Energy Cleansing
WellBeing Alignment Sessions

How can energy cleansing help you? WellBeing Alignment Sessions help you release constricting energies, choices and beliefs that seem to block your wellbeing.

Wellbeing is already within us as an alert, alive Presence that we can become aware of in the calm, still space between thoughts. In this space we can experience the power and vastness of the present moment. This alive Presence actually IS who we are. In order to experience it however, we need to align ourselves with it. The only thing that seems to cut us off from wellbeing is our thoughts and beliefs that we are separate from our Source. The very Life Force that tells us we are alive comes from the Source of All Life. However, if we believe that we are separate from our Creator, that's what we experience. Then we create "evidence" (suffering) to prove it. And all of that is made up.

WellBeing Alignment can help you release the constricted beliefs and thoughts that create suffering in your life. This initiates an inner energy cleansing process, opens your awareness to the wellbeing already within you and automatically brings love and forgiveness to parts of you that you don’t believe (either consciously or unconsciously) are lovable. You will also learn simple and direct ways to do this for yourself on a daily basis.

What Causes Suffering?

All suffering originates from the mind. At the core of all suffering, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, is a thought, which if thought often enough has grown into a belief, that we are unlovable and separate from our Creator. In essence, at the core of all suffering is guilt or shame because we believe we've somehow left our Creator and therefore don’t deserve love. This may or may not be a conscious belief.

The truth is, you have never left your Creator, and you are not bad or broken. You don’t need fixing. You’re not wrong or bad for anything you feel or have felt or have ever done. All of the negative feelings and actions you have experienced have merely been the result of a belief in being separate from your Goodness. You are totally lovable, just as you are, right now in this moment.

“You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge.”

Eckhart Tolle

Since many of us came into this lifetime with a conscious or unconscious belief that we were separate from Source, as Soul we projected that belief outward and manifested family situations that reflected our feelings of guilt and beliefs of being "not good enough" or "bad." Consequently, you may have experienced some very abusive situations. When we carry self-separating thoughts inside us, we manifest self-separating circumstances.

Many of us have carried these beliefs into adulthood, believing that we don't deserve love. This can cause a frantic search to find ways to numb ourselves from the pain, looking for some kind of “high” or energy rush to make us feel better. Often we try to fill up the hole inside with something from the outside: another person, food, alcohol, sex, fantasy, and other addictions.

How Can We Heal Suffering?

Since the root of all suffering is feeling guilt and shame – the by-products of believing we are unlovable and separate from our Creator – the only “cure” for suffering is opening our awareness to our ongoing, eternal connection with the Source of love. With this automatically comes the knowledge of how to forgive yourself, all persons involved in your life, and for all circumstances of your life.

Forgiveness automatically flows from the realization that everyone around us is a reflection of our own mind. If things happen that cause us to feel victimized or separate, these events are caused by our own belief that WE are separate. Therefore, we can't blame anyone else for anything! This realization and practice opens us up to energy cleansing and heals the belief that we are bad or flawed.

True, permanent healing occurs when we consciously connect with the love of our Creator that flows through us, which we are ALWAYS connected to. It is The Divine that heals, and only It. When we consciously open our inner awareness and let Divine Love flow through us, true miracles of healing happen. That is the wellbeing alignment that facilitates energy cleansing.

We ALL have access to the alive, alert Presence within our being that heals all misperception, and therefore, all suffering. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done or thought or said. We all have the same immense capacity for energy cleansing and healing.

WellBeing Alignment Sessions assist you in connecting with and opening to your own inner Source of love, which facilitates vibrational healing and energy cleansing. Once you become aware of that connection, you naturally surrender to it more and more, because the peace and healing you experience feels good. We tend to repeat what feels good.

