Your Creative Gifts Are A Road Map To Wellbeing

Your creative gifts are a doorway into wellbeing and the fulfillment of your life path. They will lift you out of negativity and up into a flow of giving, joy and the conscious experience of your spiritual essence.

Following where your creativity leads you will take you to the next step in your spiritual workshop. The spirit of the creativity itself will also support you in embracing your life lessons with an open heart.

You Are A Creator

You were born from creativity. You are a spark of Creator. You are of Its very same essence.

You have the appearance of being a separate individual, just as the cells of your body can appear separate under a microscope. However, each of your cells have access to everything that flows through your whole body – all the nutrients and nourishment that support your life. Furthermore, all the cells of your body gathered together operate as one whole being.

In the same way you are like a cell in the larger body of our Source. You have access to the same creative gifts that flow through the big US that is both our Source and the essence in which we live.

Experience Your Creativity / Experience Your Creator

To experience your connection with your Creator directly, you only need to witness what happens when you open to the creative gifts that course through your being and let them have their way with you. Our common ground and connection with our Source is even more apparent when we focus on something we love. Our creative gifts then open in direct proportion to how much we surrender to them.

“What is God? The eternal one life underneath all the forms of life. What is love? To feel the presence of the one life deep within yourself and all creatures; to be it! Therefore, all love is the love of God.”

Eckhart Tolle, from The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

If you love to cook, you can feel energy moving through you, enlivening you as you orchestrate a delicious meal for loved ones. Then all who partake of the meal receive the joy that flowed through you as you let your creative gifts express themselves.

If dancing is one of your creative gifts, you can feel yourself in the heart of vitality and joy as your body flows with the creative currents. All who watch you or dance with you can also feel your creative, expansive energy and are touched in some way.

Likewise, if painting is your passion, you can feel universes opening up inside of you as your inner vision flows onto the canvas. Then those who witness your painting will be affected by the essence of your vision and your creativity.

Creativity goes full circle. As you share your inspired actions or manifestations with others, it touches into the creativity inside them and activates it, whether they are conscious of it or not.

Your Unique Creative Gifts

You were born with unique creative gifts that only you possess in your particular way. The specific gifts that you came in with can easily be identified by noticing what you love to do. If you love to play guitar, you will play it in a specific way that no one else has ever done before. If you love to paint, your paintings will be like no other painting that has ever been or will ever be painted by anyone else.

Your Creativity Leads To Your Inner Guidance And Unfoldment

Your creative gifts will serve as tools for your growth experiences. As you follow your Emotional Feedback System and do what you love to do, you live from your heart. Living from your heart and following what fills you with positive feelings will automatically draw to yourself the life lessons that you specifically came here to learn.

As you walk your path with your creative gifts leading the way, your inner guidance opens up.

I’ve found that if I’m inspired to do something like writing an article, sometimes at the outset I have only a vague idea of what I’m going to say. Then, when I open to the first inspiration and just start writing that down, another inspiration comes, then another. I just stay with each step as it comes and follow the ideas that light me up. Spirit says “Try this!” and then “Now try this!” Each time I follow that spark, even more ideas open up.

These creative sparks are like golden bread crumbs that can bring you deeper into spiritual and practical understanding when you follow them.

We all have creative inspiration. If you don’t think you do, just think of some activity that brings you joy when you think of doing it. Continue thinking about it and I guarantee you that a creative idea will come to you. Follow that inspiration and simply do what it guides you to do. Then, since you’ve opened up the channel of your creative gifts, another inspiration will come in. Do that one too, then just keep on going!

I know you’ll be happy with where it takes you. :-)

Creativity Uplifts

One of the fastest ways to turn your life around if you’re in a “down” place is to tap into your creative gifts. That will quickly get your juices flowing again and open up the channel of wellbeing within you.

For me, one of the best therapies in the world is to just put everything aside and dance. As I let go and let the music and my body’s natural inclinations move me, a new aliveness emerges from within, takes over and flows out. It’s exhilarating!

The upliftment of creativity can be felt even while doing simple things like arranging the towels in your bathroom, moving your plants to better locations, or even setting up your desk so that it suits you better. All of these activities engage your right brain and open up the flow of your creative gifts – your aliveness – within you.

To bring creativity more into your conscious awareness, try a simple creative act and notice the positive difference in how you feel when you access your creativity in even the slightest way.

“If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, growing double dahlias in his garden, or looking for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi desert. He will not be searching for happiness as if it were a collar button that has rolled under the radiator. He will not be striving for it as a goal in itself. He will have become aware that he is happy in the course of living life twenty-four crowded hours of the day.”

