Instructions And Questionnaire To Help You Get The Most From Your WellBeing Alignment Sessions

I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing a WellBeing Alignment Session with you!

So that we won't need to take up your session time with logistics and preliminaries, there are a few things listed below for us to take care of beforehand.

Then, reflecting on the questions in the Questionnaire and doing the suggested “Home Play” will help your attention begin to open to your Self, Awareness before your session.


How To Schedule A WellBeing Alignment Session

  1. You'll find links to order and schedule your session here.

  2.  Then fill out the Questionnaire below, and read and submit the Client Agreement Form.

    The Questionnaire is optional. However, I recommend doing it. It helps me to help you, because it gives me background information to feel into before we even start our session together. That way we can dive right in!

Pre-Session "Home Play"

The following exercises are not required before your session, but highly recommended both before and afterwards as well, to begin opening your attention to your Self, Pure Awareness, the only source of permanent happiness and peace...

  1. Silently ask within, “Who am I?” When you ask this, don't ask your mind. Instead, simply ask the question while being open and alert. Let go of any preconceived ideas about what the answer is.

    Focus your attention on the first few seconds after you ask the question, before thoughts come back in. If you find yourself getting pulled back into thoughts, ask the question again and focus on the first few seconds as deeply as you can. Notice what you notice.

  2. Whenever you experience being upset for any reason, ask within, “Who is upset?” Turn your attention to Who / What it is that is experiencing the upset.

  3. Take some time to sit quietly and bring attention to your thoughts and/or emotions. Simply witness whatever you're aware of, without trying to change anything.

Do these practices as often as you can, and for as long as you can, without putting pressure on yourself, between now and your session.

For more help with these practices:

Logistics During Your Session

Please be in a private (alone), quiet space where you won't be disturbed and where you can lie down comfortably on a bed or couch. If it isn't possible to lie down, then please be in a comfortable chair where you can also put your feet up.

Best to not have dogs (or other pets who make sudden noises and/or movements) in the same room with you, unless you're sure they will be quiet.

It's good to have paper and pen with you. There may be things to write down.

Regarding FaceTime and Skype Sessions:

If you'll be using a handheld device for an audio / video session, before your session, please find a way to prop the device up so that we can use the video feature without you having to hold your device.

You'll find you're much more able to concentrate on what we're doing in the session if part of your attention doesn't have to be devoted to dealing with your device.

Two options are to use pillows and/or books to prop your device up.

Why I'm Asking You To Fill Out A Questionnaire

We all come into this life with a “workshop” which includes the next steps we need to experience to help us awaken from a dream of suffering. Ultimately, every phase of our “workshop” has the goal of helping us to awaken to the Truth of who we are.

To get an idea of what your specific workshop for this lifetime is, look at the dynamics that went on during your childhood. How we experienced being treated as children is how we came into this life believing we SHOULD be treated, and is also a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

As you reflect on your answers to the questions below, your mind will begin to open and material from your unconscious will gradually begin to rise up into your conscious awareness. If you feel emotions coming up, just witness them. Simply watch them from the perspective of Observer. This "innocent witnessing" will begin the healing process.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and working with you!

To your freedom, peace, and joy...


WellBeing Alignment Pre-Session Questionnaire

Regarding Forms On This Site

About 99.9% of the time, forms are successfully sent and received on this site. However, sometimes I don't receive them. Please note the following information:

  • Sometimes people experience problems with internet forms if they are using an outdated browser, so I recommend updating your browser before filling out the form below.

  • I also recommend clearing your browser's cache and cookies beforehand. You can google about how to do that for your particular browser.

  • Once you type in your answers, be sure to enter the letters for the code at the bottom and to click the "Submit" button.

  • If your form is sent successfully, you will receive a Thank You page after you click "Submit."

  • I recommend copying your answers into another file so you'll have a copy of them before you send the form. That way, you can send them to me in an email later if the form isn't successfully sent.

** I won't be reading your questionnaire until just before your session. Therefore, if you need to tell me something you want me to know now, you can do that here. Thank you!

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Thank you.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

** After completing the Questionnaire the next step is to fill out the Client Agreement form here.