As we surrender and release into this love from within more and more, true miracles of healing continue to occur on all levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

We Work Within The
Safe Space Of Inner Presence

When we sense that we are safe, all the wounds and residues of past trauma naturally rise to the surface for energy cleansing and healing. This is what these wounded aspects have been waiting for. Energetically, whether we are conscious of it or not, when we open to the alive, alert, safe Presence within, our wounds automatically present themselves for healing.

violet flower

This is why sometimes in the beginning of a relationship after we’ve been in the “honeymoon” phase for a while and we begin to feel loved and safe, our “stuff” starts to arise and all hell breaks loose in the relationship, literally. At this point, if we would go to the Safe Space within ourselves and not expect our partner to hold it for us, we would open to the organic energy cleansing process that is always available to us. This would allow us to heal the childhood wounds that are triggered by the relationship. Sometimes, however, the emotions can feel quite overwhelming and we need support from others to help us get in touch with our own healing energy and the energy cleansing it provides naturally.

Since it is only love that can heal, opening to your inner Safe Space is essential for healing. In these energy cleansing sessions we intentionally go into the alert, alive, safe Presence within. We then let whatever is upsetting you arise. We observe it from the neutral loving Presence within, which frees it to move and release.

What We Do In A WellBeing Alignment Session for Energy Cleansing

WellBeing Alignment Sessions take place over the telephone or via Skype or Face Time on your computer or phone, while you are seated comfortably in your own environment. Together, through a series of steps, we go into the place of peace and neutral awareness within the space between thoughts. Your awareness of this peace within you (that IS you and is ALL of us) will build as you sink into it.

Then, when you are ready, accessing the pure Light of our own minds, we invite what is ready to come up for your healing. We let it come into awareness. All the while you are supported in staying in touch with the Presence of peace within, which is a soft cushion of unconditional love all around and through you as you go through the energy cleansing.

You will be encouraged to let whatever arises freely come. Energy cleansing and trauma release may show itself in the form of sounds, images, visions, realizations or in other ways. Your body might jerk or move. All of it is welcome and part of the process.

I will coach you in witnessing whatever presents itself from the position of the neutral, observing Presence within. That neutral witnessing is actually a bridge into experiencing the love of our Creator. When we observe whatever happens from there, the love itself does the energy cleansing and healing.

WellBeing Alignment is not about fixing or changing anything. Those intentions actually tend to keep trauma trapped inside. Energy naturally wants to move. But when we feel traumatized, we clench inside and an emotional energy that would naturally release on its own gets trapped and fixed within our energy field. However, when we bring neutral awareness to whatever distress arises, we give permission to the energy to be as it is. With that unconditional witnessing from Presence, energy cleansing is automatically initiated and the stuck energy is free to move and release on its own.

Whatever was "clenched" in the past is still here in your energy field now. It will naturally arise when we go into the peace in the space between thoughts because your energy field inherently knows that when your awareness is in that peaceful Presence there is a tremendous opportunity for healing and energy cleansing.

What Is Needed To Heal?


We are all somewhere on the continuum of healing from suffering, in the process of spiritual awakening. Another term for this is Self Realization – waking up to the Truth of who we are as pure Presence, One with our Creator and All Life.

For most of us, this is a gradual process. We can't push the river. We are drawn to whatever is the next step for us, and we can't skip steps. If you are ready for this type of energy cleansing and healing, you will know it.


If we're suffering in the present it is because we're still focused on the past and projecting that into the future. When we open to the fullness of this Present Moment, without dragging the past or future into it, there is no suffering. To release and heal the past we need to be willing to let go of blaming others for our suffering. This comes about when we realize that we are the ones who created everything that has ever happened to us.

Also, we experience what we give. Letting go and forgiving others brings peace to ourselves.

For healing there also needs to be a willingness to let go of the payoffs we think suffering will give us. Occasionally, in working with clients, I encounter a  strong attachment to suffering. You may wonder why any of us would want to hold onto anything that causes ourselves pain.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Joseph Campbell

To some degree we all do this. The only reason we ever hold onto anything is because we (either consciously or unconsciously) think it will give us something. To release this, we need to become aware of what we think suffering will give us. If we are willing to investigate this, we discover that we aren't actually getting what we thought suffering would give us. All it gives us is more suffering. Once we consciously see that, the willingness to give it up is automatic.

