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Who Am I?

From the time of my earliest memories at around 4 or 5 years old, the question “Who Am I?” arose in my consciousness, again and again. The answer was revealed simultaneously with the question, not in Kai Huwords, but in the automatic turning into Presence, to Aliveness, to Truth at the core of myself. I knew this that I am is at the core of everyone and everything.

Even though this insight was profound and deep at an early age, there was still a tremendous amount of suffering in my physical, mental, and emotional life, through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The aching desire to be free of suffering, coupled with a firm inner knowingness of the Truth of who I am, catapulted me into a life path of inner exploration, wanting to close the gap between my inner realizations and the confusing and often painful experience of my outer life.

My Personal Mission

My personal mission was born out of that gap: to find my way free of suffering and into wellbeing and thriving, then to share what I learn with as many people as possible so that they may free themselves from suffering and emerge into exuberant living as well.

Influences That Led To Doing Energy Work

All my life I’ve been empathic and I have a high sensitivity to energy. I can feel and see things going on beneath the surface, in both my inner world and in the inner realms of other people, especially when they ask for my help. For most of my life I regarded this faculty as a flaw rather than a gift and it has taken me many years to accept it and share the fruits of it with others.

My strong desire to unwind the childhood trauma took me into the exploration of many spiritual paths and wellbeing avenues, including becoming a minister in an 18-year involvement with a particular spiritual path, ministering one-on-one with people who were suffering.

I taught workshops on Co-Counseling (Peer Counseling) and Emotional Release, as well as seeing clients privately. It was through Peer Counseling that I began to witness the profound healing that anyone can experience simply by experiencing Safe Space with another human being. In receiving un-interrupted, non-judgmental, loving attention while talking about whatever is “up,” amazing breakthroughs and trauma release can occur. This work significantly contributed to the trauma release work I use with clients today.

My sensitivity to energy and resonance with healing also led me to work as a caregiver with hospice and other patients.

An exploration of contact improvisation and other forms of conscious, authentic movement deepened my awareness of energy fields.

The Abraham-Hicks material and learning about the Law of Attraction stimulated an important turning point for me, helping me to see through many veils and beliefs that had held me back. It was through my work with them that I realized that all my suffering was self-created through the thoughts I chose to think and where I habitually placed my attention.

I have studied with several spiritual teachers both in the physical and spiritual realms. The teachings of Ramana Maharshi affected me deeply.

For several years I have known a deep and profound love for the Light of Christ. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the gratitude I feel for the healing comfort, inspiration, love, and guidance of this Presence in my life, always opening my awareness to the Oneness with God we all share.

I was also inspired by the work of Paul Ferrini, which helped me realize that the ONLY “cure” for all suffering is love and forgiveness.

Another positive influence in my healing was working with the 12 Steps (originally from Alcoholics Anonymous, and adapted for use in several other "Anonymous" programs) to deal with addictions. This work strengthened me in turning my life over to God / Spirit on a day-to-day basis, while taking responsibility for my life at the same time. I've found this surrender to be at the basis of all healing. It is absolutely essential. It is clearly God / Spirit that is the Source of all healing. We simply need to release our allegiance to the mental debris that we believe separates us from That.

A Course In Miracles

While all the aforementioned experiences were important in my healing path, the most significant influence in my life by far has been discovering and studying A Course In Miracles on a daily basis. With it, I walk a clear path to freedom, peace and joy, in the arms of Source. It has opened my inner sight to more Light than I've ever known before. Through it I have come to experience God as a Companion who is always with me in Oneness. Through the Course the ego mind (the part of our mind that is dreaming we are separate beings, divided from love and each other) is being dismantled, step by step, with such unimaginably tender and powerful Love.

Training For Wellbeing Alignment Healing Sessions

My training and experience in healing also includes The Yuen Method of Full Spectrum Healing, Shamanism, Ho'oponopono (ancient Hawaiian healing practice), Quantum Touch, and Quantum Entrainment (QE).

All of these things I’ve mentioned have profoundly influenced my life and contributed to the path that led me to offer Wellbeing Alignment Sessions, which Spirit continues to refine as I learn my own spiritual lessons and open to more awareness of Oneness.

The sessions I offer were birthed from 40 years of meditating (including 8 years of Centerpointe Meditation), and deeply and sincerely asking God for help. I still turn my life over to God on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day. Help comes, often through streams of information with visual images and/or gentle nudges that come while in meditation and in daily life as well. Sometimes it comes as an Ocean of Love washing over and through me, claiming me.

I am deeply grateful for all that has happened in my life that has brought me to this place of being a student of love and forgiveness and being able to share that with others.

Inner Guidance has gradually shown me a step-by-step system for releasing allegiance to suffering that I continue to practice and share daily. This process is simple and direct and anyone can learn it if they have a sincere desire to emerge from suffering and into peace and joy.

Bringing It All Together

In this website and in my Wellbeing Alignment Sessions, I share with you what I have learned, that ongoing suffering is indeed optional! Whenever I discover something that has helped point me deeper into wellbeing, with it comes an immense excitement about sharing it.

May every atom of your being know that you are loved, exactly as you are in this moment and all moments. You are Love Itself.

May You become fully aware of your Oneness with the Radiant Light of God, Your Own Heart, Love and Being.

Love and All Infinite Blessings to You!
Kai Hu

Kai Hu

Mission Statement for WellBeingAlignment.com

I recognize that at the root of all suffering and dis-ease is the false belief that we are separate from our Source, from Love Itself. Therefore, I dedicate this website, my WellBeing Alignment Sessions and my life to bringing all suffering and disease to the One Light we all are together with our Creator. I commit to sharing with all my brothers and sisters the awareness of the truth of our Oneness with our Source, our Creator, thereby releasing the cause of all suffering and revealing the boundless Love that we already ARE.

Kai Hu

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Spiritual Energy Healing – WellBeing Alignment Sessions

Are you feeling stuck? Want to move forward but not sure how? I can coach you through a process that can help you become aware of an Infinite Source of Guidance and Healing that is already within you right now in this moment.

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