Energy Healing Therapy –
A Do-It-Yourself Way
To Release Negative Energy

Energy healing therapy can help you release residue from past traumas – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Although these energies originate in the mind, they can get stuck in your emotions and body. Why is this a problem? Because these negative energies:

  • are what cause disease as well as mental, physical, and/or emotional breakdown.

  • attract even more negativity into your life. By the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. Whatever vibration we radiate attracts more of the same. This is still true whether we’re aware of the negative energy we hold or not. Until we learn from and release the energy of trauma with some type of energy healing therapy, it will attract and recreate sets of circumstances similar to the original trauma over and over again.

  • cause us to resist love, joy, abundance, creativity, our own aliveness. They veil the life force that is us. These negative energies form the limits of our life. Releasing them frees your life force so you can leap past your limits!

By learning this simple self energy healing therapy, we can release these energies, thereby liberating and healing ourselves. This allows us to be more fully who we really are – vibrant, aware, intelligent, loving, creative, joyous beings!

How Do We Know What Needs to Be Released In Energy Healing Therapy?

Energy Healing Therapy

Look at your life and notice the arenas that are the most uncomfortable for you. Is it the realm of career? relationships? money? As you begin energy healing therapy, pick the area that is the most uncomfortable. That will be the arena that is most “up” and ready for energy cleansing.

Sometimes the biggest knots of energy that need to be released are obvious to other people but unseen by us. Our loved ones are generally quite happy to help us identify what we need to work on. :-)

The reason others can see our “stuff” easier than we can is that the vibration is so strong in us, and generally has been for quite sometime, that we don’t see it anymore. Have you ever moved to a new house and at first the sound of the refrigerator or air conditioner was so annoying you thought you’d never get used to it? Then after awhile you realize that you don’t even notice it. Your experience of the sound became unconscious. Ditto on traumatic energies.

Here are two examples from my own life:

  • After months of counseling when I was a young adult, my therapist referred to my mother as an alcoholic. I was shocked and my knee jerk reaction was to defend her. “An alcoholic? Hmmm…. okay, yeah, she drank every day, and it was clearly a problem, but … an alcoholic?”

    “Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.”

    – Pearl S. Buck

    I had lived with her condition since I was 9 years old and it was so much a part of my life experience, it just became absorbed into the fabric of my life. As an adult, I’m sure other people saw the results of the unresolved energy I harbored as a result of living in that environment: trust didn’t come easy to me, there was a fear of abandonment, etc. I knew I had some issues but I didn’t consciously connect them with the aftermath of living with an alcoholic.

  • When I started doing self energy healing therapy I became aware of a feeling that no matter what I got involved in – job, career, relationships, etc. – that there was always a “booby trap” somewhere that would cause everything to fall apart. I found a place of grasping terror in my body that would kick in when I thought of abundance or anything good. After doing some releasing work like what I will describe to you shortly, I realized where it came from.

    Like many of my generation, I got hit as a kid, sometimes while walking across the room, or sitting in the car, with no recollection of doing anything “bad.” A hand would come out of the blue and smack me across the face. That happened so much that it became an internalized part of my life. It was what was “normal” for me.

    Until I consciously discovered that energetic knot through energy healing therapy, felt it in my body, acknowledged and owned it, and began releasing it, there was an unconscious expectation that I could get “hit” at any unforeseen time, by an unforeseen force.

    Though I couldn't see my behavior, the energetic effects of this childhood dynamic was quite obvious to those close to me as an adult. Because my early conditioning convinced me that life was violently unpredictable, as a adult I tried desperately to control as many things as I could. Because this dynamic was so much a part of the fabric of my early life, I couldn’t see it clearly for myself. It just became "normal" for me and I was unaware of the link between the early violence and the unexplained terror I carried as an adult.

    When I began this energy healing therapy work I deliberately began to place attention on the terror of the “booby trap,” found it within my body and began the process below, asking “Where does this come from? What is the source of this?”

“Happiness is a form of courage.”