W. Beran Wolfe

Creativity Therapy

I encourage you to take frequent creativity breaks during the day. If you’ve been working at the computer for awhile and feel your energy waning, take five minutes to get up, hum a song, stretch and dance, draw a picture, or whatever activity seems fun at the time. You will find yourself significantly recharged when you sit back down at the computer.

Then, as many times a week as you can, give your creative gifts a more extended time of expression, whether it’s painting, dancing, singing, designing, writing – whatever excites and enlivens you. Do it for a few hours at a time, as often as you can. If you make this a priority in your life, your wellbeing and positive outlook will increase significantly.

The energy that takes over when you open to your creative gifts is Spirit, Source, Core Essence, whatever you wish to call it. It is the essence of who you are. It is the river that will take you in the direction your heart most wants to go, and past anything that has ever caused you suffering. It gets you in touch with the Life Force from within.

All we have to do is put our boat in the river of wellbeing, and let the river take us.

How do you do that? By turning your thoughts away from a negative focus and toward a positive one. And how do you do THAT? By deliberately reaching for a thought that evokes a positive feeling of openness, light and love in every situation that you can remember to do this in.

We Came Here To Create

Because you are a creator, you are constantly creating, whether consciously or unconsciously, and whether you are manifesting positive or negative creations. You create with your attention, thoughts and feelings.

As a thought arises, it is the beginning seed of a creation. The thoughts that you habitually think create the feelings you habitually feel. These create manifestations of more of the same energy (feelings) you habitually emit. Therefore, by The Law Of Attraction you create the substance and quality of your life, for better or worse.

The Creation Process

As you live your life you encounter situations that reveal the things you don’t want. This creates a desire within you for a solution to a problem or an improvement on a situation that isn’t working well. These situations will draw out your unique creative gifts to solve them. They stimulate your creativity innovation.

There are really only two basic directions we can turn our attention toward: a positive direction or a negative one. The positive one is focused on the solution and invokes your creativity and joy. The negative one focuses on the problem, which feeds energy to the problem and therefore perpetuates it.

As you turn your attention away from the problem and toward possibilities of solutions, that immediately shifts your energy from negative to positive. This opens you to more joy, love, and the utilization of your creative gifts.

So, by removing your attention and feelings from what you don’t want and focusing them predominantly on what you DO want, by The Law Of Attraction you vibrate in a positive way that draws in the fulfillment of that desire. As the fulfillment of your desire occurs, the universe expands to include it. Now the object of your desire is not only available to you, it is available to all of us!

Don’t Let The Time Buffer Fool You

Because we have the buffer of time on this plane, sometimes there is a time lapse between when you first begin turning your attention toward a solution or a positive manifestation, and when it actually comes into your physical experience. Don’t let this time lapse make you talk yourself into believing nothing is happening. Believe me, it is! Everything that happens on this plane is really about vibration and energy. Turning your attention back toward the negative direction will only create negative energy within you and consequently slow down or sabotage the manifestation of your positive creations.

Keep Your Boat In the Stream Of WellBeing

It is actually your desire for something better that summons the activation of greater wellbeing within you. As soon as you notice something that can be improved on you can feel a spark of energy alight within you. This is the expression of your own creative gifts, your life energy.

As you turn attention toward a solution, you don’t need even the slightest clue about what the solution is. All you have to do is notice the situation you want to evolve, then remove attention from the problem. You can ask within, “How can I improve on this?” That inner question will open up the creativity channels.

From that point on, keep your attention in a positive direction – i.e., not focusing on the problem. If you keep going back to the problem, you pull your energy off into a negative direction and you get stuck in the problem again, recreating it over and over again.

Stay tuned to how you’re feeling, using your Emotional Feedback System and follow the thoughts and actions that evoke positive feelings.

When you first “get” this it’s like being in a boat and after struggling and paddling like crazy trying to go upstream all your life, you suddenly realize that all you need to do is point your boat downstream (toward Spirit) and let go.

Then your only job is to keep the boat (your attention) pointed downstream (toward Spirit) and let the current take you. If you notice the old tendency to flip the boat around and point upstream (focusing on the problem, the negative) and madly paddle again, just check in with your Emotional Feedback System and notice how cranky you feel when you do that.

Then turn your boat in the opposite direction and let wellbeing and your creative gifts take you downstream (the direction of positive thoughts, and therefore positive feelings), into everything that resonates with your heart.

What Do You Really Want?

In order to make the best use of your creative gifts I recommend getting really clear on what you want in your life and then point your boat in that direction. That is YOUR “downstream.” Keeping your attention there will evoke positive feelings and thoughts and will keep you in alignment with your heart’s path.