If the willingness to investigate this isn't there, it just means that more experiences will occur in your life to gradually open you to the readiness and willingness to awaken from your suffering. This is assured for all of us because we are ALREADY pure Presence! All we need to do is to awaken to that truth.

For healing we also need to be willing to let go of our present mind set and open to a new and different perspective. This comes about naturally when we're so tired of suffering that we're willing to see that our current way of thinking has only caused us pain.

What Happens Afterwards

This work is a gradual process. Do not expect to release a lifetime (or several lifetimes!) of wounds in an hour and a half session. Be patient with yourself and your healing process. Often there are many layers of healing that need to release one layer (or part of a layer) at a time. Your energy field will automatically regulate what is best for you. You will open to as much healing energy that you are ready for at the time.

Sometimes during a WellBeing Alignment Session we are able to complete the release of an entire layer of material and you might feel lighter, open, peaceful and clear after the energy cleansing.

“Do everything with a mind that lets go. If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace. If you let go completely, you will know complete peace and freedom. Your struggles with the world will have come to an end.”

Achaan Chah

Other times you may experience a cleansing reaction following a session. This could occur when an area of wounding is opened up, perhaps for the first time since the original trauma. Some parts of it may release during the session – however much your system can release at the time. But, because there may be more in that particular “pocket” of wounding, those energies may take some time to let go. As this process continues, after the session you may experience emotions surfacing, trouble sleeping, tiredness, anxiety, physical discomfort, or excess energy as your nervous system moves to balance itself.

In your session you will be given instructions to help you continue the energ cleansing on your own and release these symptoms if/when they occur.

WellBeing Alignment Sessions often include chakra balancing and clearing. In the body, chakras are our seven main energy centers, where energy flows in and out, regulating our Life Force in different compartments of our lives. Sometimes one or more of these chakras can be constricted from trauma. The vibration therapy that happens in these sessions often opens chakras and gets them circulating again, helping to integrate your mind body spirit connection within your being.

As these energy centers open up, you may feel different or “off” for awhile until you get used to having energy flow in areas that were previously closed.

These cleansing reactions are times to be very gentle with yourself and to practice the techniques that you learn in the session. The more neutral awareness you can bring to any discomfort, the faster it will release on its own.

New people or situations may appear in your life as a reflection of the healing path you are on. As old traumas are released, your energy field changes and your point of attraction changes. As a result, you may draw into your life situations which reflect the energy you are releasing, as well as the new aliveness you are opening to. As a result, the “cast of characters” in your life may shift or expand to reflect your new energy field. This is your Inner Guidance guiding you to learn the things you must know in order to move on. The healing progresses more quickly when we can bring love and forgiveness to all that we experience.

What you learn and experience within this energy cleansing process  gradually integrates itself into your daily life. As you continue to practice what you learn in these sessions, you will probably notice less anxiety about trying to control your life, something that most of us deal with. The attachment to control is the outcome of feeling separate and alone and thinking you have to do it all alone. You will let go and relax more as you feel your inner support and witness how your Creator is taking care of you.

The Benefits Of WellBeing Alignment Sessions

Red Rose
  • You will begin to consciously experience the vast Presence of unconditional love, peace, calm, joy and forgiveness within you as you become more aware of your connection with your Creator.
  • You can unwind limiting beliefs and energies in their early stages before they have time to grow and manifest in your physical body as disease, financial distress, emotional imbalance, or other life dramas. For the ones that have already manifested in your physical life, you can begin the process of releasing them.
  • You will learn to allow the Light that is already within you to heal your mind, which is where all suffering originates. Suffering is a result of our unconscious choices, beliefs and thoughts. All healing comes from opening to the Truth of who we are – a joyful, blessed, infinitely loved Child of God.