– Holbrook Jackson

When something is prevalent in your life, especially in your early childhood, it is so much a part of the foundation or fabric of your day-to-day life that you become unconscious of the effects of it. The source of the trauma may be obvious, such as in the case of an abusive parent. However, the patterns that you develop to deal with that trauma become unconscious.

If you grew up in a consistently loving and supportive environment, then, that is the fabric of your psyche. But if instead, the environment you grew up in was non-supportive or even threatening, then those energies, as well as your reactions to them (which probably still live inside you) need to be released with some kind of energy healing therapy for you to live in the wellbeing that you so very much deserve.

So What Can We Do?

There is a simple way you can clear these energies from your being. You can do your own self energy healing therapy.

Through the years I’ve learned and used many different healing modalities to clear out this old negative energy. They’ve all worked in different ways, and to different degrees. I definitely felt relief, but I wanted a way to get at the core stuff, which in my case was a lot of abandonment/victim, low self-esteem stuff.

I found ways to release some of the surface energies, but my life kept repeating some of the same scenarios – mostly the “not good enough” energy patterns. I was aware enough to recognize that the funky energy in me that was left over from childhood trauma was recreating the same disheartening scenarios in my life, but I didn’t know how to release it all without getting overwhelmed and sucked in by the intense emotions that came up.

As part of my training as an energy healer and for my own personal growth, I worked with a medical intuitive who taught me how to get right to the core of what was keeping me stuck and release it with energy cleansing. I became aware of a constriction within my energy field that had been holding me back.

With energy healing therapy I learned how to clear this energy constriction in a very simple and thorough way by first bringing love to where the constriction was. As I brought love and awareness there, the tangle began to unwind on its own. Then after awhile, I was able to literally pull the old trauma residues out.

In the process of doing energy healing therapy on myself and releasing the trauma from the past, a wonderful side benefit is the development of love for myself, as well as self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

With this came the realization that all the negativity I’d felt my whole life was the effect of believing unkind thoughts about myself. I saw that we all come into this physical dream with a specific spiritual workshop that reflects our beliefs about ourselves. This belief projects outwards and creates the circumstances of our childhood. Seeing negative energy within myself didn’t make me a bad person. It really wasn’t a negative or positive judgment on myself (or anyone else) at all; it was simply being aware of what was there.

As I released the old energies with energy cleansing, I began to see patterns that had manifested in my relationships and jobs, having to do with a lack of an ability to receive. It began to make sense. Just becoming aware of this underlying blueprint of my life depersonalized the people who played the key roles in my life and allowed me to forgive them. I saw that all of it was just the energy inside myself projected out, recreating the same patterns in my life. It was thrilling to see this, because I knew that once I became aware of the energy constrictions, I could release them with energy healing therapy.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

– Mother Theresa

In doing self energy healing therapy, the feelings that come up can be extremely uncomfortable at times. It’s like regurgitating the painful stuff. It wasn’t much fun the first time around and having it come up again and feeling it ain’t any better. But, this time, it is to say goodbye to it … to be free of it! That makes it way worth it. I will give you an overview of how to do energy healing therapy for yourself shortly. Don’t get hung up on the process itself. Just use it as a starting place. As you make the intention to clear negative energies from your being, your inner being itself will guide you through the process and show you the way that is best for you. When you feel a positive feeling of relief as a result of doing this energy cleansing you'll know you’re on the right track. If you don’t, ask within for guidance from Spirit to help you. If you feel like you need help with this process, you might want to schedule a WellBeing Alignment Session with me.

About the Imagination

Before we dive into our first energy healing therapy session, I need to say something about the imagination. In the exercise below, I ask you to visualize or imagine. These words mean different things to different people, so I want to clarify how we’re using them here.

“Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination.”

– Immanuel Kant

If right now you imagine yourself standing in a beautiful healing waterfall, the first step, obviously, is to picture it. As you do that your mind, body, and emotions can’t tell the difference between your “imagined” experience of standing in the healing waterfall and if you were physically standing in one. Energetically, you receive the same healing benefits. Biofeedback experts have documented the myriad positive effects on your entire system from just such a visualization.