As you follow your life’s path obstacles are bound to come up. For creative problem solving, keep switching your attention back to your “downstream” place of your dream fulfilled, the place that brings you the most joy when you think of it. Just keep asking yourself “What DO I want in this situation?” rather than mentally churning about the stuff you don’t want.

By focusing on what you DO want, you free up your inner space and open yourself to your inner guidance. Consequently, you’ve removed yourself from the “box” of the problem and opened up your access to the solutions with your creative gifts. Solutions will come by themselves without you mentally thrashing over them.

Desire Summons Vital Life Energy

As I mentioned before, it is the arising of a desire to improve our circumstances that actually summons more wellbeing energy through us. This is true of every living being. Living on this plane of existence, desire is an integral part of our evolutionary process, both spiritually as well as physically.

When I first became aware that desire is a GOOD thing because it summons more life energy, creative gifts, joy and wellbeing through me, it caused me to look back and question the old spiritual programming I had acquired that said “desire is the root of all evil.” We’ve all heard those ominous words before, right?

With the old spiritual programming about desire being “bad,” whenever I’d feel the natural surge of desire for something like a fulfilling career or a true, loving relationship, I had to tell myself, “Gee, I’m not supposed to want anything,” Then eventually I noticed that that self-constricting thought produced, well, self-constriction. Along with that was feelings of fear, guilt, shame and resentment. So, how can that be a good thing?


I discovered that anything that brings joy, aliveness, creativity and love, means I’m on track with my truth, my heart. When you are filled with joy, you are uplifted, your heart is open, and your actions flow from love. You could never do anything “bad” following guidance from your Heart. As you surrender to it, you will find it to be absolutely infallible at leading you to deeper peace.

I’ve found this to be a much better compass to navigate by than mental rules that you have to carry around and remember, especially when they are someone else’s rules. There is nothing like your own in-the-moment, direct experience and paying attention to what your own Spirit / Heart guidance is telling you. I recommend that as the place to make decisions from.

Do you feel negative, contracted, and resistant? Then the choice that evoked those feelings is not a good one for you. Or do you feel open, excited, optimistic, and loving? Then that option is a great choice for you and it will draw out even more of your creative gifts.

I encourage you to look within yourself and find what is true for YOU on this and all subjects. Don’t take my word or anyone else’s for YOUR truth. Check it out for yourself. Listen to your Heart and see which ideas and concepts resonate with love and light within you, and which ones cause contraction and negativity.

Creative Thinking Outside The Box

“The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein

Have you ever felt stuck trying to solve a problem, put it aside and did something completely different like played with your kids, then felt a flash of energy and inspiration and the solution just popped into your head?

Isn’t that exciting? That flash is your own life energy itself! It is the juice of creativity, the expression of your creative gifts.

We can get so caught up in a problem, trying to figure it out mentally, that we perpetuate the problem by putting so much attention on it. Because we manifest what we keep our attention and feelings on, we just recreate the problem over and over again and we end up spinning our wheels.

But if we can put it aside and step outside of the mind for awhile, we are able to transcend the problem. We move outside the “box” of the problem, which is the only place the solution can exist. Then we are able to hear the solution Spirit has been trying to tell us all along.

This “thinking outside the box” is true creative thinking or creativity innovation. Actually it isn’t even “thinking” in the traditional way. It is more like surrendering, which opens up access to your right brain creativity and your inner guidance. Then the inspiration from there stimulates the left brain which comes up with a logical, linear solution outside the box of the problem.

Create More Neurons

I once saw a fascinating PBS show on brain plasticity. Research revealed that whenever we engage in mental or physical activity that challenges us just enough to push us past our comfort zone but not enough to throw us into stress overload, the brain actually creates more neurons!

Neurons, according to Wikipedia, are ”electrically excitable cells in the nervous system that process and transmit information. Neurons are the core components of the brain, and spinal cord in vertebrates and ventral nerve cord in invertebrates, and peripheral nerves.”

In other words, an increase in neurons increases mental clarity and brain and nervous system function.

In the process of turning toward a solution to a problem with creative thinking, it challenges the brain to expand, in a sense, and become more than it was before to solve the problem. This is the essence of creativity! Expanding out, moving past your comfort zone, to be more than you thought you were. Letting your creative gifts express themselves this way facilitates your Evolution on all levels of your being.

What Are YOUR Creative Gifts?

So what do you love to do? What’s fun? What evokes joy and excitement and makes you oblivious to time while you’re doing it?

If you already had more money than you could possibly spend in your entire lifetime, how would you spend your time?

This is where your creativity is the most accessible to you. Doing those activities and giving free rein to your creative gifts will keep you on your heart path and in the river of wellbeing. It will keep your juices flowing, your outlook optimistic, your mind and body stimulated and alert, and … you’ll have a LOT of fun!

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