Ongoing Results

As you continue with this work, you will notice deeper and more significant benefits:

  • Repetitive issues in your life fall away.
  • You will naturally begin to love, forgive and affirm yourself and your worthiness as you are.
  • You will experience a deep trust as you turn your life and healing over to Source.
  • As your mind is healed, the peace that builds within you is projected out into your life, creating forgiveness and more peaceful connections with others.
  • You will feel a deep spiritual and emotional support from within. Therefore, you’ll no longer compromise yourSelf to try to get that from the outside.
  • Your vital Life Force is freed up. Remember that ALL suffering comes from thoughts of being separate from Source. As those thoughts project out, we manifest tangles of trapped energy contracted and fisted up inside of us. As you practice energy cleansing and let Source heal your mind, you experience much more freedom, openness, energy and enthusiasm for life.
  • You will be more inspired and free to walk the Source-guided life path that lets your joy flow! This will bring you even more joy, and since we all share One Mind, we will all be uplifted with you!

Skype, Face Time And Phone Sessions

In a WellBeing Alignment Session, physical touch is not required. All minds are joined in the One Mind with our Creator. All healing, whether it occurs physically, emotionally, or mentally, takes place within mind first, then reflects outward to the emotions and body. Within our joined Mind, I simply help “jumpstart” your energy cleansing process by consciously sharing the peace within our minds that is always here.

Since all our minds are always joined, an energy session is the same, whether we are sitting two feet apart or 2,000 miles apart.

When we set your session up, I will give you my contact information for your appointment. You can call for free from any country if you upload Skype, which is also free to do. Just visit Face Time is also free if you have a Mac computer or phone.

For your session I speak to you from my home office in the Longmont, Colorado area, which is in Mountain Standard Time.

Sessions usually last about 75 minutes.

What I Bring To This Work

I am energy sensitive and empathic. I see, feel, and can energetically touch constrictions of energy as they are shown to me during a WellBeing Alignment Session. A pure, loving, bright White Light I've come to know as Christ Light flows into the place of constriction during these sessions. I experience this Light within us all. It is the aspect of US (the One Big US that we all are together) that is already fully awake and aware that we live in the Heart of our Creator.

To read about my background and what I bring to these sessions, click here.

How To Schedule A Session

To order and schedule a WellBeing Alignment Session, click here.

If you need help with financing, PayPal can help:

The next step is to go to the Pre-Session Instructions And Questionnaire page and read the guidelines there. On that page you'll be asked to fill out the Client Agreement Form as well as the Pre-Session Questionnaire which gives you an opportunity to explain to me what you'd like help with.

Want More Info?

You'll find answers to frequently asked questions here and here.

You can read what others have experienced with these energy cleansing sessions here.

To your freedom, peace and joy!

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Frequently Asked Questions


“I just have to say ‘thank you’ so much for the wonderful session this last Saturday! Wow!!

I am still processing and learning from it. The work you did with me has helped me tremendously. I feel like I have stepped into a new phase of my life. You told me my inner child was excited to share stuff with me and that my root chakra had wisdom I would now tap into.

Since that day I have a whole new outlook on life. It feels like I am gaining new knowledge and understanding that I didn't have before. Since ‘meeting’ this little girl inside me, I feel like this is the first time in my life that I have truly begun to forgive and love myself.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do!”
~ Cheryl Jindra

“Words cannot adequately describe how profound my two sessions with you have been. Our work together has been transformational beyond my greatest hopes and expectations. I have never worked with a more gifted mentor and healer who had such a deep understanding of who I am, and of the underlying thoughts and limiting beliefs perpetuated by my ego that have served to keep me small. You saw right through my words and mental confusion, cutting straight through my ego’s games, and peering into my soul. By pinpointing very specifically what has been at the heart of my ‘stuckness’ and frustration, you empowered me with full knowledge of these underlying beliefs, and then gave me powerful strategies to ‘catch’ them and to turn them around.