My experience is that imagination is a kind of inner sight. It is the “eyes” through which we can actually see the realms of energy that are invisible to our physical eyes. With practice you can picture your own body in your “imagination” and you will see dark areas or shadows where there is something that needs to be released.

When you utilize your inner eyes in the following exercise, you are not creating a fantasy fairy tale experience when you picture love and light flowing into you. Instead, on the energetic level, you are creating the experience of love and light flowing into you. Or to be more accurate, the love and light is always already flowing into you, but by consciously picturing it, you are aligning yourself with that love and light, thereby consciously experiencing it.

Cool, huh!

Before Doing an Energy Healing Therapy Session

As you’re focusing on what to work on with energy cleansing, if you find yourself getting lost or overwhelmed by the emotions as they come up, before you do a self energy healing therapy session I recommend taking time to write down things to work on as they come to you. As soon as you set the intention to clear out all the old baggage, memories and issues will begin coming into your conscious awareness. Jot them down as you go about your day. Let the emotions come however they need to. Then when you're ready to do an energy cleansing, get out the notes and go through the issues, one by one, doing the procedure below.

Doing it this way allows you to be in a more logical head space for the releasing, which is much more effective than being in an emotional whirlpool. You can also just say the word “stop,” during an energy healing therapy session if you're feeling swept under by the emotions and pulled off course from your intention to release them. It is important to be in touch with the feeling of the energy you are releasing, but not so much that you lose your focus on the releasing itself.

You’ll find that most of the core stuff that you’ll release during energy healing therapy has to do with your parents and/or others you were connected with during childhood. As you’re listing things to work on, I suggest adding these people to your list, as well as any unsettling early memories you have. Relationships are usually laden with unresolved energies as well.

Okay. You have ideas (or a list) of things to work on, you have your inner eyes open and ready to go … let’s get started with your self energy healing therapy session!

How to Do an Energy Healing Therapy Session

1. Open Yourself to the Spirit Within

Sit in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed and turn the ringer on your phone off. Your eyes can be open or closed.

energy healing therapyWhen I do this I turn my will over to the Holy Spirit Within. This is a way to align with the infinite help that is always available to us from inside for guidance and loving assistance, because it actually IS us.

As you begin your energy healing therapy you can call in the presence of any supportive being or energy you wish. Or you can visualize a column of love and light pouring in through the top of your head, filling every cell, every molecule of your being. Then see it pouring out, forming a bubble of love and light all the way around you and flowing deep into the earth, grounding you.

You could also just say something like, “I release all resistance to love,” or anything that is meaningful to you to affirm your connection with Source, God, The Universe, All That Is. Doing this step in the way that is most resonant with you sets your intention, which aligns your energy with the highest, most sacred aspect of yourself. It focuses your attention and all the healing energy of the universe on your intention for release and healing. It creates a safe and powerful “arena” for you to do this sacred work in.

This also deflates any walls of self-protection, and puts you in an open, receptive space for energy cleansing and healing.

2. Identify and Acknowledge What Is to Be Released

To release something, to fully let it go, we first have to know what it is.

For example, let’s say you applied for a job you felt you were perfect for and got turned down. You know that you feel yucky about it, but what are you actually feeling? Actually, in terms of negative experience, very little of what we experience is new. Most of it is a reoccurring expression of an old pattern that got started in our early childhood or even from a past life.

In this example, on the surface it looks like you'd just release the negativity about not getting the job you wanted. During the energy healing therapy you would release that, yes, but you need to also get at the original occurrence, the first event where this same energy was felt and a pattern got set in motion, and pull that out of your system. At the same time you would also pull out all the reoccurring events that happened from this energy from the original event to the present time.

Don’t panic! Stay with me because this is actually much easier than it sounds. Your psyche is dying to get rid of this stuff, and knows exactly what to do and will happily do just that as soon as you consciously open the door during an energy healing therapy session and allow it to get started.

The way to pinpoint what you are feeling is to ask some questions, which automatically focuses and clarifies your attention and produces an intention to see, to become aware. Ask: Why does this bother me? Why does this hurt? Where in my childhood have I experienced this before? What is the root cause of this feeling? What is the belief that I’ve held on this subject? (More on this here.)

