” which just keeps creating the very thing you want to go away. It feeds energy to it.

I know it can seem like energy is “stuck” within you, but that is based on believing that you are a body with a border around it and then have something stuck inside of it. You aren’t a body or your thoughts. You are the Awareness of these experiences.

The most direct way to know yourself as freedom, peace, love and joy, is to first fully embrace everything that seems to be the opposite of that, including all physical symptoms, thoughts and emotions. And we can’t “do” this from our personality, body/mind. We CAN, however get to know ourselves as Pure Awareness, which is ALREADY totally accepting whatever appears.

When you see resistance and/or other suffering that comes up you can use this step-by-step way of ALLOWING healing to happen, rather than trying to “fix” the resistance or suffering. This will give you an idea of some of the ways we work in a WellBeing Alignment Session.

Whatever our particular workshop is in this lifetime trumps everything else. If there is ANY belief in being a body / mind / self-concept, that will create a circumstance, either in the body or the “outer” world, or both. The entire purpose of this lifetime / dream is to wake up to the truth of who we are — Pure Awareness. And everything that we experience is in service to that — to show us we are Pure Awareness, not the experiences that move through us.

We all have a unique workshop that is tailor made for whatever we came to learn.

For all of us, our life (or many lifetimes) are actually an opportunity to discover the Truth of what / who we are — Pure Presence — and then allowing the body, mind, emotions and uncomfortable sensations to unwind. They do this on their own, when we are no longer feeding the suffering that causes the tensions in the first place, UNLESS there is still something to be learned from the condition. All of it serves awakening.

This work isn’t like taking a pill to make a headache go away and experiencing immediate results. Everyone is different. There is no one size fits all. Generally, it takes time, as layer by layer the identification with being a body / mind unwinds.

Waking up to the truth of what/who you are (also known as “healing”) is usually a lifelong unfolding.

Can I guarantee you that all your symptoms will go away? No. That is up to you and your particular workshop in this lifetime.

However, in WellBeing Alignment I can coach you through a process that shifts your attention into the Truth of what you/all of us are – Pure Peace. And at the same time, we invite up the feelings that are being triggered in your situation and we let them unwind on their own, without creating an identity around them.

Then, if you continue to do the explorations you learn in these sessions on your own, the suffering about your situation unwinds layer by layer.

The root cause of your suffering is identifying with your thoughts / emotions / sensations and building an identify around them. When you decline to do that, the causes of the symptoms no longer exist. If you continue to rest in Awareness you will know peace and joy, no matter what the body is up to.

These sessions are about coaching you into a new way of being / living. If you resonate with the material given on this page, then you will most likely resonate with WellBeing Alignment.

12. Can I call you to ask questions about WellBeing Alignment Sessions?

If you have questions about the sessions themselves…

First, read #11 above. Then read all the rest of the information above, as well as the WellBeing Alignment Session page, if you haven’t done that yet.

Then if you are still wondering if these sessions are right for you, I recommend:

Get quiet within. Take a few moments to just be here, without referring to your thoughts about yourself or anything else. Rest here for a few minutes. If you find you get caught up in thoughts again, just choose again to not refer to your thoughts and bring attention back here, now, even if just for a few moments.

Then after a few minutes, ask within, “Will these WellBeing Alignment Sessions help me?” Don’t ask your mind. Ask the alive energy that is here when you don’t refer to your mind.

Then trust your answer.

We all have our own paths to awakening from suffering. You’ll either resonate with this particular path or you won’t. If not, you will encounter the next step that IS right for you, whatever that may be.

The truth of who we are already IS peace, so this peace you already are will keep calling your attention to it, in whatever form you can hear and be open to.

If you have questions about the session logistics…

I prefer to work out the details of scheduling, payment, and etc. via email.

Please keep in mind that I don’t have a staff. It’s just me doing all the sessions, as well as all the behind-the-scenes paperwork that keeps them going, plus keeping the site updated, and continuing to add material to the site to help those who suffer.

Then there is a huge volume of email to address. Even though I can’t possibly get to every email, I do what I can.

It is a lot of outflow, especially for someone who is basically an introvert by nature. :-)

Even though you may just want a “5 or 10 minute conversation” or you just have a “few questions” you want me to answer, I discovered that when I accommodated all those requests, it almost always turned into at least a half-hour session.

It became too much to do that on top of all the other work I do. I learned that I have to set some “rules” so that I’m not energetically drained and so that I can continue to offer healing to those who suffer.

You’re not alone. I meet you in the Light of Self, Pure Consciousness, forever.

I look forward to working with you!

All love and blessings to you….


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