As we did several beautiful exercises together to put this into practice, you were able to show me the many guises of my rather sneaky ego, and to help me to recognize it’s strategies so that I can move out of its trap(s) and back into the fullness of my being. Empowering one's clients to take full responsibility for their thoughts and subsequent creations/manifestations is the mark of a master ‘old soul’ teacher. And, you did so with great clarity, love, grace and compassion – for that too, I am most appreciative.

Your depth of understanding is unparalleled. I have never felt so deeply UNDERSTOOD by anyone. I know that it is not my purpose (or perhaps even my right) to be understood by others in this lifetime, but rather, it’s my purpose to understand them. Nevertheless, to have a mentor who ‘gets’ me so completely – and sees through my ego games and darkness right through to my light (and loves me anyway) – buoys my spirit and fills me with an indescribable lightness of being. And that is what I carry forward from yesterday’s session. How does one say thanks for such a profound gift of renewal and love!?

Thank you for giving me the key to free myself, Kai! You are a treasure. Much love and my deepest appreciation.”
~ Amy Painter

“It was one of the most powerful, deep and beautiful sessions I have had. There is a consummate gentleness with both your channeled way of being and your earth plane way of being. I felt cherished, loved and totally nurtured. The amount of work was astounding for one session.”
~ James Stallcup, Denver

“Kai, thank you for working with me last night. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the session, however, I couldn’t be more pleased. The insights into myself and my son were so accurate that it was shocking, in a wonderful amazing way. I have already begun the homework and look forward to continue to clear away the negative vibrations to allow more of the light to shine through. A million stars of gratitude.”
~ Rita Maloney

“The session was wonderful. I felt an immediate shift in my feeling/thinking and also a change in my heart and abdomen - less or no pain. Incredible! Thank you!!”
~ Margi Ness

“I just want to thank you so so much because you have given me such a gift. It’s hard to put into words, but there is a lightness and a feeling of safety, and when I am scared I feel safe so much faster and more easily. And somehow I am able to sense that I am connected to the Source in a much stronger way than before... or maybe I can just see it now! Much love and gratitude to you.”
~ Lara M, Australia

And a few weeks later, from the same person:

“Wow, I am still not able to put into words what you have helped me to experience and to release. I am so beyond grateful for the gift you have given me. The first couple of days after our session, I had the strangest feeling... a feeling of hope, and a kind of general thought that ‘everything will be alright.’ It was like a kind of gentle mist just in the background of my awareness, and it related directly to the golden light that I experienced in my solar plexus during our session – my power. It felt strange because I haven’t felt or thought that way in the longest time, except I didn’t know I was ‘missing’ it until I had it again! Love and such huge, huge gratitude.”
~ Lara M, Australia

“I have felt introspective since our session. I feel as though I was given the gift of myself again. My energy seems more stable and I am grounded and bathed in white light. Thank you!!!”
~ D. Dubois

“Kai offers a unique healing experience that I can recommend for anyone. She has a gift of helping the soul and spirit heal and I feel that her work is needed greatly in this world.”
~ Amanda, Embody Power, CEO

“Kai’s work is very sensitive and aware. She has an ability to navigate internal and psychic energy in ways which invite release and openness.”
~ Andrea Jackson

“Working with Kai brought clear and vivid insights into a side of myself I’d never known nor witnessed. The process was gentle and deep, and allowed me to see and embrace with deep compassion and love a side of myself I had suppressed and been afraid to acknowledge for all of my life, thus far. Now, I am able to recall this part of me, a very real part of me, when triggered and hold her with grace and love, and experience a surrender and healing at a deep level, in every day life. I am very grateful for our time together. Thank you.”
~ A.G., Boulder, CO

“Thank you for the session in January. I’d like you to know I did have a release of some energy shortly after the session. It was kind of kundalini-ish, or at least libidinal-like, which meant a pleasure release in my second chakra. As a result, I got in touch with some deep self-compassion and peaceful presence for awhile. In other words, lovely relief.”
~ Sheri W., Vancouver BC

To read more testimonials click here.

To find out about WellBeing Alignment Sessions click here.

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