“There is no duty we so underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

Allow yourself to be open and curious. Don’t worry about getting actual literal answers to the questions, although you might get very clear insights and direct answers. Just use the questions as pointers. They just open the door of your awareness. Stay with them until you feel something somewhere in your body, your being. Allow yourself to become aware of where you feel this uncomfortable energy and notice how it feels – tight? fearful? humiliated? pressured? alone? cornered? resentful? ashamed?

Chances are really good that you’ll come up with a feeling or some experience or relationship dynamic that happened at a very young age. Or maybe, the first time you do energy healing therapy on this issue, you’ll come up with one that happened as an older child or young adult. Sometimes this stuff comes into our conscious awareness in layers and it takes a series of energy healing therapy sessions to unlock all of it.

You might start with the later evidence of the pattern first, then as you do more energy healing therapy you eventually get to the core childhood experiences. Don’t worry about the progression of it. Your inner being will take care of that. Just stay with the sensations that you feel now, while asking the questions. Don’t get hung up in your mind with the questions. You’re looking for a feeling.

You may not always get a specific memory of an event. You may experience a feeling instead. Give yourself permission to simply be aware of whatever comes into awareness. Acknowledge that it is there. It might be anger, fear, rage, distrust, envy, humiliation, or a combination of many things. Whatever it is, it is just energy and having it there doesn’t make you a bad person. All of our experiences produce an energetic response within us. This is normal and natural.

During your energy healing therapy you don’t necessarily have to know the story about what was going on, but ask for the root of the feeling itself. Then keep your attention on the feeling. It could be pre-verbal.

As you’re doing this, look for any beliefs or conclusions that you developed about yourself and/or about your life. Our beliefs create the blueprint of our life. The core ones are usually set in childhood. You can dramatically change the quality of your life by becoming aware of what they are and releasing them!

3. Reach In and Pull it Out

Okay. You’ve pinpointed the negative feeling and/or belief and you are now feeling it somewhere in your body. Now, either with your physical hands or by visualizing your hands, body, and the negative energy in your imagination, pull that energy, that Energy Healing Therapyfeeling out of your body. As you pull it out and release it, visualize it getting burned up in the bubble of love that you formed around you at the start of this exercise.

It matters not whether you physically move your hands to the place in your body and tug it out, or you visualize that. What matters is that you feel it – the relief, having the burden lifted, that you feel noticeably better.

As you’re doing this you may see connections to other experiences and/or feelings that are related to this one. Pull those out too. You may see beliefs that you formed as a result of this energy. Pull them out. Ask to see the root of this energy and pull that out.

In energy healing therapy, it may help to visualize pulling out a plant or a tree, roots and all. You want to pull it out from the core. Notice how your body feels different as you do this. Pull it out of your DNA, your cells, thoughts, memories, and emotions. Also visualize yourself pulling it out of your pineal and pituitary glands in your head. These glands act like a control center for your energetic field. Just keep pulling until you notice a shift in your energy, until you can feel an empty space where the old energy was.

As you do this, new sensations in your body that want to be released will pop into awareness. These will be the energies of the next layer down that are ready for release. Just keep pulling them out.

4. Fill the Empty Space with Light and Love

Once you’ve felt the energy shift within your body and the negative energy is gone, a very important step in energy healing therapy is to visualize and feel love, light and healing pouring into that space. Do this after each issue is pulled out. If you pulled out beliefs, also put a positive belief into the empty space. For example, if you uncovered a belief about not being "good enough," after you pull that belief out of your system, replace it with: “I am pure Spirit. I am still as Creator created me.”

5. Create a Bubble of Love and Protection

energy healing therapyWhen you are all finished with your self energy healing therapy session, once again invite, visualize and feel a column of pure white light flowing down through the top of your head, down into your body, your core. From the core, feel it flowing out, filling up all of your cells. See it pushing out any remnants of dark energy that didn’t get pulled out in your session. See it replacing all those spaces with vitality, joy, abundance, healing and love. This love flowing into you is your vital connection to Source. Watch the light flow out and form a bubble all the way around you, extending 3 feet out from your physical body. See it extending deep into the earth beneath your feet.

Visualize yourself going through your day with this bubble of love and protection, constantly nurturing you and deflecting all negativity.

That’s it!

Physical Pain and Conditions

The manifestation of physical pain or disease conditions means that the negative energies in our mind and emotions have gone unaddressed to the point that they have gathered enough energy to manifest in the physical realm. This does not mean that they are beyond releasing and healing. However, it may take more energy healing therapy sessions to let them go on all levels.

You go about the releasing process in the same way. Here’s an example.

I have a pain in my left shoulder and I begin an energy healing therapy session. After calling in love and white light, I give my full attention to the sensation in my shoulder, giving it full permission to be as it is, not trying to change it. I am aware that there is nothing “wrong.” This sensation is here as a result of something within me that just wants to be healed.

As I give attention there, I feel a tightness, a closing in, like there is a part of me that is resisting something. As I sit with it more, the sensation becomes more and more familiar. It is a reaction to an energy that is coming at me that is threatening. Unconsciously, at some traumatic time in my life I pulled away. Though I don’t get a specific memory of a particular incident, the pattern itself is very familiar.

"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be."

– Abraham Lincoln

I visualize my hands gathering together all of this energy that I’m now feeling. I gather up all incidents related to it, all aspects of it in my cells, in my memories, glands, organs, bones, anywhere in my entire being, and I pull it out. I give it to the light and watch it burn up.

Now the sensation in my shoulder is different. Though there is still discomfort, it feels different than before and the location is now lower. I repeat the process of acknowledging it then pulling it out. As I remove energy, I visualize the space that is left being filled with love and light and healing.

Depending on how deeply rooted the condition is, it may take several energy cleansing sessions to pull it all out.

Releasing Negative Perceptions Of Others

Years ago in an energy healing session, I became very aware that I had a negative perception of my mother that I had held onto for most of my life that was creating a lot of suffering for myself. I realized that the beliefs I held in my mind created my painful emotions, and also some serious physical issues. I saw that in working with the body I was actually clearing the beliefs from my mind as well.

During energy healing therapy I reached down to my feet (you can do this either with your physical hands or visualize yourself doing that), and pulled out and rolled up my beliefs about my mother, like rolling up a suit of clothes from my feet up toward my head. I pulled her image out of my cells, organs, glands, everywhere. I moved all the way up my body, slowly, concentrating on feeling where my negative perception of my mother was in my body and the discomfort of that, and pulling that out. Then when I got to the top of my head I pulled her all the way out and released her into the light and forgave her by saying “I release you to your wholeness. I forgive you. I forgive myself. I give you permission to forgive me. I give you permission to forgive yourself.”

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense.”

– Rumi

Then I watched her fade into the light. After that I filled the space within me with light and love. I immediately felt lighter. In this particular situation, that one healing session was a great start but it didn’t take care of it completely. I continued to repeat this process with daily energy healing therapy. Gradually, my negative emotions toward my mother released. Eventually the layers of resentment lifted off and revealed my deep love for her. I came to see that she played an important role in my life that allowed me to learn about forgiveness and self-empowerment.

During another energy healing therapy session I discovered I had a chord that was belly-to-belly with someone. It was a power struggle in our minds. As I pulled the chord out from my belly I said the forgiveness words above, and felt the release. After that whenever she entered my thoughts I repeated the process. Thoughts of her became less and less.

What About Love?

You may be wondering if during energy healing therapy I’m advocating releasing all connections with loved ones. No, I’m not. Love isn’t a bond and therefore will never be released. It is simply the core of who we are and the essence that we all share with each other and with all of life.

In many cases what is referred to in our relationships as “love” isn’t love at all. Often the reality is what we’re calling “love” is some kind of negative control connection or a “bond.” That is what I’m advocating releasing. Energetically, you’ll never see love portrayed as a bond. I see it more as an all encompassing light and warmth that embraces everything without judgment. What is really love stays and is impossible to dislodge, even though it gets veiled, consciously or unconsciously, with the negative bonds. What is really love is who we are, and who the other person is too.

A good way to find out what is really going on in your relationships is to say the person’s name during your energy healing therapy session and watch what happens within your body as a result. If there is a negative bond holding the two of you together you’ll feel it in your body as an uncomfortable sensation. The intensity of the discomfort indicates the intensity of the negative bond. I recommend pulling that out!

Energy Healing  Therapy

Because all of us are here to learn our life lessons, generally our relationships have at least some degree of negative charge, which indicates the areas where we need to learn, grow and release. Therefore, when you say the person’s name to yourself you may find a mix of both love and negative sensations as well. By pulling out and releasing the bonds, you will uncover the love.

Energy Healing  Therapy


Here are some other techniques and variations of energy healing therapy:

  • While pinpointing an energy to work on, simply say a word inside and watch what happens in your body. If there is an area of trauma on this subject, you will immediately feel it somewhere in your body. Try saying each of the following words, separately. Release the energy you discover after the first one, then move onto the next: mom, dad, love, women, men, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, money, family.

  • After you’ve pinpointed an energy to release, while pulling it out say something like, “I trade this (anger, resentment, etc.) in for love, light, joy and abundance.” In other words, make an exchange. See and feel yourself handing over the negative energy. See it leaving your hands and then see and feel the love and abundance handed to you in its place.

  • When you’re standing in the shower, picture the water as a mixture of water, love, light, healing, nurturing and vitality. See and feel it flowing into you and washing any negative energies that are ready for release right into the drain. See the love flow filling you up at the same time. Great way to start the day!

You Can't Release What You Can't Feel

I feel it is important to stress the point that we can’t release something until we’ve become conscious of it. We have to know what it is – to see it, recognize it, acknowledge and own it without judging it or ourselves.

As an energy healer, I notice that often we all want to skip this step because it is painful to see and feel the old funky energies that are constricting us. We just want to get rid of the stuff and get on with our lives, right? However, until we bring awareness to the constriction and see how we've created it, the roots remain in our energetic being, recreating the same old scenarios.

Besides releasing the energy, there are many side benefits. In being willing to acknowledge that the stuff is there you are demonstrating to yourself that you CARE enough about yourself to see what you are really feeling. This is a huge step toward self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

Energy Healing  Therapy

Self-love and self-validation come from not denying, suppressing or judging yourself, or any of the feelings you are feeling.

Energy Healing  Therapy

You have to allow yourself to feel what you truly feel, uncensored. Then you can let it go. Not before. This automatically sets the release process into action. It is only our judgment of ourselves and/or our feelings that trapped the energy in the first place, then kept it pushed down and stuck, creating all kinds of havoc in our lives.

Other Benefits of Energy Healing Therapy

As I just described, doing this energy cleansing work will facilitate a deep self-love, compassion and respect for yourself.

Doing this process will also help you to forgive others for what felt unforgivable before.

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.”

– Colette

You will become aware of connections between the old energies that were held in and the experiences that were recreated from them. By The Law of Attraction the energies within our energy fields literally draw to us people and circumstances that reflect the same kind of energy, recreating the same kind of painful experiences over and over again until we release the energy.

This energy healing therapy will also nurture within you understanding and compassion for other people. As we bring awareness and love to our own peculiarities and see where they come from, it isn’t much of a stretch to see that all of us are dealing with the same dynamic.

You will also experience a deeper intimacy with yourself. This energy healing therapy enables you to be much more available to yourself as a loving friend, which is a key component of real happiness.

AND... as more and more of your past is released you will feel a greater joy than you've ever known before!

I Offer Energy Sessions

Now that you've learned about energy healing therapy you can do on your own, I also invite you to check out my WellBeing Alignment Energy Sessions, where I coach and assist you (either in person or on the phone) in bringing awareness to the Safe Space of love inside you. I then guide you in accessing that healing love and bringing it to your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wounds/traumas. As a result, your wounds, which are really just energy tangles, automatically and organically begin to release on their own. Just click here to find out more.

If you do decide to have a practitioner help you with your healing, whether it is me or someone else, I highly recommend choosing someone you feel safe with and resonate with.

All love and blessings to you!

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